View Full Version : 2 FREE Electronic GOODIES MUST HAVE!

01-10-2018, 02:06 PM

Ok so, allegedly from time to time, someone that isn't me might download boatloads of youtube videos in mp3/mp4/webm format varying in resolution depending upon download speeds. Well if your not on a desktop platform with access to mozilla firefoxes plugin to do so, this pull from Github (https://github.com/jeckman/YouTube-Downloader). The first one I found was actually some arab trying to deliver windows 10 payloads, I've reported him to Github he'll be removed, but hey glad to catch a bullet for ya! ;D

Anyways don't be intimidated by the fact its on Github, it isn't a framework, you literally just drop that that zip file on any web server with PHP and it will convert Youtube Commercial FREE to your hearts content! Feel free to use MINE (https://seangugerty.press/q/index.php) if you don't have or want to deal with a web host ladies :p

I'm sure you've heard of RSS Feeds. Well, quite a few of them do not utilize thumbnails until you get the paid version yada yada... This ONE not only can you make a copy paste jQuiry string, but also an Iframe that you can stack as many sources of news as you want into it, and make multiples of them! What makes this useful? WELL how about combining niche related content pulled off Tumblr pictures and all, and taking 5 celebrities within that niches tweets, AND news related to the NICHE! Go get a an IFTTT script... And have 5 different Twitter bots infinitely tweeting the shit spliced with Affiliate links outputting into Flickr & Tumblr trifecta 8) $$$. Might need this to convert twitter Feeds to RSS!!! http://twitrss.me/ I got a traffic generating tutorial coming soon, i'll drop the video later on! Till then.. May you BALL OUT OF CONTROL!!! :D