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I cut and pasted this diretly from my website. Enjoy

This whole portion of the site assumes that you wish to have naked girls at your party. This is by no means about going out and playing golf all afternoon, and having a nice bar-b-que on a friends’ boat in the evening with a few beers. For those kind of bachelor parties see any of a number of wedding etiquette websites. The Bride to be probably has them all on her favorites list anyway. This is about the last big blowout for the groom to be and his friends. This should be a night of drunken revelry in “American Pie” raunchy fashion.

I have been an entertainer at many Bachelor parties, and have seen many that have worked very well and others that have left the bachelor in jail, the hospital, or suddenly “unengaged”. Here are a few tips to keep the evening a successful and memorable event for all involved.

First, know your crowd. Sometimes it is better to hire dancers to come to your place and other times it is better to go out to the strip clubs. How do you know which would work better for your group?

Strip Club VS Private Party Dancers

Stay home if: There are party members under the age of 21 who are an important part of the group. Also, you may want to arrange for dancers to come to your party if the club scene is not up to par in your area, or if you simply want more personal attention (read: a wilder show than you will get in the bars). Another good reason to have the dancers come to you is to keep others from ruining your fun (some guys go to bars just looking for fights, cocktail waitresses too slow in bringing your drinks, door men not accepting your out of town guests’ ID, bar too crowded to get any of the dancers attention, DJ being too obnoxious etc.)

Hit the Strip clubs if: Your group is small, and just wants to have a nice time on the town. If the bachelor party is a last minute decision hitting the clubs may be your only option. Some clubs have bachelor party specials, and will be very accommodating if you call ahead to let them know you are coming. I would also recommend going out to the clubs if you can’t get a photo or personal reference of a party dancer before she shows up. She might be great and just a little camera shy, or she might not be able to get work in any of the clubs, so she has no other choice but to do private parties. If your dancer doesn’t show because she is too busy getting drunk or high, that would be no fun at all for your bachelor party, and leave you looking like a fool.


When to have a Bachelor Party:

You should plan on having the bachelor party one week to one month before the wedding. At the very latest three days before the wedding is recommended if there are out of town guests that won’t arrive until shortly before the wedding. Never have the bachelor party the night before the wedding, all involved will be glad that they had several days to recover, and this will also save the wedding party members from catching hell from the female members of the wedding party. If there are out of towners that absolutely positively cannot be there until the day before, have the bachelor party a month ahead of time, then have a short, low key evening the night before the wedding with the friends who couldn’t come to the big party.

Going to a strip club:

Go to the strip clubs in your area ahead of time to check them out, especially if you haven’t been to them in a while. Last years hot and happening clubs may be this years dive bars. If you live in a large city with many clubs, there may be a free guide available to you to help you decide where the decent clubs are. Once you have narrowed down your selection to two or three clubs go and visit them on the same weeknight that you plan on being there for your party. Now you should be able to choose which club is right for your group.

Rules of Thumb:

Have a designated driver/drivers, Have some food so that partygoers don’t get too drunk. Bring cash, some clubs will not allow cash withdrawals on credits cards, and the more cash the guys have and spend the more attention they will get from the girls. A good minimum number is $100 per man to spend in the strip club, however many guys prefer to spend much more then that. Warn novice strip club goers that the drinks are expensive, that the cover is expensive, and the dancers are expensive, so that there are no unpleasant surprises for anyone. Have a big brother or chaperone type of guy who is at the party to keep an eye on partygoers that may be a problem if they have too much to drink. This helps keep everyone in one piece and out of jail.

The rest of this guide is dedicated to having a private bachelor party (w/o a strip club). Use the same time frame as is recommended above for planning your party.


Where to have your Bachelor party:

Many bachelor parties are held in homes, motel meeting rooms, fraternal organization public rooms, or in banquet facilities. Be sure to check with the management of any public facility and make sure that alcohol and naked girls is okay for your party, as well as loud music, and rowdy cheering, clapping, and hollering. If you are having your bachelor party in a private home be sure that there is enough room for all of your guests. Also you may want to put away any valuable furniture or artwork to prevent damage. Clearly mark the “off limits” areas of the house using signs with large lettering and possibly even “caution” construction tape.

Finding dancing girls:

There are many ways to find quality entertainers for your party. Look in the yellow pages under entertainment/adult. There should be exotic dancers available there. You can also call the local strip clubs. Many of them offer dancers for bachelor parties who also work in the clubs. Many independent dancers advertise in adult bookstores, or in lingerie shops, as well as advertising in strip club guides. I recommend going with an independent dancer as she is in business for herself, and is more likely to give you a good show as her personal reputation is on the line. Independent dancers * usually * have better attitudes, and are willing to go the extra mile to make your party a success.

How many dancers to hire:

One dancer for every 15-20 party guests. You will not get a volume discount for hiring more than one dancer. The dancers may even put on lesbian shows if you tip well, and that is definitely well worth the extra cash to get more than one dancer to your party. It is your decision as to whether you want them all to perform at the same time or if you want to keep a parade of dancers moving through your party staggering them every half hour or so.

What will the dancers need?

You should have a space set aside for the dancers to change and to fix makeup etc. A spare bathroom works great for this. You should also have some kind of sound system available that can play CDs. If you do not have a stereo, let the dancers know in advance, as most have portable systems that they can bring along. Be socialable and offer the ladies a drink when they arrive, some bring their own refreshments and may only need mixers and glasses, but it is always nice to offer. Make sure there is toilet paper in the restroom. I can’t count how many times I have been to a bachelor party that had no toilet paper in the bathroom. I started bringing my own after the first time.


Why does she bring along a security guy?

Maybe because a single (or two) naked women in a room full of drunk, horny men may feel less than perfectly secure. He is not there to ruin your fun, heck he may be enjoying the show as much as you are, but he is getting paid to watch out for the dancer(s). He also helps the ladies with music, props, keeping track of their costumes, changes out singles for the party guests, and helps clean up after the show. This guy keeps the show running smooth, and can signal the girls when a guest needs more attention, or you can communicate to him who the important guests are and he in turn can point out those people to the girls. Without him the show would stop frequently as the girls change their own music or make change for your guests etc. So offer him a drink and welcome him as a major factor in having a successful party.

Charging a cover for the bachelor party:

Many hosts do this to cover expenses. If the cost of the party is spread equally amongst the guests one guy doesn’t end up taking the whole hit. Find out what your guests want to spend to give their friend his big send off, and try to stay within this budget. Mention that tipping the girls is not included in their cover and that they should still bring cash to the party for this purpose.

When and how to pay the dancers:

You should not pay the whole fee in advance for the dancers. Many booking agencies will charge a reservation fee to secure your event, but usually the bulk of the fee is payable in cash when the dancer arrives. If you need to pay with a credit card, be sure to make arrangements ahead of time, and not wait until the girl is at your front door. Also be sure to agree on the amount ahead of time, and be perfectly clear how much you are paying for the dancers before tips. Yes, tipping the dancers during the show is expected. Much of the fee you paid in advance goes to the booking agency and to the security guy, so the real income the dancers make is their tips. A good guideline would be to have each partygoer bring $20-30 in singles to tip the dancers. It is always fun to stuff the grooms’ fly with ones and see how creative the dancers are at removing those ones. It should go without saying, but if you are holding up fives or tens, the dancers will pay a LOT more attention to you than the guy waving a one.


Helpful hints:

*If having the party in a private home, schedule carpet cleaning and/or maid service for the next day. I have seen many a messy party that left the floors looking like a carwash took place in the living room.

*Have your own security guy or designated driver type of person to make sure everyone keeps their heads. If someone looks like they are starting to get out of hand have your security guy take care of it before the dancers security guy has to. This allows the fun to go on for everyone else without incident.

*Tell everyone to bring a complete change of clothes, including shoes and underwear. This will keep the married guys out of trouble, and if you wish to go on to the bars after the girls leave, you won’t be covered in beer or whipped cream.

*Always ask before taking any pictures of the dancers. If they agree to have their picture taken be sure to offer $5-10 for each picture, or they may have their own Polaroid camera and charge $5-10 per photo.

*Don’t ask the dancers to have sex for money. All you do is make yourself look dumb, and insult the dancers.

*If you have the party outdoors, make sure that it is in a well-screened area, and that neighbors will not complain about the noise. Be considerate of the girls and be sure that you have a bug zapper, and that the weather is not too chilly to dance around the yard naked. If you feel chilly in shorts and a t-shirt, how do you think nude will feel? Also be sure that your guests aren’t using the bushes to relieve themselves. Nothing kills the party like the stench of urine.


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