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01-29-2004, 06:30 PM
Has anybody heard the Darkness, or seen their video for "I Believe In A Thing Called Love?" I just love these guys.

01-30-2004, 03:50 AM
wow you heard about them in the states already...

They are from the UK came out last year but doing very well here.


Susan Wayward
01-30-2004, 08:03 AM
They're terrific stripper music! I saw them last year and could not stop laughing throughout their entire set. I am all in favor of the Darkness being the new hot stripper music.

01-30-2004, 09:59 AM
Yeah, they really make me laugh. I love high camp like that...makes me want to go to their concert and flash my tits at them!

01-30-2004, 12:27 PM
he riminds me of tiny tim

01-31-2004, 08:46 PM
Lol. I love these guys! I like it when he says youuuuuu hoooooo. So cool. The song has a great beat, fun, witty, just different.

It's refreshing for a change.


02-09-2004, 03:04 PM
ok I have finally heard the darkness and I have to say...Love the music!

02-10-2004, 05:17 AM
My dad is crazy about The Darkness! I love them too, they are quite fresh, have a good selling point and I love the lead's vocals! In a way, they seem kind of Queen-inspired. I love that, very cool!

02-20-2004, 07:44 AM
I love The Darkness but does anyone else feel they are a little too Queen inspired? The video for I Believe In A Thing Called Love reminds me of Queen's Bohemian Rhapsody.


02-20-2004, 07:50 AM
BTW, what other songs by then are dance-able?


02-20-2004, 08:57 AM
Shayden first i think it's his teeth, Freddie Mercury of Queen had the same thing going on! And he dresses like 80's which makes him funny silly, and he moves like Freddie. Funny thing he even can sound like him at times....And i as well mentioned this to a friend! I loved Queen very much, when Freddie died i was very depressed. What a group!

This guy is a ball of energy, different, as was freddie (gay don't know or care.) But i like him alot!


02-20-2004, 09:12 AM
Here are alot of pictures of Queen/Freddie. Singer from darkness acts and looks alot at times like Freddie. ENERGY too! I think this is a good thing. Queen was well loved. And this Darkness band is high on thr charts at the moment! More power to them!