View Full Version : strip clubs raping us!!

06-03-2003, 08:16 PM
I work at strip club and pay them 60 dollars a night 700 dollars a month, 11,400 dollars a year my tuition is 12,000 a year. Multiply that my 20 girls and that is 168000 a year. I work only part-time some girls work 5-6 nights a week. The money they get is unclaimed and untaxed and we can't even tell the goverment how much we get paid. The clubs claim we are independent contractors, bullshit, why do have to pay penalities for being late.
SO why do I pay this enormous amount of money? Is becaus of the loving bouncers that google at are tits and play scratchcards. If it wasn't for the girls the club would be a bar with tables. Enough is enough. will this change? Clubs think we are disposible because every year a girl turns 18 and wants to be a stripper. If we all quit are jobs and they would close down for a week and find new girls.
I talked to a retired stripper who said that clubs used to pay her upwards of 80-100 dollars a night to dance there. She wore elaborate custums and gowns. It was all about taking layers off slowly puting on a show and being elegant. And guess what she mad more money than the hottest girl at a club. Men would fight to get your attention and would ask her to get a dance. That doesn't happen so much anymore. Now we show are world bend over show are pussy put are tits in a guys face for a dollar. It's not elegant and are money has suffered because of it. We need to stop and realize what we are doing. Dancing is an art not a cheap form of live porno. we need to hold are selves in a better a manner and realize that we are worth every penny and more. You can learn alot from older strippers instead of rolling your eyes at them. I am only 20 years and happy with what I know. I have said fuck it bought gowns with gloves and try to be elegant. I got a day job and only work 1 night a week. It now worth it to me anymore until things change.