View Full Version : DancerWealth Seminar NEW YEARS DISCOUNT!

12-14-2004, 09:19 PM
On January 9th, 2005 we will be conducting another DancerWealth seminar in Las Vegas, Nevada. To celebrate the New Year, we will be offering a very special discount available one time only at an extremely low price. It's so low, I simply cannot mention it here. I can tell you though that it is a small fraction of the regular $999.00 price. Here's the best part...this is going to be the biggest and best seminar we have ever done to date! Not only will you learn the skills needed to become one of the top income earners in your club, but you'll learn the keys to success in this industry that only a very few have been able to master. You'll learn such skills as:

* How to double or even triple the amount of private/lap dances you perform each night!

* Persuasion & Influence techniques as taught by the top sales trainers in the world! This skill alone is worth the price of the program!

* Why clients want dances from some girls and not others, and how to take advantage of that fact.

* Understanding that there is not a finite amount of money in a club and how to use that to your advantage.

* Top systems for approaching groups and couples and how to double or even triple how much they spend on you.

* The "A-B-Cs" of selling more private dances.

* The psychology of how the clothes you wear can work for you or against you.

* How to work the room better than any other dancer in the club.

* The top techniques for identifying the best customers.

* How to sell private dances when you are ON STAGE!

* The best ways to apply make-up, style your hair, and what clothes you should (and shouldn't wear)

* HOW TO SELL WHILE YOU DANCE! The most effective ways to dance on stage and do lap-dances the safe and clean way and still have guys begging for more!

* How to understand the club environment more effectively.

* How to create and perform a specialty stage act.

* Ways to stay focused on the job and the best ways for you to interact with other staff to make them work for you.

* How to end the burn-out experienced by many dancers!

AND MUCH MUCH MORE. Best of all, we are bringing in two very special guests. Mark Bryant, CPA, is a specialist on financial management and tax preparation to help give advice on how to best manage your money and taxes and our other guest will be officer Sal Mascoli, a training officer for the Las Vegas police to talk about personal safety as a dancer and self defence.

For more details on this class and to register, go to www.dancerwealth.com (http://www.dancerwealth.com) or PM me should you have any questions. If you have already attended any of our seminars, you are welcome to reattend this January 9th class at a MASSIVE discount...virtually free in fact. You must PM me for details though.

Lastly, our next newsletter is to go out Wednesday night so sign-up now on our website for a one year subscription. The topic of our next newsletter is perceived value vs. actual value and how this sales technique can tremendously impact how you sell your VIP or Champagne room! Thanks again, and see you on the 9th!