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06-28-2002, 08:54 AM
A long question... sorry.

I've been in and out of stripping for 7 years, tho mostly out for the last few years. I've lived and danced in Alaska, Texas (the Men's Club), New Mexico, Vegas (Crazy Horse), and LA (SR Rialto and... was it Pomona? Right next to Clairmont? and the hostess clubs).

I never really worked at the top clubs, but I always was able to work at good enough clubs. I'm tall, with natural big boobs and natural wide hips, but I've always been in really good shape. I've always considered myself a 7 or a 8.

I've gotten kind of out of shape the last couple years. The last few months I've been dancing at a very comfy little neighborhood bar in WV and getting back in shape. I like it there, but the money isn't that great, at least not like Vegas and Houston were. So I'd been planning, after I finish buying my house, to stop working there and travel one week a month.

So, the other day, I went and auditioned at one of the "good" clubs here in Pittsburgh (tho I don't want to work here - the level of physical contact on stage makes me nervous). And they didn't want me. Actually, what they said was they had too many girls and come back in two weeks. Which is just a nice way of saying they don't want me.

So now I'm tripping out. Am I going to go on the road and not be able to get any good clubs to let me work? Or not make enough money for it to be worth it?

I have a pretty face, good hair (auburn), flat stomach with a six pack, real boobs that don't stand up like grapefruits, and not much of an ass.

What do you think, ladies? Should I try it anyways? Is there a particular club/city I should start with? If I'm going to travel I don't want to average less than 7 bills a night... should I just give it up and stay here?


06-28-2002, 08:24 PM
That's a tough one. The club where you auditioned could have a surplus of girls right now. The market isn't very good for us in general, so many clubs will be more strict in hiring. I'm sure you will be able to work in plenty of good clubs around the country, but I honestly don't know where you can bet on averaging that kind of money every night. Vegas could be possible, but from what I hear, the business there still hasn't gotten back to anywhere near normal. When I left there, it was tough to even make house fees some nights. Texas has always been fairly steady, but right now I wouldn't put any guarantees on the money here. You might look up some booking agents - they may be able to put you into some places where you can travel and make good money. I have been considering that myself for some scenery changes and extra $$$.