View Full Version : Latest Car Tech Gadget Stuff/ Equipment: Your Operating Experiences

08-11-2016, 05:41 PM
Since joining SW in 2007, there have been many changes in the options available on cars, plus an increase in the prevalence of certain features in the cars today versus 2007. One example is the keyless ignition. Not that many cars had that back then, now it is a lot more common.

Another thing I see is more and more car models have no spare tire, but instead a tire inflator/patch repair kit. I'm genuinely curious how that has worked out for people that actually got flats.

Then there are the Nav systems. Those are still "optional", but I see more cars being equipped with them as a matter of course. Then there are more of these driver assist things like backup cameras, lane change alerts, adaptive cruise control, etc. I took a test drive in one car so equipped in that if you were to wander into the next lane, I could feel the steering wheel nudge me back into my lane.

I realize that a large segment of SW membership cannot afford a new model car decked out with all the goodies. However, several of the aforementioned gizmos have been out for a while, and filter their way down to 3, 5, even 10 year used cars.

I'm getting carried away here, and could write a book on this subject. I'll close by mentioning a recent online article that I read whereby the top 3 things that AAA got called for roadside assistance were dead batteries, flat tires, and key problems. The new tech stuff was actually a cause in an uptick in some cases, namely people leaving their key fob in the car, and running down the battery. I'm really interested in hearing actual user experience with these features. I will make a future post in this thread about mine with key fobs and flat tires. >:(

08-14-2016, 01:44 PM
Yeah mines a bit older but luckily came with some tech stuff before most cars came with tech stuff like touchscreen/nav system, voice command, heated seats, etc.

My next car will be fully loaded and come with tech goodies like heated/cooling seats, push to start and remote start (so I can warm the car without having to walk over and manually do it), rear view camera, dvd in headrest to entertain the kids, and sync to phone, tire pressure sensors, and I could go on....