View Full Version : How 'Bout Some Karaoke?

01-27-2004, 11:20 PM
I don't mean to sound like a dork, but I sing a lot of songs by bands that dancers strip to-- Disturbed, POD, Chevelle, Tool, APC, Korn, list goes on. I've had some girls come up to me and say "Wow! I feel like I'm at the club!" A couple of girls have "outted" themsleves on the pole at one club where I sing karaoke-- believe me it was not built for that! It's kind of flattering, I have to admit. I can't think of anything better than strippers dancing while I'm singing!

Question: What do any of you think about the combination of karaoke and stripping? Of course there would only be good singers who really nail the songs and it would be done in a way that would not interfere with what you're doing. Dancers decide if they want to strip to a live singer. Just an idea I'm thinking about shopping around. It would be an occassional event for a Monday or Tuesday, or maybe a couple of 10-song karaoke kamikazes during the night. Okay, so it's not the real band, but... would you even show up for work that night? ;) Houston is karaoke and strip crazy. I cant' think of a better place to do it.