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08-15-2004, 02:47 PM
Most times I go to the theater to watch a movie on the BIG screen that has special effects (sound and/or video) that I cannot reproduce at home. This could be scenery, surround sound etc. Else I wait for the video on DVD (or even VHS) to rent or buy at deep discount for ones I'd see multiple times.

But someday I will move up to a 56 inch wall-mounted plasma HDTV system. Then I won't have to go to the $10 big screen at all. I can watch it in my underwear, make fresh popcorn my own way, take a break without missing anything, invite multiple friends over, watch on my own schedule, not drive to a crowded parking lot maybe in bad weather, and not suffer a disruly audience.

For example Manchurian Candidate (just seen) belongs to the rentable class, while, picking an extreme, Dances with Wolves is definitely theater class.

But this is not without other problems too. Theaters are not very high in appeal.

Theaters seem to have the WRONG marketing model charging outrageous prices for snacks and tickets, causing increasingly fewer people to want to go. In this town, as in many others, all but a few neighborhood theaters belong to one huge chain, so that we have a very limited selection of movies (multiple theaters playing the same movies), every one of them having the same pricing, etc. Only thing that varies is the showing schedule at each cluster. Further, if they build more theaters, it is at the expense of screen size reduction at all others in the same cluster. Finally the sound systems all seem to be run at late-night bar volumes and with lots of noise somehow injected by poorly designed and/or maintained sound systems.

Wondering if others have similar thoughts....

Jay Zeno
08-15-2004, 04:18 PM
There's a HDTV, 50-something inches, widescreen, with DVD/receiver and speakers, in the house. I really questioned the cost, because I didn't watch that much TV (never seen an episode of the Sopranos, for instance), but from a home theater standpoint, it's been great.

Neighbors will come over to watch Lord of the Rings when a new extended version comes out. Sometimes instead of going out to a movie with friends, they'll come over for dinner and a movie at the homestead. Very comfortable, and pause it when a bathroom break is needed. Pretty cool.

08-15-2004, 06:55 PM
I thought Cool Mountain and Master and Commander were worth seeing on the big screen. Both had great scenery and surround audio. Would be hard to get the same excitement from regular TV playback.

<POP!> Hmm, prpbably best not to anticipate porn in full HDTV.