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03-26-2003, 02:19 AM
I have the most amazing costume Feather Headdress to the floor etc etc but I hardly ever use the show HATING the music thoroughly...it just dawned on me ::) ASK the forum!

I already use the standard crap by Cher (half breed) and that genre crapola HATE it sick of it, can anyone suggest some alternatives, that have direct relation to the theme or the costume? Above and beyond the obvious stuff...
Not only beg but implore and THANK you profusely for ANY help you all may have...

03-26-2003, 09:09 AM
Leigh, You might try these.
Beach Boys-10 little indians
Canned Heat-Cherokee dance
Free-Wild indian women
Hollies-Indian girl
Jimi Hendrix Exp.-Cherokee mist
Nick Lowe-Indian Queens
Pixies- The Navajo know
Queen-Cowboys and Indians
Rolling Stones-Indian girl
Yardbirds- Ten little Indians

03-26-2003, 12:23 PM
Try some obscure Robbie Robertson (a past member of The Band).

Instead of me listing a bunch of artists that no one else has even heard of, I'll direct you here:


You may have to search a little, but it should be of some help.

03-26-2003, 02:03 PM
Problem is that his (Robbie) music is fine but unless you are familiar with the artist for the most part and know that he is native as well then, hmmm....ya know?

Electric head (gad that name kills me dude!heehee) I recall seeing a number those other songs above in a KazaA Search engine during song searches I ve done on my own, many were REALLY old, and kinda goofy.

AH well, the only thing I could come up with that is new and relevant in a sort of way was SLAVE TO THE DRUM BEAT, (or slave to the dark beat?) kinda sorta techno but not really--deep, base-y good tune and could work as a second song for sure.

Back to the drawing board... :-/

Thank you electrichead and Tre, I really appreciate your efforts - *truly cool* of ya.

03-26-2003, 10:10 PM
Keep trying Leigh, what can I say I'm a Zombie fan :)

03-27-2003, 04:36 AM
Tim McGraw - Indian Outlaw
The Guess Who - Raindance


03-27-2003, 03:01 PM
You might give "Spiritwalker", by the Cult, a try. The beginning has a definite Indian sound, without being hokey, and though it then goes into good strong rock beat, the drums still have a bit of the sound. Hannah, The Wild Irish Rose, who is Cherokee (with some Irish, too--you can see it in her eyes) told me the Cult are Native Americans. Since we both love the Cult I play them for her all the time...

I know what you mean about Cher, I'd be happy if I never played her again, I sure won't go buy any of her stuff, and will have to be tipped well or cajoled somehow to play someone else's. Some old rock/dance songs and bands hold up very well, but some just sound stupid now (to me, that would include Cher). I try to play the stuff that is still cool when the old guys with money are around, and pray they don't come up and ask for some ancient shit that noone wants too dance to for any amount of money!

Of course I am not an imbecile and I realize that we have to keep the crowd happy, but sometimes finding someone willing to dance to some of these geriatric requests is a real challenge! Contrary to the impression you might get from my posts (written with dancers in mind, not customers), I am always very popular with the clientele, if not the managers, wherever I have worked.

But I digress...

There is an awesome song by Consolidated that has a killer dance beat and is totally Indian sounding--it IS a fantastic song, BUT the lyrics are so controversial and political (unsexy) that I have never yet played it at work (even tho' I have played some of their other stuff frequently).

You might enjoy listening to it, but I don't think it would work unless you could somehow edit out the lyrics, or most of them. It is called "He", from their "Play More Music" CD, which is worth getting anyway for "You Suck" (with your sense of humor you would LOVE that one!). But they go on and on about how the white man fucked over the red man, genocide, etc. All of which is of course totally true, but not sexy (except the beat!).

This is very challenging, but I love it! I'm going to keep thinking about this one...

I love the feather thing, too. I have a big box of feathers I got at a garage sale from a fashion designer--she had started to make feather g-strings--I have tried to get several of the dancers I work with to collaborate on the creation of a feather costume, but noone has gotten beyond the "oh what a cool idea" stage. Daytona is not known for it's creative atmosphere, however, LOL...


03-28-2003, 04:20 AM
Thank you Djoser, time to get back on KazaA so I can hear some of those suggestions and see if I should burn em or not! I havent seen you post on this so I was glad this morning (haha afternoon in real people time) to see you did!

TGIF everybody! ;D

03-29-2003, 04:03 AM
I strongly recommend some tracks from Adam and the Ants' "Kings of the wild frontier". "Dog eat dog", the title track and "Killer in the home" could work very well. "The human beings" actually uses a chant of different tribes names in it - it may be TOO much. ;)

03-29-2003, 04:49 AM
Thanks Chad, I'll have a listen today! If I can find it on KazaA, sometimes for an opener I dont mind it being "too much" it sets up the theme for me, for real how much can one dance all strapped into this huge head dress? SO I kinda like the ones that are a little overdone, just for presentation value. Then 2nd song off comes the head dress and down to business. ;D

03-29-2003, 08:35 AM
Hi Leigh,

I've seen someone do the Pocohontas song, paint with all the colors of the wind. Can't say that it went over very well though...

Just out of curiousity, what do you do (dance or props wise) that goes with an Indian theme?


03-30-2003, 04:46 AM
Ya that pocohontos song too weepy for not only me but the guys dont dig it too much either, specially if they have young daughters who have the music at home, kinda weirds them out.

I am a very confident dancer and pull off over exaggerated theatrics quite easily...that being said I get into character! I usually act out portions of the song incorporating them into dance steps for effects value.

Props, paint is always a given, but so damn messy so I dont use it much. I prefer my fire show wands, I create a ring of fire and pose in it until the flames go down approx 2 full seconds I blow fire, and set off pyro pots of multi colored flash (orange, red and green) by the time I have pulled this all off artistically the song is over and so's my show!

My floor show song I have is not an issue - its the 3 I need that lead up to the finale. Was using half breed and indian outlaw etc UGH, damn double fuggin UGH UGH UGH!!! Too twangy country n western crapola, did I mention I HATED THE MUSIC TO THIS SHOW?? LOL!

Thats why I was looking for help. Got any suggestions?


03-31-2003, 06:53 AM
It might not be the easiest song to pull off, but what about "Buffalo Children"? I don't remember who does it, and I haven't heard it in years, but if I remember right it had a strong beat and went something like "Buffalo Children, fighting for survival, Buffalo children (something) on arrival"


04-01-2003, 04:44 PM
This may not work for you, if you aren't into the Enigma type music, but have you heard of Deep Forest?

They have an international, tribal sound, using mostly african pygmies, but other native type vocals as well, including some American Indian.

It is very similar to the way Enigma uses Gregorian chants, so if you are thinking...

"dance to PYGMY MUSIC, what kind of drugs is he on?"

hold on a second. It is superbly sensuous music, for the most part. It won't go over too well with the bikers or rednecks, though.

If you have seen the movie Strange Days, they do the theme track, that is pretty damn hot, with Peter Gabriel, I think. That particular song may not be sufficiently Indian sounding--though it is a great song, otherwise, with an irresistable, erotic beat. Where the hell is that video, anyway, dammit--it was around here somewhere?

I pulled out the one CD I have by them, their first, called "Deep Forest". They have put out more, but be warned Kazaa will give you some wierd shit by them! Most of the songs on my CD were too slow and/or wierd for your typical strip clubbers, but tracks 6, 7,and possibly 2 might work. Track 7 is called Desert Walk, probably the best, and would work well if you start it at at least 1 minute in, 'cuz it sounds like a kid singing at first. It's livelier and more energetic than track 2, the better known hit "Sweet Lullaby". Track 6 is good too, maybe, called "Savana Dance" [sic].

And yes, it's the damned pygmies singing, but it has a distinctly universal "tribal" sound, and you and I both know those f**kers aren't going to be in such an erudite mind-set, as they'd be inclined to make that distinction.

When they see you in the feathers they won't know the difference between Pygmies, Pawnee, or Pocahontas (BTW that name actually means "little cock-tease", go tell Disney THAT, LOL. The whole story of her saving Captain Smith was a PR gimmick so when John Rolfe married her and took her to England they wouldn't ask about how she used to do nude gymnastics, to entertain the colonists when they were starving, etc.)

Actually I have always gotten a kick out of those hokey plastic or paper-mache Thanksgiving Displays where they show the Pilgrims and Indians peacefully celebrating, because about 50 years later their descendants fought King Philip's War, the first and one of the most brutal wars of Indian extermination in what is now the US of A.

In terms of ratio-deaths to population, it was the bloodiest war in American history. Those cute plastic Indians--Algonquians--were starved and butchered almost to a man (Saddam would be proud), even the friendly ones who had built churches and schools, and dressed like white folks, etc. But here I go again, getting WAY the hell off topic...

I am famous for matching the music to the dancer, but it helps if I have watched their style first, lol. From what I have read of your posts, I can definitely see, in my mind, the energetic & theatrical style you have. But not well enough to solve this problem easily.

This is a most unusual and intriguing challenge, I'm not done yet...

Talking about Tribal music has got me thinking of that sub-genre of techno, which actually covers a lot of different ground (I even have a jazz/tribal CD that is extremely hot), including some very sexy selections, with all the drum riffs, etc.--so I'm going to listen to that which I have...


04-02-2003, 04:57 AM
You ROCK, Djoser!

04-02-2003, 06:42 AM
OK, Leigh... I don't know how slow and sexy you'd want to go, and you've already mentioned that your other songs are too "country twangy", but you could always try "Seminole Wind" by John Anderson. It is one of my favorites from a few years back, but I've never tried to dance to it. If you aren't into the country thing, though, you probably won't like it. It is pretty slow, too, so it may not work. In any case, it is a beautiful song! :-* -Fire

05-02-2003, 08:16 PM
Here is some songs I put together for one of the girls at my club [Crazy Horse - South Australia] and interstate plus I put an Indian Set together for Canada's Maddy McKnight to use in Miss Nude Toronto [which unfortunately got cancelled], when she toured as a feature.

Indian Requiem - Groove Electronic
Power Of American Natives - Dance 2 Dance
The Power - H-Blockx
Half Breed - Shania Twain
Cherokee - Europe
Red Indian Girl - B*Witched

05-03-2003, 04:31 AM
Well thank you DJ_Lewi!! Much appreciated - ya shame about the Toronto pageant - SARS scared em all off.

Waaay back in the day I came to Crazy Horse and did the month long booking stint - it was a hoot - please give my love to Joseph and John Monohan!

A lot of changes since I was there last, instilling the amercian style dance and all.
Do you guys still have all those crazy ass props one can use on stage during your performance? The coffin the giant telephone etc? That was hilarious!

Anyway hello and welcome and THANK YOU for the song suggestions MUCH MUCH appreciated!

08-25-2003, 09:15 PM
Obviously, if you wanted something more hip-hop and modern you could use:

Shake Ya Tailfeather - Nelly


Indian Girl (An Adult Story) - Slick Rick

If you haven't heard the Slick Rick tune, listen to it all the way through before just handing it over to your DJ because the ending, although funny, might leave you blushing if the first time you hear it you're on stage...the DJ can always fade it out. It's a tongue-in-cheek/sexual ennuendo song, but aren't alot of the songs we play.

Just a thought.