View Full Version : Future PSO Here and to All New/Future PSO's On Earth

05-19-2018, 10:27 PM
I recently quit my last job early 2018. I was there over a year and was declined a raise over a petty reason. I'm over making other people money and funding vacations while making nothing >:( I've been in retail, fast food, healthcare, independent sales consultant and I am tired. This is not say I'm not a hard worker but rather that I am tired of not having anything to show for it. I am sitting here in my room as it pours outside:umbrella::umbrella::umbrella::umbrella::um brella: I have been sitting long hours in my room trying to figure out what is the best way to become independent.

PSO popped up in a video I was watching a few weeks ago. I researched it then became engulfed with the idea. I have considered cam work and stripping but for my own reasons can't do it at the moment. I sit here and can't think of a con for becoming a PSO. It fits my personality and lifestyle. With funds being low I am starting my new venture with the next chunk of money I get while slowly saving. I have been reading threads and watching videos in the meantime. Through one of the threads I somehow found stripperweb.com which is now a site that I log onto often.

With all of that being said, this post is to reach out to anyone considering becoming or recently started being a PSO. I have found total lip service and will go though them since I do need guidance and have read the both good and bad reviews. It's hard to determine if the bad reviews were people not putting in their time/effort and gave up, or that the program simply doesn't work. It is also hard to say if the good reviews are from close friends or if they picked out a couple good testimonials and just use that. It is hard to say. What I can say is that I have meditated and considered all the failures and possibilities. My eagerness to make it work supersedes my fear of failing. I have failed over and over again and it has always proved in my face that it is not a failure but a demonstration of what can be done different if I so chose to see it as a lesson.

I have put in my time looking into TLS and will continue to research other means of learning. I found through SW phonesexcareer.com and that is something I will be reading about for weeks to come. I look forward to chatting though this thread or via message (thread response is best as to give people the chance to participate in conversation.) This post may seem a little disorganized as that is how my brain feels from lack of sleep.:O

Over and out