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09-28-2002, 03:29 AM
So I went to the club, and the manager asked me to get dressed up in my dancer outfit & come back to his office, which I did. He said, "Oh you look great, you don't even need to get up on stage, I just couldn't tell what your body looked like since you were wearing baggy clothes." He took my ID info, asked for a stage name & a phone #, and said I'd be hearing from him in 1-2 weeks. He showed me the schedule and explained that they were fully booked weeks ahead (true, I saw it), but said if something didn't open up there within 2 weeks that he'd get me into one of their many sister clubs.

I thought it was weird that he didn't ask me to get up on stage, and that maybe he was politely rejecting me, so I asked the DJ & a couple of dancers if this was the case & be honest cause I can deal with rejection, but they told me, "If he said he's going to call you, he's going to call you, don't worry" & that there were too many dancers up already so there wasn't a stage to dance on.

What do you think? I have to say, I'm by no means confident in my looks, you know this already. But I only saw one other dancer there that I felt was on a par with me looks-wise. Most of 'em were pretty beat-looking. Now I know why some strip clubs are so dark. But seriously, I'm just not sure if I'm hired or what.

09-28-2002, 06:53 AM
I think you probably did get the job. Just some clubs have limited space for dancers and schedule weeks, if not months in advance. It is possible that the person in charge of scheduling wasn't available at that time or something like that.

The fact that you didn't get on stage isn't unusual either. I have worked at a few clubs that just want to see me topless in the dressing room to check for excessive tattoos and piercing, and figured if I was willing to get topless in the dressing room in front of all the other dancers and the manager that it wouldn't be an issue for me on the stage.

09-28-2002, 02:06 PM
oh, i don't think you have anything to worry about. so far, i've never had to audition either. and it is true that clubs are booked up for awhile or just not hiring right now... must places are still expiriencing the summer slumps. especially since he showed you the schedule, took your ID, etc, i don't think it's an elaborate way of saying "thanks but no thanks" at all. if they weren't interested, why would they go through all that?. if after looking at you he just said he'd be in touch without any explanation or giving any information, then it could be a turn down. but from what you described, i'd bet cash money you're really in. :D

09-30-2002, 04:22 PM
That is TOO KEWL!!!!!

Congratulations, and good luck. I'm sure you'll do great.

Not having you get on stage isn't something to worry about, particularly if the club was open then and there were customers in the club. Trying out a new girl can be a pain in the ass for him then. The few managers I knew were pretty straight about whether they were going to hire you or not. Just be patient!

10-02-2002, 04:39 AM
I wouldn't worry about the lack of stage audition. I have to agree with everyone else - sounds to me like you go tthe job. Most managers I know would not have bothered showing you the schedule if they were not serious.

When I worked at Follies in Atlanta, GA< several years bag, one of their regular customers brought me in, took me to the manager John, and told him I should audition. John never had me go up on stage - he talked to me for a few minutes, then had me go into the dressing room and strip nude (the place was a nude club) with all the other girls watching. Why? To be sure I could do it at all, and to see if the other chicks thought I was hot (being that most of them at the time were bi and frequently did shower dances together). I got two thumbs up from every chick there and started working there about a week later.


10-07-2002, 01:21 PM
Hey Adina. it is not uncommon not to audition. the clus in texas hire you based on how you look in your street clothes and will sometims call you in the office to lok at your body for excessive stretch marksor tattoos.

I personally hav gone hrough what you experienced as far as being told I will be called back or to call for my schedule and never receive a call or get told that there is no room fo me now, to check back in a month or so.

Don't wait for him to call you back. if it were me Iwould dress up in heels and a nice flattering outfit an×e¢ bac½2to the club in a week or so when he is there so he sees you are persistent. never put all your eggs in one basket in thi business. I believe you should get your hiring committment the night you are in the club.