View Full Version : Living Section Added

01-27-2002, 06:59 PM
I've just added a living section to the site. It loads a *little* bit slower than some pages, but it's because it contains so much. Its content is not stripping related, but is useful or entertaining for most.

The first section is quotes. These are updated at the least daily. Some give good advice, others are humorous.

The second section has personal tips. This section is updated every week an contains a health/fitness article, a home idea article, and a quick dinner recipe.

The third section contains business tips. Again, this section is updated weekly and focuses on general business tips and how to improve sales.

The fourth section highlights the web. This section is also updated weekly and focuses on HTML tips, webdesign, and promoting your website.

Section 5 has investing tips from the Motley Fool (a well respected investing publication). Updated several times daily.

In section 6 you can find out your daily horoscope and learn about your "Angel Guide".

Next, in section 7 there are movie and CD reviews from Rolling Stone magazine.

Finally, section 8 offers jokes. :D

Hope everyone enjoys the new page. Let me know if you'd like something added or removed. I can't read minds. ;)

You can check the page out @ http://www.stripperweb.com/living.html