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12-01-2002, 03:02 AM
I have danced to techno amoung others. Fun. However on stage for some very sensual movements i love Enigma!!! All their songs are so sexual. And grinding a pole, or getting down on the floor while dancing to the songs are the best!!!! Of course i bought some cds and learned when the music changes, for example the woman starts moaning, or souinding of having sex in the background, then i usualy arch my back and grind. I think you get the picture!
Enigma...it's great dancing music

12-02-2002, 10:29 PM
Damn, now I have to write this again but its worth it--I deleted instead of posting---if you love Enigma you will definitely get into Delerium, I think they are even better. I have 2 CDs I use frequently with great results. Poem is one of them and the first track is well worth the price alone. Like Enigma with a more haunting exotic feel, and a beautiful female vocal accompaniment. Karma--which incidentally would be a great stagename--has four excellent tracks, at least, including an enchanting remix Of Sarah McLaughlin's Silence--it is nothing like the techno remixes, much more sensuous.

Another great Sarah remix is Rabbit in the Moon's version of her Fear, which may be the best of all--I played it for the Erotic Angel Faith tonight and the guys were enthralled. It is like Sarah, Enigma, and a sensual techno groove all in one. Quite literally as sexy a song as I have ever played. They fight over who gets to dance to it.

I have a lot of other, perhaps more eclectic, music along the lines of Enigma, if you are interested I will tell you about it...


12-03-2002, 04:01 AM
YES!!! Djoser i am very interested. I LOVE Enigma! I have tried ZZ Top with the sexual drums, but as soon as the quitar kicks in i lose it! Enigma has been very good to me! So damn sexual. I have learned when to go down with a beat and around with a moan while swinging my hair!
Please tall more, i am going to see what i can get. Names of cd's would be great!
Hugz, Pamela
PS "Principles of lust" is a must have for dancers i believe!!!

12-04-2002, 08:26 AM
What is this! This is the second time I have had to rewrite a post to you! I didn't find out I got booted 'til after I had typed this in...going to have to fix that call-waiting thing.

And judging from you photograph, you are not accustomed to being kept waiting. From your description of your dancing style, you should never be...

If you like the "Silence" remix you will love the song "Flowers". It is a collaboration by Delerium, Enigma, and someone else. I found it on the internet. Try searching on Kazaa or one of the other music-sharing sites under the group Delerium, Title "Flowers".

"Fear" can be found on the Rabbit in the Moon Remixes CD vol 1, Track 1. Vol 2, track 2 is called "The Phoenix" (which incidentally would be a good name--meaning firebird--I actually broke down and bought a dance from a woman with that name, something I have otherwise never done in three years of DJing--to avoid being thought of as a customer, and having been spoiled by dancing girlfriends, if it means nothing to the woman it means nothing to me) by God Within. This departs from the Enigma sound a bit but has the same sexual hypnotic effect, with a bit of a Spanish Flamenco style that I'm sure you could handle.

Princesses Nubiennes' CD Les Nubians, track 2, has an Enigma sound and has the additional benefit of having French lyrics. This CD has several other excellent tracks, especially if you are into jazz at all.

N'dea Davenport is a CD by the jazz singer of that name, and track number 7 is a song made for sex and sexy dancing if I have ever heard one. As is track 12 from Eryka Badu's Baduizm. These don't really sound like Enigma but have the same effect.

Also, for a hypnotic, sensual groove, you can't beat Miles Davis. But you have to watch out which track and where you start it. The track I use I start 4 and 1/2 minutes into! It is track 4 from Panthalassa: The Music of Miles Davis 1969-1974. Use it with caution, it takes a special dancer and a special audience. And while I have no doubt you ARE that dancer, the rednecks definitely won't go for this one.

If you like techno at all you must try tracks 2 & 10 from Perfect Timing vol 1, mixed by Johnny Dangerously and DJ Storm. They have a soft, sensuous, Enigma-like groove going which is a welcome relief from the ordinary (while techno is my favorite kind of music I am not fond of some of the more frenetic stuff coming out these days, and if I have to listen to "Castles in the Sky" one more time I think I might throw up).

Do your DJ a favor and find the right spot to start these, or he will wonder what in hell you are trying to do to him. "Fear" and "Silence" are best started one full minute in, "Flowers" 2 minutes, "The Phoenix" 2 and 1/2 to 3 minutes in. If your DJ bitches about this he is an asshole (pardon my language, but so many of these damned DJs are). Just charm and coddle him into doing it anyway. I have no doubt you can do that.

Before I go I must assure you that you needn't worry about "Rio" not being a good name for you. With your Swedish origins and undeniable beauty you will have no problem captivating your customers. Have you thought of trying the name "Sasha". I confess I am partial to this name as one of my favorite dancers of all time (and I have only worked with her three weeks) wears it very well indeed. Sadly she is going back to Amsterdam tomorrow but I am hanging out with her tonight and giving her a ride to the airport, and will use my not inconsiderable powers of persuasion to ensure that she returns in February. But you don't care about that, LOL.

If you like these songs, I have more...