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05-20-2016, 01:32 AM
Hey girls,

Great that so many of you are starting your own paysites! I had posted this in the wrong section earlier so making the move here to services! (Luckily it wasn't in the no-males section haha so I got a reprieve)

As a few threads have mentioned it is very easy to waste time searching for a payment processor, paying more than you should and getting it integrated to your site. So look me up at Verotel. We started processing for adult sites in '98, have just over 50,000 merchants globally and have never missed a payment to our paysite owners in this 18 years. We offer weekly payouts. We can process for you at a flat rate of 5% per transaction and we offer weekly payouts. Hit me up and I can show some examples of solo girl sites that already use us and put together a quote for you. Please let me know if I'm now posting in the correct section! You can read more at
We also offer the services of our technical engineers to take care of the integration for you free of charge Hit me up, I'm very contactable and always around.

Nicholas Symes
Key Account Manager
Verotel Traffic B.V.
[email protected]
Skype: verotel-nick
ICQ: 6823 44214