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03-13-2004, 01:24 PM
Okay technically inclined guys, my desktop (which I really need to replace) developed a very strange problem this morning.

I can connect to the internet (I'm on dialup), but when my browser opens up my home page, it won't open (I get the 404 screeen like the site is down).

I thought that it might just be the home page website, but no other site will work either. The strange thing is, I can still access my Earthlink e-mail through Outlook Express and still access the chat room via IRC, but no browser! I have Mozilla as the default browser and IE as a backup and neither one is working. I thought that it might be my ISP's server, but I can access from the laptop here just fine and dandy.

Problem is that I've installed my Tax Cut software on there and almost have my taxes finished, so I need to find a way to get that data over to the laptop, or I may have to install it on here and start all over again.

Any clues to what may be troubling me? Solutions?

03-13-2004, 02:20 PM
Hey Doc, a while back I had a problem where I could connect and surf and not access my e-mail. ::) It turned out to be a problem with my firewall which was a free version of Zone Alarm. I reinstalled it and the problem was fixed. If you are running a firewall, try uninstalling it and doing a reinstall. Don't rely on turning it off. I did that with Zone Alarm and still could not access my e-mail.

If your ISP has tech support, give that a try too. Even if the problem isn't on their end, they may be able to talk you through it. Earthlink gave me the tip about Zone Alarm so it's worth a shot even if they keep ya on hold a while. :P

03-14-2004, 09:34 PM
In general there has been more viruses, malware, malcious cookies, malcious java script programs, home page redirects,
address book hijackings on the internet this year (2003-2004) than I have every seen. Every workday if I'm not on the train, I go to my home office and feel out if Bin Laden has hijacked my computer.

Also spoofed bank sites, and spoofed credit check sites that try to steal your identity if you reply. If an e mail is asking you financial questions it's up; to no good. I respond by giving wrong ss numbers, wrong phone numbers, and wrong numbers and information on everything.

At times my DSL home page ISP will go down. Usually i can
still access the internet by using hypertext direct direct
internet addresses.

Microsoft just announced four or five days ago security patch 3 for Microsoft Office XP Professional. (This is word, excel, access, publisher, outlook,)

I loaded it and ever since I've been having trouble with
Outlook and e mail. Microsoft has not issued an update for
Internet Explorer in awhile and I hear that is coming out
in a month or two.

I note that you have Zone alarm which is a third party anti virus program right? I use I hate spam which was great until this new update of Outlook and now it is not so great.

So have you loaded any of the new security updates for Microsoft Office suite which were released last week?

03-15-2004, 09:46 AM
It's possible that something is conflicting with your browser or a file has been corrupted.

Especially if a download started that re-directs your home page but you cut it off before completed. I'm not very familiar with Mozilla.

It's very possible you might have to re-install explorer if it has been corrupted.