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12-27-2003, 01:23 AM
Well, we've gotten the Club Directory to the alpha phase. Please feel free try it out - but don't submit errors yet - we know there are many bugs and incomplete features. Once we reach the Beta phase we will take posts on errors.

Right now you can enter countries, states, cities, and get club details. Reviews are still being worked on as are all other features...we suggest only getting club details.

GirlFriday has added and verified MOST of the international clubs - she's just started on the US clubs and I'm re-coding the administration script, so don't expect many details on them yet (don't worry though, we have about 3000 US clubs total - I'm guessing a few weeks till they're all available).

If you'd like to see what most of the clubs will eventually look like you can view our demo club at http://www.stripperweb.com/clubs/index.php?club_id=2591

http://www.stripperweb.com/clubs/index.php?country=US;state=California;city=City%20 of%20Industry shows what the club listings will look like.

http://www.stripperweb.com/clubs/index.php?country=TH;state=Thailand;city=Bangkok is another good club listing to check out. Notice the different club types (from the icons - descriptions will be added later, for now if you hold your mouse over the pictures, it will explain what type of dancers and customers are welcome).

Finally if you wanna play with the sorting feature, check out the club listing at http://www.stripperweb.com/clubs/index.php?country=US;state=Puerto%20Rico;city=San% 20Juan

What's to be added? A search that will take your zipcode (maybe city & state) and show you the closest clubs - also search by club name. Reviews & ratings for dancers and customers. Adding new clubs. Top clubs (according to Customers), Top clubs (according to Dancers). Notification (so you know when a review is submitted about your favorite clubs). Recent reviews. Reviews by user. Club schedule - so you can see who's working what days. And a few things I can't remember off-hand.

Again, don't report errors yet - I'll change the title to include "beta" when we're ready for error reports.

Go head and leave simple feedback on desired features and what you think about what we've got so far. ;)


01-03-2004, 12:33 PM
The format is fine. The ratings are incomprehensible from dancers and customers.
I know you are trying for some visual graphic that also displays some information,
but I would try again on the make up of the visual.

01-05-2004, 11:00 PM
Just as an update, the system now allows members to add clubs (please wait though till we make the announcement that we are ready [to avoid duplicates]), update club info, and we've added hundreds of clubs in the following states: Alabama, Alaska, Arizona, Arkansas, California, Colorado, Connecticut, Delaware, Florida (will be completed tonight).

We're guessing about 7 - 10 days till all the clubs we have on file are verified and added to the directory and most features are functioning.

We'll keep ya'll posted.

Niceguy -> I'll eventually change the "no ratings" graphic.

01-06-2004, 07:44 PM
Today GF added 274 clubs in the following states (they're now complete): Georgia, Guam, Hawaii, Idaho, Illinois, and Indiana.

And before the night is over, I plan to have reviews working.

01-07-2004, 03:25 AM
Reviews are working mostly...I've gotta sleep.

For a dancers sample, check http://www.stripperweb.com/clubs/index.php?action=reviews_performer;club_id=2591

For a customers sample, check http://www.stripperweb.com/clubs/index.php?action=reviews_customer;club_id=2591 (check the second post, it has more info ;))

I think by Thursday we'll be taking reviews :D

01-11-2004, 12:18 PM
I looked at the suggested information you are trying to gather on each club.
You really have the chance here to be different and still gather subjective comments
about clubs. I strongly suggest a factual area on the club itself and then keep the
subjective toggle "sliders". Examples: How many bars? How many SF in club?
How many levels? How many stages? Are any of the bars doubling as stages?
(An outdated concept that interferes with drink sales.) Valet or self park?
Is parking lot size adequate. For instance number of total SF divided by number of total parking spaces would produce a parking ration. About 3.0 would be barely minimum. Shopping centers use 5.5 spaces per 1000 S.F. of square footage area
not counting mall area if any. Drink cost? (Beer wine? soda? house coctail?
brand name cocktail?) A box to check if this is actuall a strip club or somkething else. (I'll expalin that a bit futher down in this write up.) Dj booth? VIP rooms
(Then ask if communal lounge or private rooms) There are table dances
(on top of tables) and tableside dances. nude not nude? topless or pastie?
drink license or "dry?" Operating hours days open and is there a restuarant?
Then do the subjective thing, and perhaps use database masks or input templates
to gather the subjective info.

Finally I note you aren't ready to do Oregon yet. Portland Oregon has the most
strip clubs per capita of any area in the US and perhaps world. About half of them aren't strip clubs but seem to classify as such, instead of massage parlors.

Also suggest that there be a way of sorting out the parlors from the club class of reporting. Also the Portland clubs change names about every month further
creating confusion. The strip club market there would actually be a great magazine story for playboy or something because there are so many of them in one city.

I guess you should leave the factual data as a toggle on field because many
reviewers just want to vent and won't think to gather the data. But gathering the data on the club itself would be most interesting and I think would let you know how though the thinking process of the reviewer is. Actually the format looks good.

There actually is an industry that tries to value the club real estate and equipment and the ongoing business value (if any) of an operating club. Tiy could become a
initial reference source.

01-14-2004, 12:14 AM
We're calling it an early night!!! :D

GF has finished verifying all 6,000+ clubs we had to go through. How many survived? 4,583 worldwide, with 2,599 US - not a bad starting point.

The zipcode search/locator is working well and almost done. The system is ready for reviews and club additions (feel free ;)). I'd guess by next week almost everything will be functional.


01-18-2004, 08:38 AM
What a great idea..sooo helpful..I am in maine..i did notice that one of the oldest clubs here was missing from the list..La casa De Fiesta..they surprisingly have a website. I have worked there..money can be good and really really bad..depending on what time of year it is..and whos running it at the moment(drama between family who own it). You have to hustle drinks..yuck..10 drinks a night..and if you don't make the minimum sale..you owe the club at the end of the week $5 piece for drinks you didn't sell..&*(^%(^% that!! Here is the site www.clublacasa.com. The club is nice..cleaned every night. But like i said money can be good or bad and the drink sales..Clientelle are hicks, many vacationers, their is a hotel on the premises also... Stage dancing, Lap dancing..no vip room.. full bar...The amount of dancers varies to 3-4 during the week and up to 9 on the weekends. The other clubs listed Josephs..Maine finally closed it down a while ago. Nichelodeon, Diconzo's and Steppin Out..are actually bars that allow a dancer agency "Bodies In Motion" to come dance at their establishments once a week. They rotate i guess..so I don't think that an independant dancer could just show up and work at these places..a dancer would have to join "Bodies in Motion" to do it. Sorry for the lengthy post..I just wouldn't want some girl to come to maine thinking that these were real clubs..when actually they are just regular bars. I will tell you that this mess is typical Maine BS and knowone would know unless you live here.... Maine is working on getting rid of ALL stripclubs. There are really only 3 left. Divas(bikini club), Platinum Plus, and La Casa.....Thats Pathetic. Thanks for reading my ranting.