View Full Version : TORI'S NEW CD ROCKS ASS

12-28-2002, 09:12 PM
Scarlett's Walk is out ladies.

I had to listen a few times man, I wasn't quite sure at first, but it's got a "boys for Pele" type feel to it only not quite as pissed off and quite a bit more ethereal. It rocks my current world.

18 tracks, lots to pick from, here are a few of my favourites so far.

3. Wednesday -very quirky and silly and sad all at once, changes tempo four times in a mere 2:29 !!!

8. Don't Make Me Come To Vegas - oh, I:m loving this one big time, maybe my new favourite, it's very sexy, very steamy, very flowy and has a wild west feel to it. 4:51

9. Sweet Sangria- Sexy Sexy drum and keyboard funky start to it, very low notes, then gets all flowy a couple of times during the chorus and is just lovely. also feels like the west 4:01

11. Pancake - I do this one when I want to make sure they know they're in the presence of a Goddess. A reminder to tehm all. they get it. very sexy and a little exasperated. 3:54

These are the only ones I've done so far (oh I do SO love fucking with their minds) but I also plan to use Your Cloud, I Can't See New York, Taxi Ride, and Scarlett's Walk as well.

The whole thing has a wild west feel to it.
I'm having blast ladies, give her a try!!!!!!!!!!!!!

01-03-2003, 06:21 AM
Hey TORCH!!! Good to see you back!!! Especially since I'm sort of in your neck of the woods now.....

Haven't heard the CD iteself yet, but she played a few cuts on the "Scarlet Sessions" on VH-1 a few nights ago.... I was pleased, so I think it has to go into the collection....

Boys For Pele is one of the only ones I don't have, because I felt it was a commercialized departure from the style that she demonstrated on Little Earthquakes and Under The Pink.


01-05-2003, 01:04 AM
Hey McCain! Good to see you too! 8) ;D

Whereabouts are ya? I'm actually moving to BC two weeks from today!

Hope things are better than well and you're happy healthy and wealthy!