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08-19-2004, 02:38 PM
Three years ago, this October, SW was founded as a place for Exotic Dancers to share advice and support. Since that time we have, with the help of generous donors and moderators, provided an informative, fun, honest, and friendly environment (well, we try ;)) for free.

As we've mentioned before, we can no longer afford the costs of running site - nor spend the time it takes to develop the site without receiving income from it. In keeping with the community's value of free information and advice - we have contacted sponsors to keep the site open to the public!

We have carefully selected sponsors who sell quality products or services to dancers - additionally, we've told them that they must maintain a reasonable level of customer service if they wish to continue advertising here. We will not allow pop-ups, overly flashy ads, nor will we crowd the screen with too many ads.

We've done this to ensure that you'll be happy and proud to support the sponsors who keep this resource open. We've expressed to sponsors that our site is for exotic dancers first and foremost and that we are committed to the community. They support the idea of a strong dancer community and are literally putting money where their mouths are. As long as the community supports sponsors, they will continue to support the community. So if you're in the market for what they offer - give them a chance to deliver! ;D

For those members who prefer to pay themselves for private, ad-free boards, we will be offering upgraded accounts with extra features in the near future (a few months). Again, thanks to our sponsors - we will be able to afford the software and time to make these changes happen.

Lastly, the current software that SW runs on is no longer being developed. This means no more updates, bug fixes, or new features that aren't personally developed by yours truly. That is not acceptable - as technology improves so should the boards, its features, etc. So, we are going to migrate yet again. Until now, due to a lack of funds and time, we've been using a free board that I've customized to fit the site.

With the help from our sponsors over the course of the next few months, GirlFriday and I will have the time and money to migrate everything to a better commercial product. This board looks to have a long future and is currently being used by several other large communities. The move will take a while though - because many of the features we have here are not supported by the new board and will have to be re-coded by myself. Also the move itself will not be exactly smooth...though, in the long run the software and features will be more stable. We will do our best to keep the "SW feel".

The new board will provide:

A better user control panel
A better ignore user function
Better event & calendar system
Buddy lists
Member groups
The ability for members to have their own personal web-page
Personal galleries
A better "report to moderator"
Spell check
FAQ's on how to use the site
Better introductions for new members
A way to identify dancers and non-dancers
User selectable templates (pink will default, if you want another design, you can select it)
Option of an advanced editor (for those familiar with word)
The ability to browse, post, and check PMs from your cell phone
A better search engine
When you upload an avatar, it won't be selectable by everyone else
When you upload a new avatar - your old one is thrown away
Searchable members list
Better email privacy
Better attachment system that fits images to the forum, automatically makes thumbnails, and allows for multiple images
And more...

The point of all of this? We just want to keep you updated on the changes we're making to keep this community strong, positive, and growing. We're doing the work - but the donors and sponsors make it all possible. Don't be afraid to show 'em love! ;)

FYI - The first sponsor will be choosen 8/22. By 8/23 their ad should be running.

Take care,