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07-19-2003, 08:24 AM

I have been lurking for a few weeks, reading, thinking, observing and frankly have been taking my time before I signed up. I finally decided to give it a go and say hello to everyone.

I am a guy, and yes I have been to dance clubs but it has been many years to tell the truth, mostly back in the 70's and it seems things have changed a ton since I was in one.

Back when I was a single guy and went to a few clubs to my knowledge "extras" were not happening or at least I was not involved enough to know about it. And truthfilly I guess I am a bit naive because I can never imagine asking a lady to do more than dance for me. :o

But I have been married for a long time and very happily so I don't go to clubs anymore but I am still intrigued by the beautiful ladies that dance in them and hence my presence here at the forum. I hope no one minds if I am more of an observer than a participant.

So anyway I will try to use a bit of intelligence before I post and if I say something ignorant please understand it is not that I am trying to be rude or insensitive but simply that I may not understand that I have said something I should not have said. OK? ;)

For instance I have had people tell me that the word "stripper" is considered an insulting word. But I somehow think that if the ladies here were offended by the term that this would be called the "Dancerweb". Am I right?

Another time I was talking with the lovely Melonie Charm on another forum and I asked her if she ever "dated" her customers. Well, Mel was too nice to rip my head off and merely explained to me that to people in the business that would mean, taking money for sex. Hey my face was red, I would NEVER have asked Mel something like that. All I meant was did she ever date customers on a social basis, I swear. ::)

Also while reading posts here I saw a lot of intials such as ATF. Now I was wondering if some of you ladies were working undercover for the alchohol Tobacco and firearms people but I wondered if you did where in the heck did you pin your badges! ;)

Finally I figured out you meant All Time Favorites, right?

So anyway, be gentle to me I am just a dumb newbie, I hope to have some fun here and make a couple friends.

Thanks for reading,


07-19-2003, 02:40 PM
Hey you. How's it going? You sound like a whole lotta people I know-welcome. I think being clueless is pretty much OK. Lots of questions get asked here by people seeking clues, as they percieve them. The trick is truly meaning well. I think you do.

and hi there!

07-19-2003, 03:13 PM
hey xmark, welcome! I see you found your way to this BBS also. This site is mostly visited by serious dancers, and a sane realistic male club customer's opinion is always welcome. I can also testify that you are anything but dumb! It's also helpful to have some extra perspective from somebody who (like a few of us, myself included) has been around through the tremendous changes in the dancing business which have taken place over the past decade.

07-19-2003, 04:15 PM
yup - welcome! Vast amounts of reading exploring and points to ponder in here - from every imaginable locale!

Canada here, how's it goin' ay?




07-20-2003, 05:21 AM
Many thanks to Juliette, Leigh and Mel for welcoming me.

I am like the most married guy in the world, I love my wife dearly and I am a very loyal guy but hey I am human and I love to look at ladies and she knows that as long as I am respectful, she understands that a man is a man. And we are all hopeless right? ;)

To tell you the truth there are times when I wonder why all heterosexual women are not just celibate. I mean I look at men in general and we are all pretty much clueless oafs, we don't usually dress very well, we are about as sensitive as a buffalo and we like to fart and belch a bit much as well.

But thank heavens there are a few ladies who for some strange reason find us attractive and boy am I glad about that! ;)

Once again thanks for the welcome and I will try and add something worthwhile once in a while if I can. 8)

07-20-2003, 02:59 PM
Welcome xmarx52!

Chelle :)

07-20-2003, 03:30 PM
Welcome! And married men are very attractive! It's that whole "i can't have you thingy", but i can perform for you with no contact.

01-28-2004, 12:02 PM
Welcome to SW Xmarx52...