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03-12-2003, 03:11 PM
I saw a tidbit on the news that the new Christie's Cabaret in Tempe is opening tonight without their liquor license. Does this mean they're still 21+, or are they going to be 18+ until they get the liquor license. If the latter is true then I could go scope it out(since I have yet to get my fake ID) They showed some pictures of it on the news, looks very swanky.

03-12-2003, 09:34 PM
I imagine that if it's anything like the Christie's in Phoenix, it's amazing. I would take a trip down there just to see or at least make a phone call. I'm sure it would be worth your trouble.
Arizona has the most beautiful girls. ;D

03-13-2003, 01:11 AM
Before I begin, I should point out that Pryce seems understandably less than amused with threads that are drifting OT or are posted in the wrong forum. I'm not singling anyone out, for I'm guilty too, BUT since we're talking about a particular club, this thread probably belongs under "club chat" and may be moved there at our administrator's discretion (in which case I hope this suggestion of sorts is removed from the remainder of my post). Not trying to self-appoint myself moderator here, but someone needed to point that out.

Now on to happier things.

I went to Strip Club List and didn't see an entry for the new joint yet, but someone left a comment on the Christie's-Phoenix page.


Appears that the club is temporarily a full nude establishment until they get their liquor license. But it seems they are applying for one and once they have it they in most likelihood must go topless only.

Generally when a club goes without booze, they want their doors open to as many customers as possible to help make up for the lost revenue, so I would assume an 18 year old could get in. (For the record, the other Tempe clubs listed on SCL were also nude/no alcohol/18 to get in). I'd suggest checking it out while you can.

I've been hearing a lot of good word about clubs in the Phoenix area and if I weren't so hell bent on going to Vegas this summer, I'd almost be willing to try it as an alternative.

03-13-2003, 01:37 PM
Camino, seeing as how this club has the same owner's as Christie's Cabaret it will probably be first class all the way. I wonder where they will get their girls though, I can't imagine too many of the TOPLESS dancers at Christie's would want to start going NUDE.

04-18-2003, 12:07 AM
OK i just went last night (wednesday night) and i'll give my review of this club.

First, i must say i prefer the topless clubs over the nude ones here in phx and tempe. Reason being, nude clubs tend to have less attractive girls, less mileage, and higher prices.

Christies on baseline is now 18+ and all nude (and may be for several months, i asked a dancer and she said the appeal for a liquor license was going through the courts which may take awhile. She also noted that this christies was making mad money, more so than the other one).

Well, this christies is definately different than the rest of the nude clubs here in az and blew away my above mentioned expectations, although it did have some down sides.

The atmosphere and decor were very first class. You wont find a nicer place.

The prices were reasonable and were in line with the rest of the 21+ clubs. It was $7 admission and 2 drink minimum. I got away with one though :). Water was $4 or $5 for bottled (voss water...which is worth tryin). Topless dances were $10 and all nude were $20 done in the VIP section. Careful to ask for a topless dance if u want one, usually the girl will ask for a dance and take u back to the VIP section assuming u want all nude.

The dancers at the club were another story. They majority were all attractive. Although mostly blonde and black girls (unfortunately, for me since i prefer brunettes). I went on a wednesday night and the club was about 1/3 full, but all the attractive dancers (only ones worth getting an LD from) were too busy. Hardly any of the dancers we wanted came to our table...and i made a point to be throwing out tips (any other club, girls spread the word around).

I tipped this girl $7 on stage and she never even said thank you and never came over afterwards. I also was going to buy a dance for my bro from this girl but when she came he was getting a LD, so i told her to come back and i gave her $2; i never saw her hott body again other than on stage. When we were about to leave (b/c my bro still has a curfew) i was going to buy him one last LD from this girl i liked ( i had previously tipped her $5 for each LD and i got quite a few) and fortunately she was on stage...so i went up and tipped her and asked her to come over to our table afterwards. Well when she went off stage and she stopped at every guy on the way over, asking them for a lap dance. We waited like 10-15 minutes and she wasn't even half way over...so we said fuck it and left. Another example, this black girl, which none of us wanted to get a dance from kept on coming over and beggin for a dance...she eventually grabbed my friend's chair and dragged him over to the VIP section and made him get a LD. I felt sorry for him b/c that was his last money...which he was saving for a dancer he had an eye on.

So i guess whats to be said is good luck on getting the dancer you want to dance for you....u might just have to "settle" for another one. Although, i will admit we got ONE really hot girl who danced for us. Also, the mileage was better than most 18+ clubs.

I doubt i will go here again just because it was so hard to get a dance and the girls didn't seem to appreciate getting tips. I would rather go to Hi-Liter.

*But, i will recommend this to ALL of my 18-20 friends b/c there isnt a better place in phx that is 18+.