View Full Version : SCATSHOP Thieves!

02-09-2018, 02:36 AM
Infortunately, our suppositions proved to be true. scatshop are scammers who robbed us.
I'm sticking evidence of their guilt.

See how they disregard us and how they cost us nearly $ 1,000, we have not got our money for 2 months.

They will answer only when we have given them their names, yee know them, we know everything about them...

I do not understand how such people can work in this industry, without conscience, without rules, without justice.

If any of you have also been robbed, please let me know here or in private, we want to publicize and spread their fraud, so that more people do not have to be robbed.

We will not leave this matter like this, we want to get our money back.


04-07-2018, 08:54 PM

Firstly, thank you for the warnings, I read them and I bumped the prices of everything in my shop to the maximum price essentially deactivating my account (I've heard bad things about closing). I was always paid but I also believe they targeted smaller models first to keep the stealing from being noticed for longer. My account is going to remain 'closed' until they start paying people what they're owed.

Today they seem to have finally hired someone other than alexa to help and have opened a "ticket" system with promises that every ticket will be replied to, unlike emails. They've also mentioned models who didn't get paid should come forward this way.

I have no evidence that they will pay you back but I think it's worth a try and if anyone gets paid what they're owed - PLEASE post about it here so people can see and try to also get paid!

The new system is available through the 'seller dashboard' part of the site.

I am not getting my hopes up but I think it's worth a try at least, nothing to lose.