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12-10-2004, 05:37 PM
you know what makes a true PL from this customer's POV? basically, he's a pigeon, rube, dupe, patsy, sucker or you if prefer a more euphemistic term: an uninformed consumer.


a sc is like any other business and like most businesses it has primary business objectives and goals. the main purpose of a stripclub is to strip the consumer of his money as quickly and efficiently as humanly possible from the very beginning to the very end of his trip. pretty simple huh? every person who works for the stripclub has his hand out to assist in achieving the objective. the money is "earned" in a variety of ways in the form of dances, drinks, food, tips, greased palms, etc. incidentally, they also offer something called "entertainment", but that's more of an afterthought rather than an integral part of the primary objective ::) . however, the source of all this money originates from the customer. now, if you don't see the potential advantage. you really are a PL. :) unfortunately, most PL don't notice a thing.

in fact, many PLs seem to be under the impression (it's not hard to guess where they get this idea from) that the more,IMO, careless spending you do in a sc. the better time he'll will have in a sc. of course, that's not necessarily true. obviously, that fits in perfectly with the business objectives and goals of the club. however, while that may be good for the club, it doesn't necessarily follow that it's good for the customer. i'll cover this later but ,IMHO, spending money in a random, spontaneous manner in a sc just leads to more willy-nilly spending. BTW, it really doesn't matter if your favorite stripclub has a chandelier hanging from the ceiling or enough discarded DNA on the floors to clone an entire army. in the end, it doesn't matter. although, the decor, the people and the strippers might change. the main business objective and goals remains the same no matter which kind of club you attend.


stripclubs are no different than any other offering in the sex industry. they're very good at producing the sizzle, but it's wildly inconsistent when it comes to actually producing the steak. you ever hear of the phrase, "there no such thing as a free lunch"? well, if you watch practically any tv commercial. you get the feeling that the statement isn't true. the tantalizing promise of a sc is no different than a tv commercial or any other advertisment. especially, when you consider the fact that everyone from childern to adults are exposed [some say conditioned] to the attractive promises of advertisement in their daily lives. a perfect example would be the rise of gentlemen's club. at the time, it was nothing more than a clever marketing strategy to lessen the stigma of the industry by sugar-coating it in a more palatable wrapper to generate broader appeal. underneath, the business objective and goals remained the same. after all, why fix if it. if it ain't broke?

once the customer has been lured to the club by the bait. the first part of the oldest marketing strategy in the sc manual is to promise everything (sex, drugs, and rock & roll, a chicken in every pot, clean and minty breath, low carb, tax cuts, etc) while separating the consumer from his money. the object of the game is to sell, sell, sell, hustle, hustle, hustle the customer as much as possible. how? well, the club provides services which traditionally have detrimental effect on the male judgement centers in the brain. booze, naked broads, and massive doses of SS are examples of some of them. once the customer is primed into a suggestible state by one or more. all a stripper needs to do is run her hand over his thigh and the chump starts gushing cash like a texas oil well.

the second part of the marketing strategy is to deliver little or nothing in return to the sucker. now, if you're expecting some of degree of interest in customer satisfaction or service on par with a well-known mainstream business. you picked the wrong business to patronize. if you think a stripper's best interests are in alignment with your best's interests. you need to re-read the the first paragraph of this post. if you think every stripper is interested into by giving you exactly what you want because you're paying her. get real. what about a money-back guarantee if you're not satisfied? do i really need to answer that question ::) . you only need to realize one thing about sc. whether or not the customer is actually satisfied with his purchase is pretty much irrelevant in the larger scheme of things. getting the suckers to come into the club and making sales is more important than any kind of interest in customer satisfaction. it's very similar to an old sales or con man tactic called a "bait and switch".


so, how can a customer cut through all the hype and bullshit and not be tempted by the offer of a free toaster and find himself suckered into buying the sc equivalent of a florida time-share in the middle of a swamp? should he just stay at home and hide under the covers? of course not, there's no problem with going to a sc as long as you do it on your own terms. all it takes is a simple change in mindset and you'll find that sc can be a blast. first of all, i really can't stress this enough, but a customer should KNOW EXACTLY WHAT HE WANTS before stepping foot in a sc and once he's there, he needs to find out exactly WHO'S GONNA SERVE HIM BEST. the reasoning behind knowing what you want is to control the random, spontaneous spending and to spend more in a calculated manner. for example, if you decided that you just want to look at T&A. don't spend money on dances.

secondly, i don't care what a customer's exact reason for being there may be. however, a smart customer should, at the very least, have a goal in mind. as a rule, he should never accept an inferior product that a stripper may try to fob off on him and not let his worst enemy (ie: the little head) interfere to his disadvantage in that decision making process as most PLs are inclined to do with alarming alacrity. futhermore, you have to be a proactive customer. frankly, most PLs are either shy or timid in their dealings with strippers and part of that,IMO, may be due to their lack of certainity about what he wants out of the experience. as a result, he usually ends up allowing the stripper to define what he wants. a bad decision IMO.

so, if a customer wants to just look at tits and ass. pay the cover and ogle to your heart's content. if a customer wants a blowjob and/or the OTC takeout, he needs to find out who's serving. if a customer wants to have his ego stroked and sweet nothings whispered in his ear, he needs to find a stripper who does it the best. in short, if you hand over your money for service. you want to make sure that you get exactly what you want in return. if not, i recommend you terminate any further transactions with extreme prejudice. remember, it's a business and not a charity for wayward strippers.

finally, a customer should also realize that talk is amazingly cheap and plentiful inside of a sc. in fact, there's enough hot air in a sc on any given night. it's a wonder the club doesn't float straight up into the stratosphere. as i mentioned before, sc are very good at producing the sizzle, but they're wildly inconsistent when it comes to actually producing the steak. futhermore, besides being cheap and plentiful. talk is also a clever distraction. very much like a magician who draws the audience attention to his left hand while the real work is going on in his right hand. for example, say you buy a dance from a stripper. the dance is average and you've had much better. however, everytime you think about stopping. the dancer ambiguously hints or implies either verbally or non-verbally that the dances will get better, if you keep buying more dances. of course, the dances will never get better because you're playing a sucker's game. in addition, you just paid to see your money magically disappear in exchange for some pretty lame dances. the lesson here is to make sure the stripper's actions matches up with the talk. scratch that, forget the talk just make sure her actions matches up with what you want.

12-17-2004, 11:36 AM
A question in light of the above very informative post:

On a recent visit to a strip club, a dancer repeatedly asked to go with me to my hotel after her shift was over. She made this request before, during and after a VIP dance which occurred at the end of her shift (so if I had said yes, she would have had to come across fairly soon, rather than at some point in the distant future). Early morning commitments precluded even serious consideration of her offer.

How do I interpret the above offer/statement?

12-17-2004, 03:12 PM
all a stripper needs to do is run her hand over his thigh and the chump starts gushing cash like a texas oil well.

hahaha! I distictively remember those days. ::) That was a nice read mr_p. You're absolutely right about having a clear goal in mind and dictating your terms. Don't part so easily with your green. You'll find yourself finding levels of enjoyment you've probably never experienced before by simply letting that money marinate in your pocket. Sure. Spend it but be sure to spend it wisely on whatever tickles your fancy.

I always get a kick out of watching some PL getting led by the hand to the ATM in the middle of the club. :blindfold Something about that has always made me giggle uncontrollably.


12-17-2004, 03:39 PM
But Jay... There's always the ATM man. It sure keeps the money flowing. ;) ;D

:searching for that smilie of the PL standing at the ATM:


12-17-2004, 05:10 PM
A question in light of the above very informative post:

On a recent visit to a strip club, a dancer repeatedly asked to go with me to my hotel after her shift was over. She made this request before, during and after a VIP dance which occurred at the end of her shift (so if I had said yes, she would have had to come across fairly soon, rather than at some point in the distant future). Early morning commitments precluded even serious consideration of her offer.

How do I interpret the above offer/statement?I have 3 scenarios in order of probability.

Most Probable: At the end of the shift, after she has gotten several more dances from you, she remembers that she has to laminate book covers at her grandmothers house that night and cancels.

Somewhat probable: She wants to party at your room but she wants money to do it.

Least Probable: She thinks your a really neat guy and wants to have wild sex with you all night long for free.

Of course, anything is possible....that's what keeps us interested....

Casual Observer
12-17-2004, 07:07 PM
I never use plastic at a club, MW, and that includes ATMs. That's what I meant by my budget - the cash on hand that I've set aside for my club visit. And that's not even all the cash I have on hand.

Same here.

12-17-2004, 07:10 PM
Plastic at the SC makes me laugh. You know they really need a smilie with a cheshire cat grin wearing dancer leading a PL to the ATM. ;D

I always take what I plan on spending. If, for some odd reason, I spend it all up before I am ready to go I either:

1. Go.

2. Go.

3. Tell Ms. J I am out and go.


12-17-2004, 08:28 PM
How do I interpret the above offer/statement?i'm assuming you don't know this dancer very well. if that's the case, i agree with yoda. she was just hustling (pretty hard..if you ask me) you to buy more dances. was this dancer russian or of some other slavic extraction by any chance? anyway, if you're ever find yourself in this situation again. if you agree to her offer. don't spend or give her another dime until she fulfills her end of the bargain.

I have 3 scenarios in order of probability.i would have added one more possibility. he didn't mention it, but if this guy was carrying a lot of cash or if he was an out-of-towner on business or both. i wouldn't be surprised if the stripper's parolee BF showed up at the hotel for a little chat.

12-17-2004, 08:33 PM
Yoda: Thanks for the feedback. Since the end of the dancers' shift coincided with the club closing, there wasn't any chance of her selling me extra dances. On the other hand, a little dose of ss keeps the customer happy, and maybe coming back another night.

I had thought that #2 was most likely, with #3 as a very distant possibility.
She gave me her telephone number, but of course it was a cell, and besides, I really wouldn't be interested in anything like an extended personal or business relationship. Frankly, I go to strip clubs strictly for the fantasy aspect of it, and if I wanted something with mutual responsibility, accountability, etc., I could certainly get that elsewhere. Actually I go to clubs to get away from that--my only responsibility in a strip club is to have and spend money!

12-17-2004, 08:39 PM

I had seen this dancer at the club a couple of times before. I had gotten a dance from her on one earlier occasion, but I don't think she remembered me.

She was not slavic; seemed to be corn-fed Midwestern.

The parolee boyfriend scenario occurred to me as I was driving back to my hotel. In the words of a contemporary British philosopher (From the "Good-bye Yellow Brick Road" album, I believe):

That's one dude gone,
Just one more john
Who made a mistake.

12-17-2004, 09:18 PM
mr_punk: You don't think she was interested in my great personality and scintillating conversation? Now I am crushed!!!

12-18-2004, 04:35 AM
We need to have a sticky topic thread for PL's seeking advice. The title:


hehehehehe ;)

12-18-2004, 06:26 AM

I had seen this dancer at the club a couple of times before. I had gotten a dance from her on one earlier occasion, but I don't think she remembered me.

A good hustler remembers any guy that ever spent money on her. Maybe not a name or even when, but they just remember.

In any event, it sounds like you are thinking with your big head. Not always easy in the SC environment.

12-18-2004, 08:16 PM
eeing as she's my perfect dancer match, I really don't care that I end up ignoring everybody else if she's around...sheesh...I couldn't sound like much more of a PL. Don't worry...no RIL in my future....its strictly physical.

I don't see the problem here. Your ATF is your business and no one else's. As long as you don't act like an ass with the other girls while waiting for your ATF to show up or whatever, I don't think there's an issue.

I'm a fool for Ms. J. Everyone knows it. I'd meet any guidelines for RIL or fucko status if folks were so inclined, but I don't care. I'm nice and friendly to the other girls, they respond favorably to my courtesy, and I tip them well, but my main reason for going in and spending the $$ is to see and spend time with Ms. J. Most of the other girls recognize that and don't have issues. So why should anyone else?

Casual Observer
12-19-2004, 12:03 PM
why? there is no hidden ulterior motive, conspiracy theory or nefarious plot against you. a dancer's motive is pretty transparent and simple. no, it's not selling entertainment or fantasy. those are by-products. a stripper's motive is to sell as many dances as possible..period..end of story. so, there's no need to worry about some intricate plan being hatched by some evil mastermind straight out of a james bond movie and despite all the that claims i hear about intelligent dancers. i don't think they're that smart . anyway, you already know her motive and once a customer comes to that realization. he can stop handicapping himself by removing all the mystification.

I agree.

That said, it doesn't mean I have to look at them as particularly mercenary or predatory--unless their hustle is just egregiously offensive. A motivated dancer I can deal with; an obnoxious shark I will not.

12-20-2004, 06:06 PM
A little cyncism keeps you safe (and not just at the SC). Just don't let it overwhelm you to where it gets in the way of having a good time.
Doc, the only stripper line I fall for is that her tuition is imminently due. I'm a firm believer in education ;D


02-10-2005, 02:11 PM
Customers make their own lives harder. Aren't you there to have fun? To get away from having to think??

When you go into a restaurant, you look at the menu, make a choice, and pay. When the food is brought out, do you sit there and stare at it for an hour, caress it, turn it around, nibble it, and then decide against it? No, because you would have yourself to blame for going home hungry.

If a girl approaches a customer, all of this fear customers have would go down the tubes if he just said exactly what he wanted. After 5 minutes, "ok, I think I'll get 2 laps for the road". "I got 10 bucks and 20 minutes to kill. Just sit right... there." End of story! What's the problem? Is it a power issue? Hookers, escorts, and private party dancers don't approach you, you book them in advance. Do you feel your ego crushed if you request clothing rather than it requesting you?

The only reason it's a problem, and the customer has to get all cynical is if he is trying to lead somebody on or get something for nothing. This is spoiling his own fun since he ends being the one who's working, for free.

02-12-2005, 11:19 AM
out of curiosity, why would ask if it's an issue of power?