View Full Version : Camgirl gripes -Please add your issues!

07-14-2022, 09:48 PM
saucytime was created with the cam model in mind. We are a mobile only adult webcam site est 2011 with 150k members and 80 invited performers. Here are some of the complaints we heard and the solutions we offer;

- No time wasters. Members pre-pay for a booking and the model is alerted via sms with the booking details.
- Confidential information - Models are provided with a saucytime email so all private data is protected
- Payment issues - We can pay via PayPal as we hold a business account and payments are for payroll. Not direct payment for any services. We can also provide a BitSafe account or pay direct to any bank internationally
- Metered calls - Calls are pai in advance so if a member books 15 mins and ends the call 'prematurely' the model is paid the full amount
- Monitoring PC - No PC required, just log in as available, get on with your day anywhere you can slip off and take bookings
- Unreliable pay - We have never run payroll paid late in 10 years
- FaceLess support - - models have direct iMessage connection to both founders 24/7. We provide full support
- Free chat - Free what ? It's pay to play only -
- Chargebacks - We see this as a cost of doing business and not the fault of the model who provided their time. We cover chargebacks so there are no deductions.

We would love to hear your frustrations or ideas with camming in general, it will help us to build a business geared towards providing the best service for models and customers alike!