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03-20-2004, 12:35 AM

My name is Cheryl Bartlett and I've recently released a book titled Stripper Shoes.
It's the true story of my post-doctoral experience working as an exotic dancer in an upscale gentleman's club.

Here is my website:

Power Shoes.
Were I so inclined, I could mortally wound with these shoes.
They don't say, Come fuck me,
They say, Go fuck yourself.

This is the story in brief:

I married and had children very young, went to college, went to grad school, got my doctorate, landed an exciting job and set out to realize everything I had worked so hard to achieve. Once I got everything I thought I wanted, I was completely miserable.

My new job as a corporate punk wasn't going so well and I had a very hard time "fitting into the existing culture." I felt very conflicted by the job content (advocating for large companies embroiled in class action discrimination suits). Plus, my colleagues (mostly women) took an immediate dislike to me. The office politics were entirely out of my league.

Feeling like had nothing really to lose (and being in a new city where no one knew me), I started working at night as a stripper and keeping a diary of everything that was going on with me, both at the club and at my day job.

It is about taking risks and trying not to be so driven by fear and obligation and everyone else's expectations. Also, I try to express the enjoyment of thinking of myself as a glamorous exotic dancer, instead of as somebody's Jewish mother, corporate punk, or feminist academic type.
It's funny and upbeat, a little racy, and hopefully, inspirational.

you can contact me at [email protected] :-*

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SHOES SHOES SHOES!!! I love shoes!

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the book? or shoes in general? perhaps both.