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03-10-2003, 12:03 PM

Two women...

Two beautiful women...

Two beautiful women writhing around half-naked (or in some cases fully nude)...

Two beautiful women writhing around half-naked/nude on you...

...that is what dreams are made of...or are they?

I typically turn down the chance to have two women dance for me at the same time mainly because it can be a serious drain on your wallet. Whereas dances may only cost $20 per song with one girl, with two girls you pay $40 per song...a once nice and heavy wallet can turn into a pathetic, lonely, and light wallet.

I remember one Saturday night last Labor Day weekend at Treasures in Houston. These two super hot dancers came and sat with me in my booth, one on each side. They were the stuff of Playboy!! But they would only dance together, and something about them screamed "Money Hungry!!" to me. My worst fears were realized when I turned them down by saying, "I'm sorry. I don't do two women at one time. It's too much of a drain on my wallet." One of the dancers, a blonde, who tilted her head to the side with a little giggle, said "well, you can always use your credit card to pay for dances." I kicked them out of my booth so fast I don't think they knew what hit them!!

But I have had some nice experiences having two girls dance for me at the same time, and I plan to share these. Feel free to add your own experiences. By the way, sorry this is so long, but I've decided to stop going to strip clubs for a while and in my spare time, I write!

MĂ©nage a Trois #1 (PG)
This was very early on in my GC career about three years ago. One dancer was black, and the other was white. They were very good friends, but it was quite obvious their friendship wasn't THAT good if you know what I mean. They were very uncoordinated and kept bumping into each other, hitting each other in the head with their legs, etc. It wasn't exactly money well spent and didn't keep my hopes alive for some hot doubles dancing in the future.

MĂ©nage a Trois #2 (PG-13)
I spent most of the Summer of 2000 doing "field research" for my brother's 21st birthday which was coming up in early August of that year. I had also entered into a serious relationship with a dancer at The Yellow Rose. She was very cool with me still going into strip clubs while we were seeing each other although she didn't like me spending large sums of money (I was spending upwards of $1000-$1500 a month on multiple visits per week to Joy and YR at the time). She pretty much helped me decide to pick YR as a place for my brother's 21st birthday. My brother's b-day was going to be on a Sunday night so in the weeks leading up to that day, I spent every Sunday night at YR getting to know the girls, etc. One of those was a thin, waifish, petite brunette named Abby...a junior journalism major at the University of Texas. She was cute, and while I don't normally like waifish girls, she really struck something within me. Abby also had a drop dead gorgeous friend named Odyssey who was a bit curvier and bustier.

One night I had Abby sitting with me. She turns to me and says, "how about getting dances from Odyssey and me at the same time?" "No problem," I say. This should be interesting. The DJ announces 2-for-1 songs at that point so I'm liking the idea even better...instead of $40 per song, I'd only be paying $20. So they start dancing for me, and it's quite obvious that they are very good friends. Everything is cool, the bumps on the head are minimal, and all three of us are having fun (these girls were "tame" dancers so there wasn't any kind of high contact by me onto them or vice versa...I was fine with that at the time). Near the end of the two songs, Odyssey is sitting on me pretty much mimicking my position. In other words, her back is pressed against my chest, and her legs are on top of mine which are spread wide in my chair in the typical PL position. Cute little Abby on the other hand is standing in front of us and just pumping away between Odyssey's legs as if she were screwing her. It was a sight to see. When the song was done, I looked around to find that my chair had moved backwards about six feet, and everybody on that upper area near the main stage was staring at us. I was amazed that cute, little 85 pound Abby had the force to move Odyssey, me (I'm a pretty heavy guy), AND the chair backwards like that especially since the chair did NOT have wheels! Oh, my!! She was really pumping hard. I wonder what happened after hours...if anything.

That was a fun two-girl dance!

MĂ©nage a Trois #3 (R)
Last year around this time I did a tri-city tour (or quad-city if you include a brief pitstop back in Austin). I started in Houston one Sunday night visiting St. James, Houston Dolls, and Treasures. The next day I drove up to the University of North Texas in Denton 30 miles north of Dallas and spent four days, one of which was spent at Baby Dolls in Ft. Worth (BDFW). I came back to Austin and visited with Bridgette at Joy, and then went to Atlanta for the Men's Final Four where I visited The Pink Pony.

But this story is about what happened at BDFW...

I walked in on a Wednesday afternoon and spent most of the afternoon with one really cool dancer. Unfortunately I forget her name. She was drinking pretty hard though, and she left me for one of her regulars around mid-afternoon.

After she left, I had a hard time trying to find a dancer to get some dances. It was almost time for me to leave, and I still had a pretty heavy wallet. So I sat near the entrance to the dressing room hoping to "catch" one of the next girls to come out. I was in luck...these two girls, one a blonde the other a brunette, walk out of the dressing room together. Both are really hot, petite, and all natural. Most of the seats at BDFW are bar stools so you're already pretty high up on the ground. The blonde sees me, whispers to her brunette friend, and comes up to me positioning herself right in between my legs. In a low, incredibly sensual voice she says, "Hi, handsome...what's your name?" I gulp and barely whisper my name back, "Ed." She puts her hand on my crotch, starts rubbing me and says, "Hmm...is Mr. Ed ready to play?" Oh, HELL YEAH!!

There really isn't a formal area for dances at BDFW...no couches, no real special chairs. You just grab a chair and get dances in the far corners of the room. The corner I was in, as I stated earlier, was right near the entrance to the dancers' dressing room so there was a lot of traffic through that area by dancers AND managers...but the managers didn't really seem to care what was going on in the corner. The girls lead me over to a chair and had me sit down. Each dancer sits on one of my legs, and we chat a little while the song that's playing is winding down. As soon as the next song started, that's where things heated up.

Again, these girls were very familiar with each other and very coordinated. Not too mention they were up to all sorts of naughtiness with themselves and me. Lots of mutually gratifying contact ensued...lots of kissing, lots of playful biting, lots of...well, use your imagination. No extras of course; the action was hot enough without that...especially the kissing...I love kissing...it's my weakness...luckily not too many dancers are comfortable with it, but the ones that do can have the key to my wallet!!! It was a good time, and I certainly enjoyed their company.

Now we get to the NC-17 stories. Feel free to skip over these if it offends you. Unfortunately these weren't experiences that happened directly to me, but I was part of them in a small way.

MĂ©nage a Trois #4 (NC-17)
Last Fall, a group of us would get together at our favorite club for Monday Night Football. The club featured $1.75 beers, $1 hamburgers, and $10 dances all throughout the MNF game. There were some nights that were really ho-hum, and some nights where things got really wild. Both of these next two stories are of nights where things got a bit out of hand...but in a good way.

One night, there are four of us at Joy as part of the MNF Brew Crew. Two of us are sitting in VIP Booth #1 and the other two are sitting in chairs across from us. That night we noticed this super hot blonde dancer who I've called Super Hottie Blondie (SHB). Turns out she was 18 years old and that was only her 2nd night dancing. Woo hoo! A newbie!! Sitting with us earlier in the night is this Brazilian Chick who has been at Joy for a long time...several years in fact. She has a really nice body, and the face is average. I've nicknamed her Crazy Bi Chick (CBC). If you met her, then you would know what I mean by crazy!! She has a good friend I've nicknamed Hardcore Lesbian (HL) because that's what she is. Don't get any ideas about her being hot though...she has leathery skin from too much time tanning, and her voice is so scratchy and raspy, I'm convinced that she's been smoking since the age of five.

So we call over SHB, and she sits with me in the booth. CBC is sitting with my buddy next to me, and wouldn't you know it, she's pretty hot for SHB also! SHB starts dancing for me, and for a newbie dancer I'm pretty impressed. I'll admit to being naughty myself, and I notice that she's become very wet incredibly quickly. Wow! I was pretty happy the way things were going, but I decide to stop and let her dance for my friend next to me while CBC dances for me. After a couple of dances, I excuse myself to go to the little boy's room.

When I get back, my buddy is sitting in the middle of the VIP booth getting doubles dances from CBC and SHB. HL is sitting on one of my other friends' lap blocking the view of what's going on inside the booth since there were fingers, tongues, etc., going everywhere. CBC REALLY liked SHB!!! Finally, at the end of a song, CBC stands up, grabs SHB, and says, "Excuse us, guys!" and leads SHB back into the dressing room. Now obviously I can't say for certain what happened in there, but as the story goes there was some hot girl-girl action mainly with CBC on SHB. Then, when CBC was done, HL walked in, told SHB to stay where she was, and SHE had her way with SHB. Oh, what a night!!! I almost felt sorry for SHB since here she was as a newbie dancer being completely corrupted by two veteran dancers.

By the way, any ASPDers reading this site...this was the same night that "The HEB Story" took place.

MĂ©nage a Trois #5 (NC-17)
I know this story really doesn't have any kind of doubles dancing in it, but it involves two girls so I'm going to include it anyway.

A few weeks after story #4, I was sitting with a different group of guys in VIP on a Monday night. This time we had to use VIP Booth #2 because #1 was being occupied by an older gentleman sitting with some blonde I'd never seen before. I guess this guy had asked for another dancer because my red-headed kryptonite's sister, KS, (a tall, slender totally hot brunette) comes over to dance for him also. Not to be outdone when two girls are around, here comes CBC to sit in the booth with them. I can see all this because the VIP area at Joy has mirrors in the ceiling, and you can pretty much see what's going on in any of the four booths...and believe me, sometimes you really DON'T want to see what's going on sometimes.

Once again, I find the need to use the lavatory, and when I come back, I notice that KS is sitting in a chair looking into Booth #1 crouched down, and guess who has her face dug in between her legs? CBC! That girl just doesn't know the word "discretion" and "privacy". I'm standing there just watching with an amazing amount of interest until I look up and see the dirty look I'm getting from the guy in the booth. I say, "All right, you're paying for it, your show." I have to turn my back onto the action to squeeze back into my own booth since there were a lot of people in that area. As I pass near KS, she suddenly reaches up underneath my legs from behind me, and grabs my crotch. Ouch, oh wait, hmmmm! THAT was a bit unexpected, and I turn to her and say, "All right, I won't go away just yet." I move back out, grab a chair and sit behind her kissing and massaging her shoulders, kissing her neck (her and her sister have really long necks which I absolutely love), and in between squeals I lightly kiss her on the lips.

Oh, yeah, did I mention that Kryptonite's Sister is a squealer? Oh, yeah! CBC is just going to town in between her legs, and every now and then, KS would let out a squeal...sometimes a really loud squeal. Eventually the night time manager who I've nicknamed Hannibal Hector (that's not a misspelling...his name is Hector) comes over and says, "What's going on here?" KS immediately straightens up in her chair, and CBC stands up and says, "I was giving her a gynecological exam." Of course, it wasn't that simple...just think of a woman with a really heavy Brazilian accent trying to spit out the word "gynecological"! Hector simply said, "behave" looking directly at CBC and then walked away. Unfortunately that was the end of the "festivities."

After these last two experiences I've often wondered...you know how much dancers hate being hit on by male customers, DJ's, bartenders, etc....so what do they think about being hit on by other dancers or female customers? Might be worth starting a new thread on that very subject over on the pink site.

So anybody else want to share some doubles dancing experiences?

03-10-2003, 12:55 PM
What a great set of stories. I think squealer is my favorite charcter 8)

03-10-2003, 01:43 PM
So anybody else want to share some doubles dancing experiences?
Wish I had one. There's barely enough room on my boney lap for one girl.

Great stories though. ;D

03-10-2003, 01:43 PM
I’m not as experienced with doubles as Aggieed and not creative a writer but:

MĂ©nage a Trios #1
I took two ladies into the VIP for a half hour of fun. They were definitely girl friends and spent most of the time pleasuring each other. Of course they let me in on some of the fun. They each had just gotten new clit rings, were quite proud of them and of course had to show me. One of them was a “screamer” and I was expecting the bouncer to break it up at any moment. He never came, but she did. ;)

MĂ©nage a Trios #2
This time two ladies in a private lap dance room. After they danced 2 songs for me, one lady lay in my lap with her back on my chest and her head on my shoulder. She began kissing my neck and ear while lady #2 knelt on the floor and began to pleasure her. No screamer this time so the only one who came was the lady in my lap. What an experience. The best thing was, they enjoyed it some much, I only paid for one lady. What a bargain. ;D

03-10-2003, 07:18 PM
:( Nothing like that is allowed to happen at any of the clubs here on the Gold Coast... it is all too open. I guess you could get some of that action at Club Dynasty as it is the only strip club with booths... all the rest are seated areas.

Never had it happen to me however I've been part of two private shows which involved some (ok mild) girl-girl action. I didn't mind them ;D

Unfortunately, :( I'm still trying to figure out who my "double" partner would be at the club I'm at...

03-11-2003, 12:04 AM
Well, some of the situations are a bit extreme. I wouldn't think that every time a guy gets a dance from two women at the same time that they're just going to go crazy nuts over each other, rip their clothes off, etc. My point was basically that "double" dances can be fun IF the dancers involved are really good friends or just simply really "in" to each other.

03-11-2003, 02:26 AM
My point was basically that "double" dances can be fun IF the dancers involved are really good friends or just simply really "in" to each other.

I DID get back-to-back dances from sisters once (not twins unfortunately). I'm not sure whether or not that I'd want to see those two get "in" to each other. Thats kind of the stuff of Jerry Springer episodes! :-/

03-11-2003, 10:44 AM
I've had two or more girls dance for me, not in privates, but right on stage, at a club in Moca, PR, which is now a gay club :'( >:(. Both times I'd sit right in front of the pole and the girls would make me drink from a tequila bottle while they took turns lapdancing me. On one occasion three girls did the trick. One of them had a really long nail on her hand. I did not realize she had torn my underwear (because I still had the elastic) till I went to the bathroom and then realized all the cloth that was supposed to cover my butt had settled to close to my crotch! ;D

04-12-2003, 07:26 AM
I recently had the ultimate in a two dancer experience.

Sat with two dancers in a club. Had a drink and talked for awhile, they were sexy and a lot of fun. We moved to the back couches for a couple of Ld's. They took turns for 3 songs each. ($10 dollar laps, Lover would have been proud LOL)

After some conversation, They learned that I was staying in a hotel near where they both lived (a 40 minute drive away from the club) They told me that things were real slow in the club that night and would I mind if we left early and they followed me to my room to hang out and dance for me. I gave it some thought (1.5 seconds) ... Hmmmm OK.

They danced, alternating songs and sometime together... it was heaven :)

The only thing that sucked was that the only music we had was from the little bedside clock/radio LOL Next time I'm brining a portable CD player. The questions is, how the hell am I going to get it through security at the airport? LOL

04-12-2003, 01:16 PM
GEEZ Chuck,
I did'nt know you could get dancers to-go at the club ;D

04-12-2003, 06:12 PM
Chuck, one option would be to buy a personal CD player (not a boom-box) and some mini-speakers.

Or, you could ask the ladies to bring the tunes next time.

04-16-2003, 08:29 AM
I'm negotiating a VIP session with a hot dancer when she remembers promising to dance for a female customer. "You wanna watch?" she says. The dancer brings back a beautiful young girl who had walked in with two guy buddies. One look and I pay for the dance. The girl pulls up her mini-skirt and she's completely shaved with no panties. She pulls up her top and shows me a perfect pair of C boobs with puffy nipples. The dancer goes down on her for real and she's on the edge but too apprehensive.... After the dance I said, "Nice meeting you. I have to go upstairs now." The girl asks, "Can I come with you and watch?" No extra charge, so what the hey.... Nude dancer, willing girl, 30 minutes and no supervision add up to lots of fun. The dancer is on us both simultaneously when the girl smiles shyly and says this is the first time another girl ever made her come. It was the passive innocence that blew me away.