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06-05-2004, 02:17 PM
Just wondering who everyone is using and what type of connection they have?

I used EarthLink for over 5 years. Their tech support was great! I just dropped them because I was paying $50 a month for DSL. They were rated at 1.5 for downloads. On a good day, I could get 1.1. SBC Yahoo was advertising their DSL for $27 a month sooo I decided to change. Gawd what a pain in the ass. You would think you could cancel one service and call up and order so the new install would take place within a day or 2 of the disconnect. Wrong! My service with EarthLink terminated on the 22nd. Then they gave SBC the disconnect order. That took 10 working days. Now some company by the name of ATC has to put their stamp on it. I still haven't been able to place an order for new service. >:( At least I can pay $10 more a month and double the speed of the connection.

In the meantime, I've tried AOL dial-up. Gawd! I hate everything about AOL!!!! I was a member for 1 hour before I started getting spam for porn sights. LOL. How did they know I'm a perv? Do they read SCJ? I'm also using SBC Yahoo dial up. As noted in the Spyware thread, their software put spyware on my computer. >:(

So who are you using? Have you had any bad experiences? What are they? Do you use dial-up, cable, DSL or Satellite?

06-05-2004, 03:58 PM
I have Verizon DSL for 29.95. The only problem I had with them was the first modem blew up within two weeks. I knew what was wrong and told them, but they had to send a 'tech'. He wasnt allowed to carry replacements so when he said "Yep, you need a new modem" (Which was 3 days after it broke), he had to order one to be shipped (another 2 days). At least when I called to complain they gave me the whole month free.

06-05-2004, 04:16 PM
I still use dial-up. I've used NetZero now for the last couple of years, $9.95/mo, I have had no problems what-so-ever, it's been a HUGE improvement over AOL and MSN which I used previously.

06-06-2004, 10:36 PM
At home I use Yahoo DSL $29.95. I set up my company with a Norvergence T1 line, unlimited users for $300.00/mo. Man is the T1 quick!

06-18-2004, 07:10 PM
An update... once EarthLink was off my line, I was able to place an order with SBC Yahoo. I had a DSL signal in 2 days. Once I installed the minimum software, I was able to connect 5 days earlier than the projected install date. :) SBC Yahoo wants too much info. They continually want "IP Session Statistics." Fortunately Zone Alarm Pro 5.0 allows me to prevent this. :D Speed tests indicate average download speeds of 2.5Mbs. Advertised is 3.0. With an average of 13% overhead, this is about all that can be expected. Still... EarthLink was only willing to come down to $40. a month for 1.5Mbs. (actual .8 to 1.1Mbs) I'm getting an actual average of 2.5 Mbs for $36. a month. It was well worth the change!!!!! ;D