View Full Version : When you really like a dancer and you want more than just sex

10-19-2016, 07:50 AM
Hi all,

Let's say you meet a dancer ITC and you actually have a romantic interest in her (as in, you don't want just sex. You want an actual relationship). How do you let her know or make it obvious to her?

10-19-2016, 02:29 PM
Not sure if there is a right way, but I guess I'd ask for her contact info, ask if she would be open to dating and stop coming into the club to establish I was wanting to see her as more. Pretty much everything that you shouldn't do. lol

10-19-2016, 06:51 PM
I don't. I let her control what she's comfortable with.

07-28-2017, 05:17 PM
Try to see her ITC on a consistent basis, spending money on her each time and stage tipping her as well. Bring up meeting her OTC after a few weeks to see if she's receptive but if she says No there really isn't any way to force it and you'll need to keep your relationship inside the club.