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08-10-2002, 05:13 AM
Hi Everyone. This is a great board with a lot of helpful information. I am really, really thinking about returning to dance. I did it for only a couple of weeks in FL about 5 years ago. So I would basically call myself a newbie.

I going to look at a topless/classy club. I am 28 years old. Heres the thing.... I read about grinding. And I question this.
1. Is grinding meaning to get more detailed, the guy not allowed to touch you but you standing with his leg between yours and then you partially moving your bott em on his leg? I know I sound dorky, I just need to know what's up. Is that kind a of illegal in some places? Where I danced, the girls carried little stand on platforms around, then basically did air dances. Are lap dances the girl putting her hands on the guys shoulders, but then the guys just allowed to touch your leg?

2. Do you pick out the songs in a special room? Or do you just dance in the main stage area to whatever song is playing?

3.Also, when you get off stage at topless clubs, do you get dressed again, ya know , instead of walking around in a G do you wear a little dress and G's and that is how you are dressed when you do lap dances?

4.I am in AZ and I know the guys can't touch you, nor guys put $$ in the G's or the garder belt. So do girls where little hip purses or how does one hold on to her money while working the room for private dances? As a dancer should you go back to your locker and keep locking out your money...or do you keep it on you at all times.

Sorry for all the questions, but I thank you all in advance for whatever advice you can offer me. ;D

08-10-2002, 07:01 AM
Hi Amy,

A lot of this stuff varies by state/county, and I don't know much about AZ. When I lived in Tucson, I went in a few clubs and decided it was worth driving to Vegas.

1. Grinding. Yeah, basically grinding is stimulating him with any part of your body. Most girls either sit on them facing them and grind (like a dry hump) or ass grind. In some states they can touch you, in some they can't. In AZ I beleive they can.

2. Usually you just dance to whatever the DJ's playing.

3. No, you wear your dress or whatever unless your on stage, or in some clubs you get topless in the VIP too.

4. My money is in direct contact with my skin at all times, wrapped around my garter and rubber banded. Some girls do carry purses. I'm not sure what they do in AZ.


08-10-2002, 02:00 PM
You need to go to the club you want to work at and see for yourself what their notion of lap "dancing" is. Take a male friend with you and buy him some time, main room AND "VIP/private" if they have that. It'll cost you, but it'll be hella cheaper than walking in to work blind.

We're required to have our butt and boobs covered on the floor. Butts covered is not an ABC requirement, but a club requirement. The nude clubs out here range from 30 chicks walking around totally naked all night to wraps and bikinis to gowns. Topless clubs, the only time your top comes off is on stage and 6 ft. away from customers. The club should tell you what is acceptable floor attire when you're circulating as well as dancing.

Stage music--you pick. If they pick, leave. Off-stage music--you don't pick and who cares anyway.

I have a TINY purse that is looped thru one of those squiggly wrist keychain things, but basically I cash out at the bar the minute I get done and stick everything but a few $ in my locker immediately after. Nobody steals or vandalizes. I've had customers hold my $ while dancing for them. If I forget to pack the purse I just use 2 thick rubber bands, fold everything lengthwise and twist it around my wrist.