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11-02-2004, 09:57 AM
Hello to all: I am a very bright, sincere clairvoyant located in NYC and providing insightful advice. I am in the process of completing my own version of the erotic interpretation of the Tarot (which will be available on the internet in Spring 2005) and also helping many women in the sex industry: dominatrixes, escort girls, erotic event planners so far...

Why this post? Because I am offering my serviced for a mere 10 dollars per question/by email but you must have a paypal account. You may contact me at [email protected] for any further question. I'll respond within 24H. Cheers

Here is my resume and short bio copied and pasted from my site

Shamanta is a citizen of the world with roots in her native Africa and Europe, where she grew up and landed in Manhattan 4 years ago. She has a background in Aristotelian philosophy and psychoanalysis She studied The Tarot and Numerology at the I.N.S.P.A (Institute for Applied Paranormal Sciences) in Brussels.

Karmic influences fascinate her and have helped her develop the theory of Life within The Great Scheme Of Things. She worked with some of the most prestigious event planners since her arrival in the City and prestigious clients such as Cosmogirls, Ford, Sony Music, Chase, Mayor Bloomberg, Arena Productions, Evita's Events, Abby Ehman, Steve Fox, The Museum Of Sex and the Belgian Consulate to name a few. She especially focuses on romance, using rational and intuitive thinking because according to her view Arithmetics holds the Secrets Of The Universe, hence Spirituality. Arena Productions chosed her as a columnist for its Magazine Mercy which has just been released and features her sensual predictions. Of course, she also does in person readings at her place. Besides Shamanta is as a dedicated writer in her spare time, has written several screenplays and is currently drafting several short novels for the Internet, and her own sensual interpretation of the Tarot.

If you feel that your love life isn't fulfilling, Shamanta can help you to unlock your emotional karma. Yes, it is possible to use Numerology and Tarot readings to improve your sex life, self-confidence, and quickly learn who is the right partner for you, whether you're about to go through a period of intense activity and opportunity, settling down... or just manage your Karma and transform not-so-good vibes into a more serene mood. In this life Shamanta also has studied Jungian psychoanalysis for two years and finds astrophysics fascinating: she believes that quantum physics and philosophy are linked, all of which have sharpened her need for "Intellectual Freedom" and... more seriously "Economic Justice". A few lines, however, are not enough to describe her universal nature. Trying to control so many diverse elements at once would go against her "bodily conscience". Isn't everything a part of the "whole" after all... ?