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02-28-2003, 08:34 AM
I ask becasue sometimes I get along wonderfully with my deejays and they are the first friend I make when I am at a club (I get booked weekly - featuring) sometimes you get a deejay that no matter how accommodating or friendly I am they have a burr up their ass. I cant break through. I am a great tipper, and no one EVER gets left out. From wait staff to deejays and busboys! Most of my tunage are burned CD's so he is not juggling 4 or 5 CD's for my set so no issue there either. I am on time, so give me some insight on your world, how can I what can I what should I be aware of here?

Thanks for your time, oh and hey not just Deejays what about other dancers insight? Whats your take?


03-02-2003, 05:02 AM
Leigh, from what I have seen of your posts, it comes as no surprise that you get along well with most DJs. A big smile and a sense of humor go a long, long way in this business! And nothing turns me off more than the obverse, the imperious queen routine I have occasionally had to deal with. I don't give a damn how many guys (including the other DJs or even the idiot manager) are kissing a dancer's ass, or how much money she makes, if I don't get respect, I don't give it.

There are a lot of lame-ass, cocky DJs out there, too, but you already know that.

One thing I hate is when you have a good, big-spending, high energy crowd going who are getting into a certain kind of music and a dancer demands the same old gangster rap shit that is the only thing she ever wants to hear, and that no one else wants anything to do with. I have gotten into some fierce battles about this.

I understand that not everyone wants to hear AC/DC all night, but I can find all kinds of different stuff to play instead of hitting the redneck/biker crowd that just walked in and dropped a bunch of money with DMX.

OK, maybe the "Rollin" remix with Limp Biskit would be OK, but that's it! Playing "Can I get paid?" for a bunch of lawyers and bankers is not going to make either of us any money.

One of the most irritating things a dancer can do is to come up and try to plan a whole set with 20 seconds left to go, or try to request a song from the stage with wild gestures and shouting and expressions of urgent, dire necessity. It's too late for that, and looks very bad. There are women with whom I have developed a good rapport, where split-second changes can be made, but it is hard to pull off, and should never be expected.

I cannot stand it when a dancer will tell me what she likes, I will write it all down, then one night I put one of her songs on and she just hates the damned song all of a sudden, and makes a big deal out of it, sharing her displeasure with the entire audience. I once verbally destroyed a dancer on the mike for doing this, which is also unprofessional, but she was a very very bad case (everyone there was glad to see me do it--and the manager almost fired her) and it had to be done--we wound up being great friends later, believe it or not!

One thing I cannot abide is when I have been making a big fuss over a woman, and she gets the idea that I am like the damned customers with my tongue hangin' out, because I just told everyone how sexy she is. That's a great way to get me to stop talking her up on the mike, real fast! Or when I come in on my night off and a dancer starts trying to hit me up to buy a dance, that happened again last night.

It didn't take me long to see where customers (or at least the vast majority of 'em) are on the power pyramid, and I will never again be a customer in the normal sense--and heaven help the dancer who tries to treat me like one when I am working.

That is why I never, ever get dances--even in a club I don't work in. If I like a dancer I will buy one for my friend, or better, another dancer (the guys love this!). I also tip when I go out, especially the women who treat me well when we are working, but usually send another dancer to do it, 'cuz it looks better.

Of course there are some DJs who make this worse by drooling all over the women and making stupid sexual innuendos, etc., all night--I hate these assholes--they just make my job more difficult, unless they are really bad in which case I look better by contrast, LOL.

Flirting is great as long as it is done with mutual respect, then it is a great way to help me talk a woman up!!

I hate it when a dancer goes running to the manager, trying to get me fired becuse I won't play Jay-Z for the bikers, etc. I have even, regrettably, gotten into screaming arguments with dancers about shit several times, but I will NOT go to the manager about one. I'm not a damned rat, or a crybaby. It's always possible to work it out without dragging them into it--and from my experience they are usually assholes anyway and will just get mad at both of us.

Well, I don't want to get in trouble for being negative in the forum, but you asked, haha. But my psychic powers tell me that you are exceptional, and a real pleasure to work with! Who knows, maybe someday I will be fortunate enough to do so.


03-02-2003, 08:41 PM
Djoser was right on for most stuff. Another thing I hate is the girls that are very particular about everything (rotation,music,lights,"skip me", ect.) make a fortune and tip out minimum, while some poor girl who is beyond easy to work with is walking out with $40 and trying to give me $20. I had a girl that bitched constantly even from stage when she was getting what she asked for make $6200 on a double and tipped me $10 per shift.
Of course she was buddy buddy with the GM (a former dancer who slept her way through 2 manager and finally the owner to get the job ) so complaining would have been useless. Just for the record, when girls don't make shit and try to tip me over, I wont take it, I'll tell them "don't worry about it,to hook me up when you have a good night".

03-02-2003, 08:48 PM
Right on, Randmania, I will never accept a tip from a dancer who has had a lousy night, and consequently I wound up being the highest paid DJ, per girl, in Daytona, in the last club I worked in. These anal DJs who count VIPs and rudely demand money just don't get it!


PS I would like to emphasize that I do like R & B, just not when 30 bikers just walked in the door...

03-02-2003, 09:48 PM
Nothing the dancers did or didnt do ever pissed me off per sei. Oh yeah there were moments, a bad day or a clash of personalities sometimes, but nothing major. Im an easy going guy and I saw the dancers I worked with as family. What pissed me off was when management or some other staff member tried to take advantage of my relationship with the dancers and use me to be their eyes and ears, or some other bull shit.

03-03-2003, 08:07 AM
Thanks guys, I appreciate the input...unfortunately I dont fall into any of the catagories ya'll mentioned. My cd's are preburned and I only use one cd per set. I too evaluate crowd content to see what the best choice for a show would be (no sense doing a hokey country theme when ya got hard core bikers in the house as a majority - or doing death metal during the day with an audience full of suits....just common sense.)

I just occasionally get the deejay that makes life difficult. I am such a low maintenance feature, and I purposely am one to make it easier for the deejay being he is spinning so many sets for so many girls rounding them up listening to grief, so when I come along the last thing I want is backlash so I really do try to be as easy going and worry free as possible.
Still I get the guy the ignores me when I try to mention I need the lights down just for the last song I am doing a fire show, or just black lights on my 3rd song I am doing florescent paint....then the time comes and he's off working his charm up at the bar with some peeler while I am trying to do my novelty act crap on stage in full lights or whatever. Then later if I ask him about it they GO OFF - the old who the fuck do u think u are etc...or else they give me the silent treatment and walk away...and the next show ends up being even more difficult...ah the grief.
I just thought maybe someone could give me some insight, maybe its just some guys shouldnt be deejays. Not everyone can multitask and do it with a smile ALL the time right?

03-03-2003, 01:23 PM

Leigh, it sucks that you have had trouble with DJs, as a breed I'm sorry to say I have not been impressed with them myself (Randmania, Erick, et al, don't get mad I'm sure you are exceptional, or you wouldn't be here). I am sometimes spacey (focused on the next song or set or whatever--not high, Holly--LOL) at work and sometimes need to be reminded of lighting preferences, but you'd have to be a total moron not to turn down the lights if a woman is juggling torches, breathing fire, or painting herself florescent!

Leigh you do florescent paint?!! That is so cool, I have been doing a lot of that recently (see the "Bike Week 2003 update" in general topics). I love the way the paint looks on a hot body in motion under the blacklights!!! After about 12:30 I stop painting and then I can really enjoy my work! I really need to get pictures because I have done this hundreds of times but I have no good pictures--any advice on photography in blacklights?

Erick I too have been encouraged to rat out dancers and I will quit first, if I see them getting wasted or doing stupid shit I try to calm them down and keep the damned managers out of it! You are fortunate that you have had so little trouble--I am usually pretty easy going too, but out of well over a thousand dancers I have had a few that pissed me off!

I am proud to say, though that even the ones I have had trouble with in the past are always glad to see me when I run into them--I have had women I argued with in the past help get me hired! The one I mentioned that I chewed out onstage, a month later threatened to quit, then did so, because the manager in that club wasn't using me enough (I got in the way of him asking the girls for blow jobs). She was screaming at him how if he had any sense he would get me in there more, and quit losing the dancers and customers with the fat idiot. Lexi, I still love ya for that!

I don't know what the problem with DJs is, exactly, I have only worked with guys in Daytona, about 50 of them, but with a few exceptions I have not formed a high opinion. And some of them get all cocky about screwing the dancers, when the guy is ugly and stupid to boot this just makes me laugh, but it can be irritating.

I also now understand much more how dancers can get into arguments with each other, having dealt with some of these idiots. DJ ego wars are a pain in the ass, and I thank God I have worked with some noteable exceptions (Indian, are you reading this?)

08-27-2003, 12:30 PM
Ahh, where to start?

Leigh – In my experience as a SCDJ, you have several different types:
DJ’s like myself (Djoser, and others on the board) who eat/live/breathe music, love the atmosphere of the club scene, love the artistic-ness of each lady and have the utmost respect for and the job that they do. (My apologies for not remembering the names of some of our female spinners on the board...blame it on my head, not my heart).

Then there’s the DJ who sees the club as his great big living room. “I don’t have a great sound system at my house, so I’ll get a job DJ-ing at a SC so that I can hear the music I want to hear, really loud. Screw what anybody else wants to hear”. (Side note: one of the deejays who just tried out the other night for the club I work at would argue with the girls over their choice of music. I’ve spoiled them because I’m always asking them what they want to hear, and if they don’t pick then I can find something to coincide with their outfit/routine and their style of music that I’ve become accustomed to playing for each of them. Anyway, each girl that night (I found out the next day because I had that night off) went up to him and said, “I would like to hear ‘ABC’”, and he would say, “Well I was thinking ‘XYZ’” and they would go round and round. Finally he’d announce them coming to the stage and play their song…for about 15-20 seconds, then he would fade out (sometimes not even fade, jump cut)their song and play his much harder (read; not right for the clientele, and most people can’t even name the group or the song) music. Needless to say, he wasn’t asked back by the management. My golden rule: “If the girls are happy, everybody wins”.
Then you have the DJ who is just there to kick back, smoke and drink on the job, and watch girls get naked…and that’s about all they care about.
Runner up, the DJ’s who think they are God and that the girls and the club are lucky to be in their presence. (Note: Just because you have “God/dess” under your name Djoser, we don’t see you as this kind of DJ, ha-ha).
Lastly, you have the DJ’s who are there to flirt, grab-ass and pretty much try to sleep with any girl they can get their hands on. Do they even stop to think, “If they wanted to sleep with guys they could make a lot more, a lot faster just turning tricks”? Hello….McFly….since they are dancing (instead of tricking), chances are that they aren’t there to get laid, they are there to do their job, and nobody in that club (even co-workers) is going to get in their panties. Granted there are exceptions to this, as we all know of clubs that do “extras”, but by-and-large a lot of the dancers I’ve worked with are just that, DANCERS, doing a job….sex is the furthest thing from their mind when they are in that club. (Once again, there are exceptions to the rule, but it is pretty tried and true).

(If I’m leaving any DJ types out, please chime in).

You’re right when you say that some guys shouldn’t be deejays because not everyone has the music knowledge, can multitask and do it with a smile all the time. That’s what makes the Djosers, et al. worth their weight in gold.

Djoser – Couldn’t agree with you more about the “…obtuse, imperious queen routine” (the counterpart to “I’m the DJ, but you can call me God”). I’m very easy going, and as I said try to treat every lady working in my club like a true Queen (not a princess). True, everybody does have stressful nights here and there, but you have to take that with a grain of salt and realize everybody’s point of view. However, there are, every once in a while, those girls who, no matter how much slack/understanding you give them are just under your skin like bamboo under the fingernails and you can’t take the pain anymore. We recently had a new girl try out at our club and let’s call her, “Brianna”. She came in thinking she was just the shit, like, “I’m just doing this until they either resuscitate JFK Jr., or Russell Crowe asks me to marry him”. She was average-blonde cute, but not putting any of our girl’s jobs/schedules in jeopardy, believe me. Anyway, I introduced myself, asked her to peruse my song list, tried to make her feel at home (because it could all be an act..ya know, making herself seem “better than” as a front for her feeling uneasy about being in a new club, new girls with better routines/outfits/more time in the game, inferiority complex,…whatever). So, I put her on stage a couple of times and she is literally just walking up and down the stage (back wall to poll at the end), a little hip gyration here, couple steps, a little hip gyration there….that’s about it. She came off the stage and we talked about other moves she could do to spice things up, etc. Well, it was a slow night at the club and some of the guys weren’t right up on the stage tipping…most were sitting back watching from distance. So, I’m putting her on stage again and I’m saying something to talk her up to the crowd and just as she is about to hit the stage (because there is a run-up from the dressing room, past the DJ booth, then out onto the stage 10-15’ away), she double-times it back to the DJ booth and starts yelling at me, “Introduce me as ‘The Beautiful Brianna’…“THE BEAUTIFUL BRIANNA!” (insert visual of “Marsha, Marsha, Marsha!” here). She gets onstage for her 2-song set and nobody is sitting at the stage, just back at the tables a couple of feet from the stage. She starts yelling at the guys to come up and tip her, at which point some of the other girls in the club are coming up to the booth like, “What the f*ck is she doing?”. Then she comes back to the DJ booth and yells at me to get on the mic and yell at the customers to come up and tip her. I tell her that I can’t make them do anything and to get back on stage. So she does….she goes and stands in the middle of the stage (not dancing), raises her left wrist to her face (in super slow mo) and checks her watch (insert visual of , huff, head tilt and other hand on hip, here). That was it, I fired her right then.

Came to find out that on that shift that Brianna was there (like I said, her first ever there), a $200.00 cell phone was stolen, as was $20.00 cash from another girl’s bag. In addition, and this is weird, one of the girls (whose $200.00 cell phone was stolen) had put her money in her wallet, then in her bag. When she checked on it later that night, all of the contents of her wallet had been taken out and put back in her bag, but somebody had stolen the wallet itself….and all of the other girls (aside from Brianna) had been dancing together for a long time. Couldn’t prove it, but that is just tooooo coincidental all on one night in a 2 hour period, especially since after this all went down, Brianna was holding onto her purse like a survivor of the Titanic….very suspicious. I will give her credit though, I’d never seen a girl who could piss off the manager, DJ, and most/all the other girls in the club in 2 hours flat. That’s impressive.

I hear you too about the girls who you’ve been announcing “Such and such is ‘x’ songs away”, then they pass buy the booth or are on the way to the stage, depending on how your club is set up, and just before they hit the stage, they’re like, “Play this, this and this”, then whip their head around, smile and head out for the crowd…..yeah, like I’m R2-D2 and I can just plug my finger into the equipment and pull that first song up in, what do we have left….6 seconds?. That’s going to happen. They had all of this time to come see you given your announcement of how many songs there are until they’re up. It just makes me laugh. I just look at them like, “Are you kiddin’ me?”. (Or they haven’t been paying attention to what’s been played and they request a song that I played 4 songs ago).

Also hear you about talking a girl up, then she thinks you are in the “I wanna screw her” crowd along with the rest of the patrons. Then she starts flirting with you to see how much she can tease you. I’m just like, “yeah, whatever, run along now”.

That sucks about Lexi and whole BJ think at that other club.

Randmania and Djoser – Nothing worse than a girl who is making a killing and at the end of the night is looking in the bottom of her bag for a wooden nickel to give you for your efforts. I mean, I don’t necessarily want a Pimp’s payout, but when they’ve just made their entire month’s mortgage payment in one night and are giving you bus transfers and Subway Sandwich cards….please. On the flip side of that, if a girl has had a crappy night and she tries to tip me out, she’s got another thing coming. I think most of the DJ’s on this site would agree, when they come to you with that money (usually half of whatever pittance they did make), you’re like, “I can’t take that. I had a good time watching you be all girlie, dressing up (and down), teasing the crowd, having fun doing it, …and I got to listen to great music the whole time. Don’t worry about it. Get me next time you make a killing”. Right?
It does give you a good feeling, however, when a girl does only make a small amount of money and they still want to give you half of it (when they’ve been the one doing the harder of the two jobs). That shows that they really appreciate you as a person, a DJ and how you treat them as a human being, not a sex object. Just the effort of a girl offering that kind of tip under those circumstances really means a lot to a DJ....at least to me it does.

Sorry the post was so long, but I wanted to put my 87 cents in….which reminds me of a funny Steven Wright quote:

“Why is it, ‘A penny for your thoughts’, but you have to ‘Put your 2 cents in’?…..Somebody’s makin’ a penny”.


08-31-2003, 03:29 AM
Probably the DJ's that don't reply to your posts. Hi Leigh sorry I didn't get back to you, Joseph also says hi by the way. The Crazy Horse has changed a lot from when you were there and the prop room out the back got changed into a VIP area, plus the flashing rainbow lights on the stage were taken down at the same time. A few of months ago the toilets were demolished and rebuilt, something Joseph has been wanting to do for awhile.

We had a Canadian Feature here recently who was at the club around the same year that you were here [can't remember her name] and she remembers the big props that were available for the features to use. I think some of them were a big phone, coffin and god know what else.

How did you go with your Indian costume, did you get the music you wanted. I'm just about to put together a whole stack of music for the current Miss Nude Canada, Jeanne Stallone.

If I finally get over to America, which I want to do next year, i'll try and check out one of your shows

09-02-2003, 03:23 AM
I totally agree w/ my fellow Dj's on this one. I try to treat all the girls as little sisters at my club. And yes we do have some drama queens here in Hawaii...;) But djoser put it the best i think...

One of the most irritating things a dancer can do is to come up and try to plan a whole set with 20 seconds left to go, or try to request a song from the stage with wild gestures and shouting and expressions of urgent, dire necessity. It's too late for that, and looks very bad. There are women with whom I have developed a good rapport, where split-second changes can be made, but it is hard to pull off, and should never be expected.

And I for one will never, NEVER accept a tip-out from a girl that has had a bad night. I do not need the $$ that bad.

And I have been doing this for 16 yrs. and have made plenty $$, enough to be able to live in a $500,000 condo in Honolulu, own a 28' boat, have 2 BMW's, 1 convt. and a X5...I mean, if you treat the girls w/ respect, treat them as family, and be there when they need an ear, and also take up for them w/ management, custs., etc... everyone will make $$, and will have a good working relationship.
Now for the "downside" on DJ's...
I have seen just about everything you could see in a club, tricking, drugs, undercover 5-0, sleeping w/ girls, sleeping w/ management, tranvestites posing as women to strip, everything....and the worst is a Dj who does think he is "KING".
This assholes do need to be "handled"....taking out back and "taking care of"...IMO
I hope the girls on here and at clubs across the board, know that all DJ's, are not trying to "get with them", even if they are flirting on the mic while they are dancing, because if the crowd sees them flirting, they will in turn flirt and spend more $$ trying to "get w/ them"...
That is what it all comes down to in the end, ain't it...


That is why you are there, that is why I am there, so let's do this thing together and get paid...

Just my opinion, I could be and probably am wrong...;)

09-02-2003, 05:01 AM
trust me everyone,you wont find another dj as sweet as my sinbadd43,,,,,,,,,love ya sweetie,,,,,, :-*

Devastating Divyne
09-02-2003, 09:58 AM
Okay I just had to add this in about what personally pisses me off about DJs. Why on thursday/friday/saturday nite during split shifts does the sucky DJ seem to take up most of the mike time and play you all the dumbest shit even though he knows what you like to dance to. And, he is also typically the one who leaves first and wants to know why you pay the other DJ first and you give your good DJ like $30 and he only has $7.
I understand I can't always get what I want, but if its a club full of bored non tippng guys and you know I'm high energy and that the crows needs to be livened up why the hell am I dancing to "Staring down the barrel of a .45". What the hell? Are you trying to promote suicide or what? The crowd is dead and full of beer so lets give them ideas on how to end it all:)
One more thing: If a girl brings in song-hard to find-not played on radio-generally not available; why do some DJs take it upon themselves to download the stuff, some of which I spent years looking for, onto the club computer and the next time I come to work some fat girl is dancing to the song nobody even knows the name of but is listed in the computer under "off Divyne CD #5 song six". I know we can't own songs really but thats just not fair.

09-03-2003, 07:51 AM
One more thing: If a girl brings in song-hard to find-not played on radio-generally not available; why do some DJs take it upon themselves to download the stuff, some of which I spent years looking for, onto the club computer and the next time I come to work some fat girl is dancing to the song nobody even knows the name of but is listed in the computer under "off Divyne CD #5 song six". I know we can't own songs really but thats just not fair.

I agree with you on this one.
I have a girl who likes the harder/faster stuff (Praga Khan - Breakfast in Vegas, Disturbed - Down with the Sickness, Dope - Die MF Die, Drowning Pool - Bodies, etc., etc.). She's one of the only girls that can do these songs justice (a real fireball on stage), so because she was the first to request it when I started working there, she asked and I agreed that I would only play these 4 songs for her. Seems fair, it's too much work for most of the girls to dance to these songs anyway...and besides, there are a billion other songs out there to choose from.

When another girl watches her on stage and is like, "I want you to play that song for me too", I'm thinking to myself, "You never would have picked that song out, but now that you have watched another girl dance to it, taken note of her choreography....now you want to dance to it so you can do the same moves she's doing?"...Yeah, right.
Granted, if it is a really common group/song (Britney, 50 Cent, etc., etc.), ain't no way somebody is going to get exclusivity of it. However, if it is an esoteric song that nobody would have ever known about had this dancer not brought it into the club, then it's hers (provided she is one of those, "It's my song" girls). One thing I've found works is if girl 2 asks to use girl 1's song, I tell her to go ask girl 1 and if she says it's okay, then I will play it for her. This works out most of the time because rather than girl 2 just playing girl 1's song, the act of girl 2 asking girl 1 for permission to use the song makes girl 1 feel flattered (Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery, right?).

As the saying goes, "Many people know a good thing, the moment another person sees it first".


02-11-2004, 02:30 PM
What pisses me of is the girl who is never on time for her sets,plays the total prima donna and at the end of the night has no money for tip out, or the girl who busts her ass making money only to go to the bar and get shitfaced! then come to me and ask if she could owe me tip out...uuummm how's no sound?
I also can not stand the customer who either thinks I am a radio station and then gets pissy when I tell him I don't take requests per managements orders,or thinks he can do my job better than I do
I also hate the dj who lets the pcred proggie run all night then gets pissed cuz i make more in tips when I work(3 words for them..PLAY A CD!)
I refuse to take extra if a girl has been busting her hump and not making any cash, but those are the ones who usually insist on trying to over tip.
depending on how the dancer handles it i will make setlist changes on the fly,god knows I sometimes pick the wrong song,or we both realize the song sucks(or the crowd has changed dramatically and dmx will work where disturbed won't)
I treat all of the dancers the same way I treat my wife(on second thought I treat the other girls better..SORRY DEANNA), I flirt,I joke around whatever it takes to get the message across that I may be the dj but I am not your lacky, I have a job to do as well.
Basically I try and find the fine line that keeps management off my ass, the dancer happy and making money and the crowd receptive
Dang who says our job is easy?!? lmao

02-22-2004, 02:12 AM
Since the djs arethe ones to introduce me and have a microphone, I know that they can rile up the crowd for me or do just the opposite. This in mind, I go out of my way to accomodate my dj, even if he asks me to kiss the ground he walks on!!
Ok, maybe thats a little extreme, but you get my point!

02-23-2004, 03:29 AM
...I'm guessing not you - doll. If all that you say is true, you are going well above and beyond anything that any dj could reasonably expect ... and sometimes, ppl are just going to 'be assholes' and there really is no solution. If [when] you run into an idiot who seems bent on treating you badly ... scope the situation ... do what you have to [within reason] to get through the week, then let your tip reflect your degree of appreciation for the special skills which he has showered you with. Once, as a joke, the feature working at the SC I was employed at [p/t] presented me with a $20 tip [about 1% and appreciated] and the other DJ with an itemized bill [played wrong song -$5.00 / sarcastic voice when name mentioned $1.95 / etc]for $33.95 .. no kidding ... she didn't get to collect, but buddy got the mes, I think ...

02-23-2004, 05:13 AM
Awww, I just wanted to say that you DJ's are the sweetest. I am so glad I read these posts, because now I can apply these simple etiquette rules to the DJ's if and when I dance again. Before, I don't know if I was doing that! Uh oh--the sweet DJ's at my old club probably hate me now!