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02-11-2003, 06:30 AM
I dunno, spinning rekkids no matter what or where is a bitch. At raves you're pretty much free to do whatever because you know that a percentage of the party kids won't like it. At the same time though, you wanna get booked again so you try to please the people, and then you get told you're a lame ass sell out for playing "fill in the blank song." Damned, either way.

I really don't know too many DJ's who have gotten into it for the money, because the money ain't there. By the time you have *all* your equipment, at least for vinyl, you're sitting on $2k. Then you go buy records, which have maybe 4 songs, or a few remixes of one song, and either way that $7-15 chunk of vinyl is only good once per night. Oh, did I mention you need a crate to stick them in? Depending on your taste, $100-300.

Then you go home, suck at it, suck at it, and eventually suck less until you get good and you play some little UG party for $75-100 if anything. All the time praying it doesn't get busted and your gear get fucked up. And eventually, provided you don't sleep much, you might start getting paid to spin parties, then you might get paid to spin bigger parties, but economically it's about as sound as buying a brand new car.

I know of one or two DJ's who spin for the money and they're these pervy ass, fuckers who molest little girls under the guise of "teaching them to spin." No surprise they spin lame ass watered down trance. Pleh.

I dunno, when I finally get around to dancing, I want a DJ to play what I like to dance to. I mean, what good is a song that the audience likes if I'm patently uncomfortable. If I'm flailing like a fish out of water, than the audience's aural comfort is voided by their visual discomfort. Same as with parties. I had my favorite DJs and I would drive for hundreds of miles to go see them because they have the magical ability to make me move! And that my friends, is a gift.

No, if you wanna spin records, you spin it for the love.

love and cookies
the former DJ Bipolar

02-11-2003, 06:42 AM
My brother-in-law was a DJ during high school and part of college. I would love to watch him spin and mix. I think being a DJ is a great talent. You have to please a variety of people. Good DJ's in my opinion take requests. And follow through. To bad my B-in-L moved on to other job choices. He was kicking ass. had all the equipment he said, but had a hrd time dealing with the people. And this was not a stripper club, it was disco! Then moving onto rock, Poison, Kiss etc. I love the DJ's at 'Sanctuary' club. Men and women DJ's, they are more techno now...Hip hop. But it's kick ass music. I wanted to be a DJ once, but did not have the "deep desire" to pursue it. Sometimes wish i had. But seems with all the restrictions on what type of music can be played now days, i would pass. Dancing is much easier when i look over at them, seeming to be working much harder than i.

02-18-2003, 03:22 PM
all i dance to is "techno" i know i may lose some of the crowd sometimes but i dont care because it is what moves me. like you said if you arent feeling it... it will show. on the other hand i am capable of dancing to anything that is thrown at me, but when i go up i have my own cds ready to ask the dj to play what i want and it shows!

02-19-2003, 03:52 AM
Club i work won't play techno. I just QUIT ONE that did!!!!!!!
Sanctuary plays nothing but techno. I like some of it alot! I am on the other end of Velvet, all i dance to is rock. Or sexy ballads. And i maybe losing my share as well. :'(

02-19-2003, 11:22 AM
Pam and Smurf,

i have to agree with you about spinning, you don't do it for the $$$ or fame, you di it because its something you like to do. I've been trying to get into it but don't have the $$$ to do it. But, atleast I know people who are well known that can help me out when I get a real job again and start making $$$. Oh yeah on a side note, after a year and a half from my internship still looking for my radio job, not cuz of the $$$, nut because of the music itself

03-07-2003, 03:25 PM
Yeah, I'd say you really have to enjoy it to be a dj. I know tons of dj's who have other jobs and spin for fun. There are the few who make some good money doing it. The other night I overheard a guy saying this one particular dj who is really good "fucked up a lot." (I didn't think he did.) You can never please everyone. So whatever you do, just be sure to please yourself.