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11-30-2017, 01:52 AM
Not sure if this is the right section for this sort of thing but anyone know anything about the fetish/kink/sub/domme work market in NYC?

I'd like to stay in NYC if possible. However, I'm starting to think NYC is a bit more than I've bargained for. I've yet to try the club with very positive feedback from the dancers here, so currently at a club with awful feedback from the dancers on here minus POTENTIAL earnings and a large volume of decent customers due to the club's marketing and promotion efforts. Then again, a large volume of customers doesn't necessarily equal $$$, but it sure does equal lots of shit to weed through, leading to quick burn-out. I don't want to do rooms anymore because the club takes 3/4ths of the money and the customers try to assault you practically every time so I've been doing rooms only when approached by customers. Plus, doing $20 dances in a city where it costs $200/night to dance, 3k to rent a studio and $550+/month health insurance premiums for anyone netting 50k+/year seems a bit stupid.

I remember that after I had visited NYC to dance four years ago, I was uncomfortable being in a room with men alone due to some occurrences during my time here and now I remember, and there is more but not sure if I it's relevant to the topic at hand.

So anyhow, I'm just trying to explore some other avenues. I can always move on if NYC doesn't work out but I'd like to know first if you guys know how the market is in nyc for other related, legal work in this industry other than dancing or escorting.


11-30-2017, 09:45 AM
there's a few dungeons in nyc that hire, they have pretty grueling hiring processes with detailed applications, but you should go for it! the successful ones do not do any FSSW for their protection/safety because they have more eyes watching them. Most are in midtown. If you are already experienced as a fetish/domme model you can also book private sessions through collar.me (I think the website changed now?) or fetlife independently, but I would suggest having a vetting/screening process. You could also meet other fetish folks on there who need models for parties, photoshoots, etc.

12-10-2017, 07:35 PM
@Princessonyx Do you have any you would recommend? Or recommend that I specifically avoid? There are two that I'm looking at specifically, but don't know if you would not want me to mention them openly on this thread.

One female customer told me she deliberated working at a dungeon that she found off an ad on craigslist but it seemed awful. Of course, I didn't mention to this customer that maybe she shouldn't look for sex worker jobs on craigslist.

I have a friend who worked in a dungeon in LA. Though she quit bc she said the work wasn't for her, she had good things to say about it. I'm just wondering if what I can find in nyc would be comparable to her experience.

Also, do you know if the earning potential per shift is comparable to dancing? Or is it more akin to a well-paying vanilla job?

12-14-2017, 12:10 PM
The pay depends on the dungeon. Dancing will always have higher earning potential because there is no cap. Appointments usually are hourly and vary depending on what you're doing and where it is.

I've found work on CL before but it is a free for all place - with police enforcement as well as clients who are blacklisted in other forums of industry. Starting out I would not suggest it.

Google is your friend believe it or not - there's a plenty of dungeons which also have reviews and references. Pro Domme NYC is a good place to start. I'm not aware of your work style or comfort level so it's up to you to make those decisions on your own. Your friend may have enjoyed it but you are not her - just remember what you want and need before making any decisions.

Good luck!