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11-25-2002, 03:28 PM
Since stripclublist has gotten trivial by the restrictions, lets start posting here.

Repost of linup, Amanda is sick, Yvonne out Wed, Skyler in Mon-Wed



-------- THURS 11/28----------------------------------------- WE ARE CLOSED. HAPPY THANKSGIVING.------------------------------
FRI 11/29------------------------------------------------------- CHANNEL,COURTNEY,NIKKIE,AMANDA,MAGGIE,PRISCILLA,SI MONE,SASHA,GABRIELLE,ALEXA,JILLIAN-----------

--------------------------------- SAT 11/30-------------------------CHANNEL,COURTNEY,PRESIOUS,NIKKIE,AMANDA,SIMONE,SAS HA,ALEXA,JILLIAN,SHAWNA,GIA

11-25-2002, 04:00 PM
Student, is that the same Courtney from DD? I have never been to GGR. Is it really better than DD? Eh, maybe one day I will visit it, I'm too hooked on the DD right now.

11-26-2002, 02:46 AM
Who can I get the most mileage from in the lapdanes? Details please---much appreciated.

Thanks !!

11-26-2002, 12:17 PM
Student or anybody with an opion how is mia in the ld room.

11-26-2002, 02:37 PM
:D :o 8) ::) :-X :'( :-/
You Can Probably get the most leverage with Misty in the Ld room but you always have to wait a long time when she is there.....

11-27-2002, 01:55 AM
GGR dances and dancer attitudes are both excellent. Great lineup this week. Vito - different Courtney, worth getting to know. DD is a good club. GGR has its foibles. Some are turned off by the decor or "open" dances, otherwise one of the best. I'd love to stop at both for the DD party on the 27th, but after GGR its enough.

11-27-2002, 03:12 AM
Has anyone seen Morgan ? She used to dance at ggr.

11-27-2002, 04:03 PM
can anyone explain what exactly Misty does in the vip room that has guys waiting in line?

11-29-2002, 06:45 PM
Morgan is up at Stiletto Nanuet. Going out of town for a while, will be back. Misty is in touch with her sensuality and enjoys her work. Sweetie too.

12-02-2002, 03:40 PM
MON 12/2

TUES 12/3

WED 12/4

THURS. 12/5

FRI 12/6

SAT 12/7

12-07-2002, 03:15 PM
mon 12/9
zoe(nj), yvonne, baily, meme, corina, tia, natalie, nikki(fl), vanessa, maxie, coco
tues 12/10
zoe(nj), princess, yvonne, nikki, baily, gabrielle, meme, corina, gianna, natalie, layla
wed 12/11
tracey, zoe, princess, yvonne, misty, nikki, baily, robin, meme, natalie, layla
thur 12/12
k.c., princess, yvonne, priscilla, baily, robin, gabrielle, meme, natalie, carlie, layla
fri 12/13
akira, k.c., princess, priscilla, gabrielle, candy, natalie, monica, jessica, carlie, layla
sat 12/14
akira, channel, k.c., princess, mia, nikki, candy, natalie, monica, carlie, layla

12-14-2002, 09:20 AM
Next weeks line up
mon 12/16
nikkie(can), akira, channel, k.c., tawney, anastasia, dynasty, tia, monica, zoe(fl), simone
tues 12/17
nikkie, akira, channel, k.c., tawney, anastasia, dynasty, molly, monica, zoe, simone
wed 12/18
nikkie, akira, channel, k.c., tracey, mia, dynasty, molly, monica, zoe, simone
thurs. 12/19
nikkie, akira, jaden, mallesia, dynasty, courtney, lexxi, tara, zoe, tasha, simone
fri 12/20
jaden, mallesia, dynasty, courtney, sherry, amanda, tara, zoe, tasha, brianna, kimberly, simone
sat 12/21
jaden, mallesia, dynasty, sherry, amanda, tara, zoe, tasha, brianna, kimberly, simone

12-21-2002, 01:35 PM
THE GOGO RAMA L.H. - 12/21/2002
Mon 12/23
corina, lexxi, skyler, amanda, sasha(nj), stephanie, jacinda, yvonne, jennifer, brianna, carlie
tues 12/24
wed 12/25
merry christmas
thurs 12/26
priscilla, taylor, holly, courtney, veronica, amanda, stephanie, skyler, sasha(nj), maxie
fri 12/27
priscilla, taylor, holly, courtney, veronica, sherry, shannon, venus, ginger, neecey, gianna
sat 12/28

12-29-2002, 04:54 AM
I spend a lot of time in NJ. Never been to GGR. Is it worth the trip? You guys waste a lot of space with the line up. Why doesn't GGR post it on thier web site? It's probably because girls are constantly calling in and not showing up. It seems like hit and miss. At least that's what I've been seeing.

12-29-2002, 10:58 AM
Mon. 12/30 ..Amanda, Maxie, Brianna, Rebecca, Tara, Dakota, Maggie, Misty, Sherry, Gianna, Sage
Tues. 12/31 Closed
Wed. 1/1 ….Closed Happy New Year
Thurs. 1/2 …Alexa, Jillian, Kendra, Jasmine, Brianna, Natalia, Zoe(NJ), Mia, Haley, Carly, Lexi
Fri. 1/3 …….Alexa, Jillian, Kendra, Jasmine, Brianna, Natalia, Zoe(NJ), Zoe(FL), Akira, Trinity
Sat. 12/4…. Alexa, Jillian, Kendra, Jasmine, Brianna, Natalia, Zoe(NJ), Zoe(FL), Akira, Trinity, Yvonne

Dancers here are much more reliable than most places. One of the best clubs around.

01-04-2003, 11:52 PM
Mon 1/6 ….Jacinda, Simone, Claudia, Shauna, Dynasty, Yvonne, Montana, Anastasia, Tai, Ayden, Trinity

Tues. 1/7 ..Jacinda, Simone, Claudia, Shauna, Dynasty, Yvonne, Montana, Anastasia, Molly, Tracey, Carly

Wed 1/8 …Jacinda, Simone, Claudia, Shauna, Dynasty, Yvonne, Montana, Meme, Bailey, Layna, Misty

Thurs. 1/9 Asia, Simone, Dynasty, Tracey, Monica, Molly, Skyler, Montana, Meme, Bailey, Layna

Fri 1/10 …Asia, Simone, Dynasty, Priscilla, Monica, Maggie, Skyler, Candi, Meme, Bailey, Layna, Carly

Sat 1/11 ...Asia, Simone, Dynasty, Tracey, Monica, Maggie, Skyler, Candi, Meme, Bailey, Layna, Mia

01-11-2003, 11:23 AM
cassidy, paige, carly, troy, tia, brianna, gabrielle, lexxi, priscilla, jaime-lee
tues 1/14
cassidy, paige, dakota, suzie, princess, carly, troy, brianna, gabrielle, jaime-lee
wed 1/15
cassidy, paige, dakota, suzie, princess, carly, troy, k.c., gabrielle, jaime-lee
thurs 1/16
tiffany, cassidy, stephanie, tara, dakota, suzie, princess, carly, courtney, mia
fri 1/17
tiffany, cassidy, stephanie, tara, dakota, suzie, princess, carly, sherry, mia
sat 1/18
tiffany, cassidy, tara, channle, dakota, princess, carly, amanda, sherry, haley

01-14-2003, 03:56 PM
Webmaster - strongly suggest you edit the chat on delilah's. Much too explicit. And Thanks webmaster for an alternative.

Chuck - you really should visit GGR. Management circulates the list and posts changes -not perfect but good enough and better than most. The SCL chat's active so the list scrolls off - by posting here you can get a sense of the dancer rotation. Dancers are more reliable than at most places. For regulars its almost like cheers. Although out in the open, contact and dancer quality are high along with good and friendly attitudes. Strong consistent earnings for dancers even weekdays.
Its a haul for me but still by far my fav.

01-15-2003, 02:00 AM
Student - I stay in Wayne when I'm down on business. How long a drive is it ?

01-15-2003, 03:57 PM
Chuck - I'm actually a bit further north. 45 min to an hour. Before 3:15 take GSP to exit 120, then left to intersection with rt 35. Until 7:30 take turnpike to exit 11, then route 9 south (which becomes 35), on right after Gulf Station. Also check Delilah's on 35 on the way back. And visit Stiletto in nanuet. You might check Lace in wayne but that is tamer. Let us know what you think and compare to your fav places.

01-17-2003, 11:52 AM
Student - I didn't make it down to GGR but I did visit Lace. I haven't been there in a year. It has changed for the better. I had a great LD for $10,(not air) , Lover would be proud of me ;D and all of the girls were friendly. You can move from the stage at the bar to the main stage for a little variety. I will try to get to GGR on my next trip.

01-18-2003, 04:22 PM
mon 1/20
channel, tamara, natalie, vanessa, courtney, gianna, holly, taylor, zoe(nj), yvonne
tues 1/21
channel, natalie, tawney, jamie-lee, brianna, courtney, holly, taylor, sherry, zoe, yvonne
wed 1/22
nikki(fl), mia, natalie, amanda, brianna, tawney, jamie-lee, robin, courtney, holly, taylor
thurs 1/23
channel, nikki, natalie, tasha, zoe, brianna, lexxi, priscilla, tawney, jamie-lee, robin
fri 1/24\
channel, candy, nikki, natalie, tasha, amanda, zoe, brianna, priscilla, michele
sat 1/25
tracey, candy, nikki, natalie, tasha, amanda, zoe, priscilla, sherry, april, michele

01-25-2003, 02:01 PM
gradually more posts here - do insert on other chats link to here
anastasia, simone, vanessa, gianna, k.c., yvonne, savannah, autumn, colleen, maggie
tues 1/28
molly, anastasia, simone, sherry, k.c., michelle c, susan, savannah, autumn, colleen, gianna
wed 1/29
simone, lexxi, k.c., april, storm, colleen, gianna, michele, meme, layna, carly
thurs 1/30
stephanie, molly, simone, jasmine, marissa, alexa, jillian, k.c., meme, carly
fri 1/31
stephanie, maggie, brianna, simone, jasmine, marissa, alexa, jillian, k.c., yvonne, meme
sat 2/1
mia, maggie, brianna, simone, jasmine, courtney, marissa, alexa, jillian, sherry, k.c.

02-06-2003, 04:26 PM
Very good lineup 2nd half of the week

mon 2/3/03
sheila, tia, rebecca, tawney, jamie-lee, gia, yvonne,
t.j., robin, layla, carly
tues 2/4
sheila, layna, skyler, princess, tawney, jamie-lee,
yvonne, t.j., robin, layla
wed 2/5
sheila, layna, skyler, princess, brianna, yvonne,
t.j., layla, misty, jaden, carly
thurs. 2/6
princess, tara, zoe(fl), brianna, layla, mia,
priscilla, jaden, daisy, gianna
fri 2/7
princess, tara, amanda, zoe, candy, catalina, layla,
priscilla, jaden, daisy
sat 2/8
princess, tara, amanda, zoe, candy, layla, jaden,
daisy, gianna, carly

02-08-2003, 05:46 PM
week of february10-15-03
monday, february 10
tai, rebecca, suzie, catalina, gia, shauna, brianna, deena, paige, melissa
tuesday, february 11
anastasia, suzie, gia, shauna, brianna, sherry, deena, paige, melissa, lexxi
wednesday, february 12
suzie, shauna, tiffany, paige, melissa, carly, stevie, autumn, lauren, lexxi, brianna
thursday, february 13
stephanie, suzie, sherry, rita, tiffany, naudia, jennifer, carly, bridgette, brianna, kayla
friday, february 14
stephanie, candy, storm, rita, sherry, naudia, jennifer, michelle, bridgette, kayla
saturday, february 15
candy, storm, sherry, rita, mia, naudia, bridgette, ginger, kayla, maggie

02-16-2003, 05:24 AM
Mon. 3* 2/17/03 ..Simone, Rebecca, Courtney, Holly, Taylor, Yvonne, Amanda, Carly, Tia, Catalina, Jacinda

Tues. 3* 2/18 .Simone, Nikki(FL), Courtney, Holly, Taylor, Yvonne, Zoe(NJ), Carly, Anastasia, Ginger, Lexxi

Wed. 5* 2/19 ..Simone, Nikki(FL), Courtney, Holly, Taylor, Yvonne, Zoe(NJ), Misty, Mia, Layna, Ginger

Thurs. 6* 2/20 Simone, Nikki(FL), Monica, Meme, Bailey, Cassidy, Sonia, Tasha, K.C., Layna

Fri. 6* 2/21 ….Simone, Nikki(FL), Monica, Meme, Bailey, Cassidy, Sonia, Tasha, K.C., Amanda

Sat. 5* 2/22 …Simone, Nikki(FL), Monica, Meme, Bailey, Cassidy, Sonia, Tasha, K.C., Carly, Ginger

numbers are Frank's ratings of number he perwsonally likes - copied from scl

02-22-2003, 04:07 PM
mon 2/24/03
tia, rebecca, tawney, robin, layla, chole, alexa, jillian, peaches, destiny, gianna
tues 2/25
anastasia, tawney, robin, layla, sherry, chole, alexa, jillian, molly, michele, carly
wed 2/26
asia, layla, deena, chole, luwanna, alexa, jillian, jennifer, natalie, lexxi, carly
thurs 2/27
asia, stephanie, brianna, layla, gabrielle, priscilla, zoe(fl), natalie, candy, molly
fri 2/28
skyler, asia, stephanie, akira, brianna, layla, gabrielle, priscilla, zoe(fl), josephine, natalie
sat 3/1
skyler, akira, layla, gabrielle, mia, priscilla, zoe(fl), victoria, josephine, natalie, carly

03-01-2003, 05:30 PM
Akira, Brianna, Tory, Storm, Natalie, Destiny, Peaches, Denver, Gianna, Tai, April

Tuesday, 3/ 4
Akira, Princess, Brianna, Tory, Storm, Natalie, Destiny, Peaches, Denver, Erin, Becky, Sherry

Wednesday, 3/ 5
Akira, Princess, Daisy, Misty, Laura, Denver, Erin, Becky, Lexxi, Carly, Christina, Tracy

Thursday, 3/ 6
Akira, Princess, Amanda, Tawney, Daisy, Erin, Becky, Carly, Sage, Tracy, Kathy, Priscilla

Akira, Princess, Stephanie, Tawney, Candy, Sage, Gabrielle, Priscilla, Skyler, Michelle, Carly, Dayzha

03-08-2003, 05:18 PM
Mon 3/10/03: Ally, Anastasia, Courtney, Daisy, Jacinda, Misty, Rebecca, Sheila, Simone, Storm, Tai
Tue 3/11: Amanda, Anastasia, Courtney, Jacinda, Mia, Molly, Nikki(FL), Sheila, Simone, Skyler, Zoe(NJ)
Wed 3/12: Carly, Courtney, Jacinda, Jackie, Meme, Mia, Nikki(FL), Sheila, Simone, Tara, Zoe(NJ)
Thu 3/13: Bridgette, Candy, K.C., Meme, Monica, Nikki(FL), Sherry, Simone, Skyler, Sophie, Tara, Tasha
Fri 3/14: Brianna, Bridgette, K.C., Layna, Meme, Monica, Natalia, Nikki(FL), Simone, Sophie, Tara, Tasha
Sat 3/15: Brianna, Bridgette, Fiona, K.C., Layna, Meme, Monica, Nikki(FL), Simone, Sophie, Tara, Tasha

Chuck - most of the dancers have their fans who want to know when they're in. Don't tune in on the occcasional negative, stop by & see for yourself.

Recent changes to the club sound good.

The posts here are retained, so someone can see the schedule pattern if they wish. If no one cares I'll stop posting.

03-08-2003, 07:29 PM
Student, I do care so please keep posting the weekly schedule on this board. Keep up the good work! Thanks! ;)

03-09-2003, 12:46 AM
Hey Student, keep on posting, and tell all the other GGR fanatics that the forum is here and it's much better than stripclublist because the posts are not deleted. Your helping to make this a valuable site.

03-11-2003, 09:51 AM
Awesome! Atleast I can see the schedule here too. lol But ggr spells my name with TWO X's.
Oh well. Same person. =)

03-11-2003, 09:58 AM
Lexxi - tell all of your customers about this forum. It's a great place to keep up with the GGR schedule as you said... the schedule on the other site gets deleted every 1/2 hour depending on the amount of posts. That sucks.
I've got to get down ther the next time your there, but I probably would'nt get a dance with you because your so popular ;D

03-11-2003, 10:01 AM
I was banned from SCL. I guess he blocked my IP address from posting because I mentioned this site on there.

03-11-2003, 10:06 AM
Well JM you're welcome here. Are you a GGR junkie?

03-11-2003, 10:10 AM
JM...lol I know a ton of people who have been banned, but they are allowed back on the site within a few days. Try back in week.

Chuck, actually I am not so popular yet. I have only been dancing there for about 5 months, at about 4 times a month. So I get a lot of, "wow are you new?" and I say, "well, kinda-sorta" ;-) Not bad right? lol

03-11-2003, 11:36 AM
Chuck - I would say I am a fan of GGR but not a junkie. I dont frequent it enough to fall into that category.

Lexi - thanks for the info! Do you dance at any of the other Lace clubs?

03-13-2003, 04:05 PM
Nice to have some company here. Now we can start to discuss things. I too was banned from SCL for about a month.

Lexi, thanx for posting. Some think I'm shilling but I've felt for a long time that GGR is a special place. Several very good frienships have been made, its erotic without being really nasty (like VIP or Hurrah's) . Dancers do well and seem to enjoy their work, especially early when I go. What do you think? Good luck.

Ask Phil to post a note mentioning this chat at the club.

PS - I'm student, just too lazy to log in...

03-15-2003, 12:10 PM
mon 3/17/03 - strong week
nikkie(ca), kayla, stephanie, candy, tai, paige, layla, rebecca, priscilla, carly, levi, zoe(nj)
tues 3/18
nikkie(ca), kayla, gianna, lexxi, paige, layla, destiny, peaches, priscilla, josephine, levi
wed 3/19
brianna, tiffany, nikkie(ca), deena, kayla, paige, layla, carly, josephanie, levi, misty
thurs 3/20
brianna, tiffany, jaden, nikkie(ca), deena, kayla, holly, taylor, stephanie, alex, skyler, layla
fri 3/21
amanda, jaden, nikkie(ca), deena, holly, taylor, storm, layla, kimberly, priscilla, carly, summer
sat 3/22
amanda, jaden, nikkie(ca), holly, taylor, stephanie, candy, storm, layla, ginger, kimberly, summer

03-24-2003, 11:20 AM
JM no I do not work at the other lace clubs yet. I am looking to audition if I get the guts. hehehe ;-)

Student, it was nice meeting you 2 weeks ago! :-)

03-25-2003, 11:27 AM
Lexi - You work at GGR but dont have the guts to work at Stilettos? They are tame compared to GGR. When are you working next? Where else do you work? I'd like to stop by to see you sometime ;)

03-28-2003, 11:16 AM
My tri-state area clubs rankings

Beamers - 8 pts. - atmosphere-2.0, no contact/$30 for full contact-2.0, girl quality-2.5, quantity of girls seen in 30 min-1.5

GGR - 8 pts. - atmosphere-1.5, contact-2.5, girl quality-2.5, quantity of girls seen in 30 min-1.5

Stilettos Nanuet - 9 pts. - atmosphere-2.5, contact-2.0, girl quality-2.5, quantity of girls seen in 30 min-2.0

Stilettos Carlstadt - 7.5 pts. - atmosphere-2.0, no contact-1.0, girl quality-2.5, quantity of girls seen in 30 min-2.0

Delilahs Den - 9.0 pts. - atmosphere-2.5, contact-2.0, girl quality-2.0, quantity of girls seen in 30 min-2.5

03-29-2003, 10:20 AM
Lexi - You work at GGR but dont have the guts to work at Stilettos? They are tame compared to GGR. When are you working next? Where else do you work? I'd like to stop by to see you sometime ;)

Oh I know Stilletos is tame compared to GGR, but I am working on auditioning. ;-) I work in ggr on april 5th next. Thats subject to change though because I might hae to change dates. I also work on the 7th which is a mon. If you come see me, you better tell me who you are. lol

03-29-2003, 04:43 PM
Hi Lexi

JM - glad you find this board. Pass it around. Beamers has a nicer atmosphere and (for those who care) - alcohol. But dancer quality & earnings are lower than GGR - and that matters 'cause they go together. Also, GGR is the only club running full bore from 4 PM opening.

Next group lower is DD & Stiletto Nanuet.

Strong week
Mon 3/31/03: Allie, Cassidy, Jaden, Jessica, Julian, Levi, Maggie, Rebecca, Robin, Sasha(NJ), Simone, Trinity

Tue 4/1: Cassidy, Jaden, Julian, Levi, Maxie, Molly, Princess, Sasha, Sherry, Simone, Tonia Ryan, Trinity

Wed 4/2: Cassidy, Courtney, Donna, Gianna, Jaden, Julian, Levi, Maxie, Misty, Princess, Simone, Trinity

Thu 4/3: Bridgette, Cassidy, Dakota, Jaden, Princess, Priscilla, Raquel, Shannon, Sherry, Simone, T.J., Tasha

Fri 4/4: Bridgette, Cassidy, Dakota, Jaden, Princess, Priscilla, Raquel, Shannon, Sherry, Simone, T.J., Tasha

Sat 4/5: Bridgette, Cassidy, Gabrielle, Jaden, Mia, Princess, Priscilla, Raquel, Shannon, Sherry, Simone, T.J., Tasha

04-05-2003, 02:09 PM
Next weeks line up - starting Sunday this week
another strong week
sun 4/6/03
layla, lexxi, allie, mia, brianna, sherry, courtney, cassidy, misty, gabrielle, yvonne
mon 4/7
jessica, anastasia, layla, lexxi, kayla, nikkie(ca), brianna, tai, gianna, chole, julia, yvonne
tues 4/8
anastasia, dakota, layla, molly, kayla, nikkie, brianna, sherry, alex, maxie, chole
wed 4/9
dakota, layla, tiffany.kayla, nikkie, brianna, laura, athena, chole, skyler, michele
thurs 4/10
delite, jessica, zoe(fl), sage, layla, tiffany, kayla, nikkie, meme, maggie alexa, jillian
fri 4/11
delite, amanda, zoe, sage, layla, nikkie, meme, layna, candy, gabrielle, alexa, jillian
sat 4/12
amanda, zoe, sage, layla, mia, nikkie, meme, layna, candy, alexa, jillian, mia

04-12-2003, 09:09 AM
Line up
sun 4/13
nikki, zoe(fl), paige, bridget, amanda, holly, taylor, asia, neecey, julia, yvonne
mon 4/14
taylor, natalie, sheila, nikki(fl), paige, bridget, k.c., tai, rebecca, candy, holly, taylor
tues 4/15
taylor, natalie, sheila, nikki, paige, bridget, k.c., holly, taylor, peaches, destiney
wed 4/16
taylor, natalie, sheila, nikki, paige, k.c., laura, holly, taylor, athena, misty, gabrielle
thurs 4/17
taylor, natalie, autumn(nj), allie, k.c., brianna, monica, alex, nikki, ginger, gabrielle, michele
fri 4/18
taylor, natalie, autumn(nj), stephanie, k.c., brianna, monica, marissa, maggie, ginger, carly
sat 4/19
taylor, natalie, autumn(nj), k.c., brianna, monica, marissa, ginger, gabrielle, neecey, tawney, carly
sun 4/20
closed happy easter

04-19-2003, 09:13 AM
Mon 4/21/03
stephanie, tai, rebecca, courtney, stevie, skyler, layna, mia, sasha, priscilla, dynasty, maggie
tues 4/22
allie, molly, courtney, stevie, cenza, layna, jessica, daisy, jennifer, christine, priscilla, dynasty
wed 4/23
lexxi, tiffany, laura, courtney, stevie, cenza, sasha, christine, dynasty, yvonne, gianna, skyler
thurs 4/24
tiffany, tara, asia, skyler, gabrielle, tawney, jessica, daisy, christine, dynasty, yvonne, misty
fri 4/25
amanda, tara, alex, asia, gianna, peaches, destiney, tawney, daisy, dynasty, yvonne
sat 4/26
amanda, chanelle, mia, tara, storm, candy, julia, peaches, destiney, tawney, jacinda
sun 4/27
lexxi, brianna, storm, candy, suzie, jennifer, misty, mia, destiney, lisa

04-30-2003, 12:54 AM
Well guys, I finally made a trip to the World Famous GoGoRama. I made the trip to visit Lexi. Had some great dances from her, and I agree with some of the other posts, she has the cutiest "coochy" in the club LOL

But here's my take on the place.

The stage shows were great, (gotta love those naked ladies) all of the girls were beautiful and friendly. The music wasn't to loud and the DJ stuck to just playing songs with not a lot of talking.

The dances are high mileage with touching allowed, except for the "coochy". but if you like private dances, go somewhere else. They have a system where you get a ticket for the lady of your choice, you can pick a lady from the video screen menu that shows the dancers for the evening. Once you get your ticket, your at the mercy of the guy that's getting dances before you. could be 15 minutes, could be 2 hours. The DJ calls your number and off you go. Kinda like being in a deli.

The LD area itself is a room about 12ft X 20 ft with 10 bar stools about 4 ft. appart. There is nothing private about it, it's like taking a gang shower. While your dancing with your fav, you can feel the hot breath and on occasion the touch of the girl dancing next to you, it can be quite confusing to say the least. Then there's the prevs who stand outside of the LD room and peer in through the open windows for the free show. Watching those guys operate, I felt like I should be wearing a raincoat

All in all I rate the place a (9) for stage show and beauiful women and a (1) for LD's.

05-19-2003, 10:23 AM
So far no list for the week of 5/19 - 5/25....as of 5:00PM here is the list for Monday - - Maxie, Lexi, Candy, Ally, Gabrielle, Maverick, Robin, Jessica, Maggie

05-19-2003, 11:13 AM
5/19 7:15PM - - Add Gianna, Marianne for Monday's list...