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12-18-2017, 03:43 PM
Free 2.0 Subdomain Private Blog Network

I found this dude Nicks strategy and it definitely works. It took me a couple days of work to put the whole damn thing together. Bear in mind some of the sub domains like Angelfire don't give you access to the header so you will still have to wait till Google crawlers discover it. I did what he said and blasted it with Pingbomb and Web Centaur, but irregardless it takes about a month for Google crawlers to naturally crawl. Any web property you don't have the ability to prove in google.com/webmasters you pretty much gotta wait for indexing.

The only thing I'm gonna do differently when I make my next PBN is use a buffer site to block any penalties, but other than that this thing is clean as F**k!


Money site:

Sub Domain Chain:


(Drupal Gardens No Dice, used Medium instead)medium.com/@Smothering/femdom-facesitting-9a568159f3af

As you can see it just makes a big chain around your money site and they all link to each other in a big circle with relevant content (cuz it's your content obviously) You'll know its linking properly when it shows up in Google webmasters under this menu option:

I hope this helps you murder your competition mines been a bit difficult but I'm certainly getting some headway :D The link to the full tutorial is HERE: (http://www.rankersparadise.com/free-backlinks/)