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10-31-2017, 11:13 AM
Hello ladies. I've been trying to keep up on the threads in this section in case people want to be verified for clip hotties, but sometimes the inquiries are buried.
This invite-only group is for owners of "pink ribbon" Stripperweb accounts who produce clips or who want to produce clips. The content of the group is usually similar to what's posted in the clip threads in Industry Insight, but we also have "monthly progress" threads, as well as some threads that are more nuanced.
I am the temporary moderator of the group.

PLEASE read the information below so that I can streamline this process.

There are two ways to be verified & join Clip Hotties.

1. If you're already in the Verified Group, you automatically qualify to be a member of Clip Hotties. Just send me a PM & I will add you. You don't need to send any links in your PM, just ask to be added to Clip Hotties. This is the only option available to people who do not yet have a clip store.
2. If you are not in the Verified Group but already have a clip store, you must add your email address to your clip store, somewhere I can see it. Then send me a PM with a link to your clip store. I will then give you my email address. Send an email to my email address from the email address listed on the top of your clip store. In that email, include your SW username.

If you go with Option 2, you're welcome to delete your email address from your clip store as soon as you're verified. I know some people don't want their email on their stores. That's understandable. Once you send me an email, I delete that email & I do NOT keep track of which SW usernames go with which clip stores. Your anonymity will remain intact on the board unless you choose to share you identity with the group. Privacy is VERY important to this group.

Rules for the group:
No drama or cattiness
What's written in Clip Hotties stays in Clip Hotties. Don't share information from this group with other people, and if people in the group choose to share their identity with the group, that stays private among group members.
You must have a "pink ribbon" account to join.

11-05-2017, 10:39 AM
I think I would love to join the group! And I'd have to go by option 2. I'm a baby clip store I just started filming my clips this week and is in the process of editing my videos so I can open up my store! I'm also in the process of using the adult-income website FYI if there are any newbies that website is GODSEND! I'll drop the link here because I know the clips4slae thread is miles long and would be a good months worth of reading and picking out info. Thanks for this thread!