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01-27-2018, 02:11 AM
So after dominating Tumblr/Twitter/Flickr/Reddit and managing to get a spread rang of traffic of 500-2k daily for my new niche, it's automated for the most part so I ventured out for more fishing spots.

I came across this dude's blog, and I was quite impressed with how amazingly well he's doing pulling in 70 grande Google search referrals, especially considering i did keyword research and thought the traffic was str8 garbage lol! Well the guy has actually 2 sides to his blog one for affiliate marketers with a cpl sub categories of monetization options, and the other a webcam girl tutorial.

I always have and always will refer every girl that inquires interest in camming to you ladies as some of you are just brilliant to watch plot business strategies! But I really wanna see how this dude holds up to the scrutiny of the industry leaders! :P

MAKEMONEYADULT (https://www.makemoneyadultcontent.com/how-to-become-a-camgirl/)

01-27-2018, 07:33 AM
I saw this earlier but I was too busy to respond. Plus I'm trying keep my karma balanced. ;D Anyways the engagement for this site is really bad. I could tell that right away. Far too spammy and scammy. Constant popups asking for my email. Why, so he can spam/scam models later on with camlord links? OR something worse like he's a recruiter for a shady studio. Not many people are gonna stay on the site long enough to read those basic articles anyhow. Too many popups. Is this your site?

01-27-2018, 09:01 AM
Unless he has cammed, as in made money himself by being a cam performer........... Why pay for his advice? Don't we have enough men behind the scenes who never have cammed a day in their life telling us how to do our jobs?

There used to be one obnoxious guy who contacted me off of here years ago. He was a cammer on CB, used to tell me how I needed to be stealing customers off of cam sites to do skype shows. Which is NOT my thing, got all mad & defensive when I refused all his upselling to me on how to make money in camming. Seems like the same guy.

Also think I've seen that guy posting on gfy and how he makes money off of getting cam girls to sign up through him. Which is a business model we have seen over & over again. These guys aren't about driving traffic & sales to cam sites but about exploiting new cam girls. This one wants to be paid for his advice & paid again by the companies as a studio.

Which is why a sticky for newbie is in the camming connection on this site to help avoid such men.

01-28-2018, 08:12 AM
Ya I kinda got that impression when I read his article on making $100 a day when he had about 20 referral links to Host Gator LOL! I do have to give him credit for giving me the idea of making accounts on Major porn tube sites and posting videos. Although he did not explain the actual nuances and loopholes of how to maximize the self promotion through lower right corner video watermarks, avatar/profile images with weblink, and profile link with target keyword, I knew to do that anywars :p

I of coarse am not suggesting this strategy for cam girls and clip store traffic, because I previously read a girl's thread discuss the topic and she stated the traffic was tremendous, yet the conversion rate was 0.