09-16-2004, 11:43 PM
Adult Star Resources is growing and wants to expand. We are looking for a forth person to work 8 hours a month at $15 per hour PLUS a FREE performer website. Benefits include flexible hours and access and use of high end website development tools for your site. The job involves doing proofreading, generating ideas for useful resources and content for a erotic dancer and entertainer resource website; and calling prespective customers about club or dancer web deign, and marketing comp card design. Applicants can be a retired or current club dancer or adult entertainer. Business, Art or photography education or experience a plus. Please take note that this is a mainstream part-time job, you WILL NOT be asked to model or pose nude. This is a great job for someone who plans to keep dancing at their current club, but also wants a business skills job for their resume. If child care is an issue, we maybe able to work around those needs. Adult Star Resources/AQC Graphics are home-based businesses consisting of one male and 2 female associates. 2 people handle our mainstream AQC Graphics' line, and 2 people deal with adult oriented products. We are located in Chicago, IL. - Lincoln Park area. Send resume to: [email protected] (preferred) or 312-643-0164.

11-17-2004, 09:56 AM
Hi, I was wondering if people in the industry had any suggestions about how to market this job better?

Candy Apple
11-23-2004, 06:31 PM
Hi, I was wondering if people in the industry had any suggestions about how to market this job better?
Of course this is just my opinion, but I don't think many people with club dancing experience are going to jump up and down for $150 per month. I understand the free resources you have listed but most dancers already have access to those things. When I read it, it just seemed like it would be a bit of an inconvenience for that amount of money, when most dancers can double that in one shift. The position would probably be better suited for a retired dancer, etc.

11-23-2004, 07:11 PM
I'm not sure I see the mandatory connection of having to have a dancer do this work. Just hire an expert in marketing or a web marketing firm that can do this for you more efficiently. If you want a few pointers, just email me.

11-24-2004, 10:33 AM
Thank you for your comments. I have lots of ideas, but very limited funds. A retired adult industry person would be perfect. Just need a person who knows the industry, and is cool with adult material.

12-12-2004, 02:39 PM
well i am a dancer now and i would have to do that part time when i am off.i work during the days.i am near south of chicago.