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12-19-2004, 07:10 AM
Throw the damn VCR out,LOL!!!

WWYD if you saw a hot Chinese woman right now???

12-19-2004, 07:16 AM
totally ravish her, have wild passionate sweaty sex till the sun came up

WWYD if it was really possible

12-19-2004, 07:20 AM
It isn't because Australia is too far from here,LOL!!!

WWYD if your penis quit working???

12-19-2004, 07:25 AM
get viagria..... or an implant.... penis transplant.... improve on my finger and tongue skills

WWYD if you were only able to have 1 orgasm a day

12-19-2004, 07:28 AM
I would die.

WWYD if you became allegic to women's c*m???

12-19-2004, 07:33 AM
enjoy it now..... and suffer the consequences later

WWYD if I c*m in your mouth

12-19-2004, 07:36 AM
I would swallow,YUMMY!!!!!!!!!!!!Come on baby!!!!!!!

WWYD if you got addicted to me???

12-19-2004, 07:43 AM
i wouldnt seek help to quit my addiction

WWYD if i said i was at the airport and said i would be in N.O. in 36-48 hours

12-19-2004, 07:46 AM
I would get very excited,LOL!!!

WWYD if you got too horny and came on yourself before you saw me???

12-19-2004, 08:08 AM
take 10 minutes to recover and clean up.... then id be ready to go.... again

WWYD if i said this thread has got me so hot n hard i need a cold shower

12-19-2004, 08:10 AM
I would say,"Go play with yourself in the shower and think about me".

WWYD if I said I was turned on too???

12-19-2004, 08:13 AM
id suggest a cam session.... if i had a cam

WWYD if i asked for a pic of you

12-19-2004, 08:17 AM
Damn,I don't have any good ones.Be patient.;)

WWYD if I asked if you ever been to the states before???

12-19-2004, 05:23 PM
I've been to the states 3 times

WWYD on my next trip to the US

12-19-2004, 07:15 PM
I would lay you like linoleum flooring.

WWYD if you can't come to the states anymore???

12-20-2004, 04:48 AM
i can come to the US again.... got my new passport this week(no vietnamise visa stamps) I would be heartbroken if i couldnt go back stateside everagain.... its 1 of my favourite places.

WWYD if i said i am still horny as hell

12-20-2004, 08:23 AM
I would say I wasn't surprised.

WWYD if I said you can invite a friend to the sex party???

12-21-2004, 01:26 AM
hmmmm...... well i dont know in N.O. so you will have do the inviting

WWYD if i could only have sex for 3 hours the first time (due to jet lag) ?

12-21-2004, 02:43 AM
Say you better take a nap.;)

WWYD if I made you have sex???

12-21-2004, 04:46 AM
i think i could survive

WWYD if i said i'd take you every way possible, and you would be walking bow legged for a week

12-21-2004, 11:07 AM
I'd say, "I'd like to see you try!"

WWYD if one day everyone was naked?

12-21-2004, 11:17 AM
Try my hardest to act like a mature, sophisticated adult and not to

:laughing: :rotfl: :rotfl: :laughing:

Trust me there is good naked and bad naked...

WWYD if you had so much money, that you couldn't find enough ways to spend it?

12-21-2004, 04:27 PM
Then all will be right in my world.;D

WWYD if water became extinct???

12-21-2004, 09:27 PM
look for cup to pee in

WWYD if your lover came home and said:

oh hun, i got this great job...
first of all, I get up whenever and really don't have to get dressed if I don't want to. I hang out in a club all night long listening to music with girls buying me drinks, and flirt with every girl I see. when I find one that has a lot of money or attention for me, she starts stuffing money under my clothes, if I am even wearing any. I kiss them all and thank them for being so much fun! I will even start to rub parts of my body on them, but honey it is with clothes on. Sometimes their panties get so wet! I can even see large stains though their clothes,

honey don't worry I make lots of money, oh what a great job!

;) ;) ;)

12-21-2004, 11:24 PM
I would say well thats very similar to what happens when you go out to the club

WWYD if your lover told you you wernt aloud to go to sc anymore

12-21-2004, 11:30 PM
Ditch them and find a new one!

WWYD if you had sex with someone with a condom, the condom broke, and you found out that you were pregnant or the girl you slept with was pregnant?

12-22-2004, 12:03 AM
I'd take responsibility and be a man

WWYD if you somehow impregnated the first man in the world?

12-22-2004, 12:09 AM
I'd wonder where the hell the baby's gonna come out of!

WWYD if you had really bad B.O. and no matter how much you showered and how much deodorant you used, it didn't help?

12-22-2004, 12:15 AM
I'd put a clothes pin on my nose

WWYD If you had to be around the aforementioned person? {BO}

12-22-2004, 12:21 AM
I'd put a clothespin on my nose too!

WWYD if your house caught on fire and you only had time to run in and grab two things?

12-22-2004, 01:36 AM
i would get my cats out. dammit if we hadn't gotten that new kitten i'd have time to grab my dildo!!

wwyd if you woke up one day homeless and bankrupt with not a penny to your name?

12-22-2004, 09:24 AM
Be relieved in a way because at that point,I will have no more bills to pay and no more people to owe,LOL!!!

WWYD if the planet ran out of cheese???

12-22-2004, 09:47 AM
No cheese?!? Try and get used to the soy stuff.

WWYD if no one remembered you?

12-22-2004, 11:28 AM
id forget about it

WWYD if there was no cheese, no soy stuff, and no war?

12-22-2004, 11:30 AM
I can get used to the no war stuff,but as far as cheese and soy goes,I dunno about that.

WWYD if SW shut down tomorrow indefinately???

12-22-2004, 12:30 PM
i would cry over all the injustices in the world and ask god, why lord? WHY????
then i would try to find a similar site i guess and move on with my life and wonder every so often what became of all of you.

wwyd if you had to choose between being rich and alone or broke with the love of your life?ok i know if you are rich you can find someone- would you take the money and find someone new or be broke with your true love.

12-23-2004, 09:14 AM
call me a romantic, but the love of another human being is a wonderful thing and would be a happier existance for me. can always make more money

WWYD if you could go anywhere in the world

12-23-2004, 09:22 AM
Take my new lehr jet to a small private tropical island in the South Pacific and invite all my friends and family to party!

WWYD if you had to choose just one method to have sex forever?

12-23-2004, 09:25 AM
69, i love the intimacy

WWYD if clubs turned from fantasy to reality and started to sell sex

12-23-2004, 10:27 AM
I would abandon the business forever.

WWYD if the world ran out of beer???

12-23-2004, 11:32 AM
Fuck it, I drink the harder stuff anyways

WWYD if your "dancer friend" wanted to go out with you?

12-23-2004, 11:34 AM
i would ask her to meet me at church.
{good answer Red!}
WWYD at a SC if there was no music!

12-23-2004, 12:02 PM
id probably jump off a building and get my eyelid stuck on a nail...
wwyd if you were trying to pick someone up.and you trip in front of them?

12-23-2004, 01:07 PM
I wouldn't trip.I'm too damn smooth,LOL!!!

WWYD if electricity became non-existent???

12-23-2004, 02:09 PM
^ have sex like bunnies and hunt in the nude

WWYD if you HAD to choose between lifelong lust (multiple partners), or lifelong love (monogamy of course)

12-23-2004, 02:10 PM
Life long love.

WWYD if you had a choice to either live a long and boring life or a short and exciting life?

12-23-2004, 02:16 PM
that's easy.... live a short and exciting life

WWYD if you had a 3 breasts? ;D

12-23-2004, 02:16 PM
I am surprised I am still living - so that should answer the Q

WWYD if your mother was alive, and that your ex was dating her?

12-23-2004, 02:59 PM
I would say those two f*cking *ssh*les deserve each other.It's a about time the idiots of the world united.

WWYD if rain stopped falling???

12-23-2004, 03:37 PM
do an indian rain dance.

wwyd if you really could go blind from masturbating?