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02-12-2003, 03:55 PM
Well the thread about first time advice started me to think just how much money would I bring to enjoy a great experience at a strip club. Things are different for group VS solo trips. So let me start with the group trip.

Take 10 and put in glove box for emergency money on trip home, "alanna move", 10 bucks to get in the door, 20 bucks in the drink fund, 20 bucks in the table dance fund. 60 bucks in the lapper fund. 20 in the stage tip fund. Total = $180.00 Well what will that look like going down. Well we are usually at least 3 to our group, so that will get us in the door, a pool of 60 bucks to buy our drinks and dancer drinks out of. 3 girls each at the rail (2 dollars per song, 3 song sets). Note the purpose is to have up close fun, cheer the ladies on and of course figure out who we want to have for a table dance, 6 x$10 table dances to check the girls out. note each guys to pick 2, unless he gets a ringer. The ringer rule is a girl not spotted by anyone else in the group, but yet everone at the table gets at least one lapper from her. This allows this person to claim victory and gets to control the table dance fund. of course that leaves 3 lap dances. I usually go one lap dance with one girl and 2 with another. So I go for the ringer early and the girls have fun once they know our rule. They make 10 for the table dance, and 2 laps from me and at least one per other guy, all in a row. Plus a drink, so that is 90 bucks, usually end up spending another table dance to get that last guy to fall. So that is a 100 bucks for the lady. And a ton of fun for Real Guy. Note 180 is a good number, but most likey we will each have a total of 200 because that is what the ATM gives us. This is high and we are talking middle of the road club.

Solo trip - "10 Alanna move" 10 bucks at the door, 20 at the rail, 20 drinks, 40 for laps. Total 100 bucks. This is thin. For my taste 120 to 140. Note if alone I pay 10 bucks and a drink to a couple of ladies if they want to sit down and have a drink. This still doesn't go very far. But then I usually only hang out for an hour.

So it has been fun to think about what are good limits and how far will they go. If I only had 50 bucks in my pocket to go. Then I'd go to a non upscale club to save the door fee, only one lap and rest dancer drinks and at the rail. So you can have fun no matter what. The 50 dollars really goes farther if you get large group together.

We usually go once a month as a group, If we get 6 people in the group it is really a fun night. Most of the girls have found out about our ringer rule so if they see 6, boy it gets fun. Plus it really puts high stakes at the table. Always a good laugh going around.

Oh yeah bonus rule, first person to get a dancer to rub is head, shoulder, or back for at least 10 minutes, gets a free lap from each of the others. No I got a headach routine either. Yes this happens cause the dancers know what is up and it could mean 100 buks if their is six. It gets funny cause we all have to agree on the start time. Plus sometimes the dancer will switch to another person after a couple of minutes just based on the converstaion.

Just have a Real GOOD time! RG

02-12-2003, 11:59 PM
See up here in NJ, unless it is a nude club which always have cover charges, there usually isnt a cover charge. And the one bar that does charge a cover only charges $5.00. So things are different in different parts of the country. $50.00 can go a good distance here, unless you will be doing lots of dances. Most of the time I am not in any mood for dances so I will only do the dollar tip thing at the bar. Once again, that doesnt cost a fortune. There are lots of options for people!

02-14-2003, 10:30 AM
It's acceptable for regular weekly club customers to not have to buy laps everytime they go. But if your a monthly visitor w/ a fave you're trying to impress... then it's best to roll with the benjamins. I'm a weekly club regular at a topless club, and my friends and i probably spend $50 per visit, which is about 200 per month.