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09-03-2002, 08:53 AM
HBO last night: "Live Nude Girls Unite", about the women who organized a union at the Lucky Lady in San Francisco. (Think: herding cats)

ANYWAY..... funny story from it. The woman who organized it is a lesbian, and her mother is a physician who was famoous for doing a LOT of work in the street with hookers and other women in the sex trade. HOWEVER, Mom didn't know her own daughter was a stripper! (Mom thought she was a writer). Daughter had no prob's telling her mother she was gay, but couldn't bring herself to tell mom she was a nude dancer!

ANYWAY, daughter gets a call from Mom one day that Mom is coming to VISIT. Whew.... daughter has to IMMEDIATLY clean up apartment -- it's loaded with stripper clothes, pictures, paraphenalia, etc.

Well, Mom shows up and the two of them go for a walk. As SOON as they walk out of the apartment, they walk straight into THREE other women who work at the Lucky Lady! Believe it or not, daughter doesn't know ANY of their real names! Daughter is totally mortified that she's going to have to introduce her mom to her good friends, "Cayenne, Vixen, and Octopussy!"

LOL, but Daughter starts out by saying, "HI EVERYONE! I want you to meet my MOTHER!!!" The other girls quickly read the situation, and start introducing themselves with their REAL names, and Mom comes away none-the-wiser!

Mom continues to stay in the dark about her daughter until both mother and daughter are invited to speak at the same conference, unknown to each other, about their experiences in the sex trade, and when they get there find each others names printed in the program!!!

09-03-2002, 11:16 AM
Hi susan,

Yes, I saw the program last night. Very interesting seeing how hard the dancers/strippers fault to unionize and faught for better working conditions. I couldn't believe how little these dancers got paid. I don't know if you remember the part where they talked about how starting pay was $10 an hour up to $15 an hour. WOW! Can you imagine if we made that little. Granted these girls were peep show strippers, not Lap Dance strippers, but still. I also got a little emotional when the daughter "Who was also the main person in the documentary", had to tell her mother that she was a stripper. She might as well had told her mom she was an ax murderer for as badly as the mom reacted. It was very sad. Her mom started yelling, "How can I be proud of you when you use your body instead of your mind to work". It still amazes me how main stream society feels and probably will always feel that sex workers don't use there minds. SO sad. That documentary just confirmed to me that I should always attempt to keep my life as a stripper/sex worker a secret from most of main stream society especially and including my family.