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12-16-2017, 07:53 AM
Hello! So I've been camming for a year already and selling videos, photosets and customs at the same time. Even though most of my income came from camming not selling content, I enjoyed making content way more than I enjoyed camming. Also, as a cam model, I couldn't keep consistent schedule because of my studies and day job. Since September (when I started my day job and left MFC and CB) , I lost almost all of my regulars and most of the time it's quiet and awkward which only worsens my anxiety. Camming just doesn't excite me as much as it did before. https://www.wecamgirls.com/images/smilies/06_Sad.png
So I had this idea to switch from camming to selling adult content because that's what I enjoy more. However, I suck at making enough sales. Any tips on how to have decent income from adult content selling alone, how to market stuff, engage potential clients etc?

12-16-2017, 08:16 AM
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12-16-2017, 08:49 AM
You'll find a lot of threads here in Industry Insight that go over selling content







12-16-2017, 11:28 AM
I personally do not have a clip store, however I do collaborate with quite a few of my Twitter homegirls within my affiliate network, and when it comes to clips all about that traffic! What I do to drive traffic is is a combination of several social platforms. The most ideal in my opinion is Twitter, primarily because you can easily make a Twitter that pumps out clip previews on as much of a frequent basis as 5 minutes, or every 3 days depending upon your niche.

Personally I have my Twitter account for my video tube tweet videos hourly for each of my websites, and of coarse engage niche leaders and retweet relevant content aggressively. Obviously you'll need to use Reddit and Tumblr as well, Tumblr can be very easily automated, reddit is good visitor count, but their conversion rate sucks donkey dong.

Based upon info from the girls I work with that use Iwantclips and Clips4Sale, I am not really impressed with whatever systematics they offer for you to acquire an email list for yourself, So if your slick with some code you can make a sales funnel for free coupled with some erotica wordplay preview blogs type dealio and get some nice traffic from an email list with discount promo codes (if they even offer that) and what have you.

Lastly, titles of your videos are very crucial and I would advice doing some keyword research with Free daily searches on MOZ (Target 4-6 word long tail queries), because the end game for pulling traffic is usually bulk organic Googles referrals. It goes without saying the more videos you have the better obviously. If you want a free simple solution for making a bot that indefinitely tweets your clips with GIF previews and include 2 hashtags no more no less, this setup I personally use. With your gmail acocunt it combines Google Scripts and Google Sheets. check out this crappy tutorial I wrote :p Sean's Ghetto RiggedTireless Twitter Bot (http://seangugerty.weebly.com)