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01-28-2005, 10:24 AM
people. i'm still curious about making my own private party stripper business. i have 1 or 2 other strippers at my club who are also curious. i dance at a nude club and dont have a prob w/ some mild contact. i have a full time, non jealous, driver/BG friend, tho he's not huge or a fighter (5'11", 200lbs, fit).
my q's are; how to advertise? i was thinking about a small add in our local nitelife monthly paper with a backside photo (scared to reveal my face in print) and brief intro. but should i put my cell # or email as a contact? can wierdos find out where i live thru my cell # or email? should i say my stage name, (which is also real name)? would i get overwhelmed with bogus calls/letters? as for fee's i think a base fee of $500. cash at the door for me showing up, (double if i bring another girl?) for like 2 hours, then lap dance tips of $20 a song with some contact. wouldnt they already have music? hadnt thought about extra charges for shots, dildos, showers, g on g, etc..bodyguard would be inside watching. is advertising and or doing private stripping illegal in tx? how about digital pix of the show? sounds like a good way to have an easy nite out of the club a few times a week but i dunno, i usually make $5-600 on fri or sat nite at club working from 8-close anyway. whadda ya'll think?::)

01-28-2005, 11:16 AM
Boy do i hate private parties and dont think girls should ever do them,even with a body guard.Just My opinion.

Its actually very easy though if thats what you want to do.Just about every entertainer could do it for little money invested.
Never start the business with another dancer,do it yourself,hire them to work for you.
Learn the laws and its restrictions in each area that you will be working in.
best to spend the money on a lawyer,dont go by what people say,the laws change to much.
Be real sure of legalities in your area.
Get a cell phone just for that business.
Get all the permits and licenses that you need.

The only advertising i would do at first is a newspaper ad,IN THE SPORTS SECTION and a phonebook ad.
Not some night life newspaper,but the one thats delivered to all the hotel rooms and newsstands in your town.
The phonebook only comes out once a year so you may have to wait for the ad to be in.

If you can build,or get someone to build you a web site,it cant hurt.

Get a small business program for your comp.

Keep real good records.

Hire a small business accountant to do the books.

You got a business.

Just know,its hard to work at a club and do this at the same time.
The best nights to be on stage are usually the best nights for private parties,unless you want to do all the parties late night after work.

Both can be done,ya just gotta be heads up and schedualed well.

01-28-2005, 11:50 AM
just a thought-- private parties usually means sex/prostitution so beware that is what most of the clients will be expecting. If that's not what you want then I'd stay away from doing privates.

just my two cents.

01-28-2005, 06:44 PM
I know many girls that have done/do private bachelor parties with no sex. But $500 base up front might be too high for Texas cheapos. You might want to charge $300 and really push the add-ons like shower/dildo shows and lapdances.......

01-28-2005, 08:09 PM
I agree with thorn bfriend as security= trouble.

01-28-2005, 10:15 PM
I also agree about not using bf as bodyguard. I do shows once in a while and dont think Id want my boyfriend watching me let a guy lick whippedcream off my tits or masturbate in front of a group of guys.

$500 for a base fee seems really high but Im in Sacramento. I charge $160 to show up and do a 15 min thing for the bachelor/bday boy. This is a strip tease/lapdance and 4 games (whipped cream, tequila shot, lotion rub down and lollipop) Thats all they get. They spend no money I leave... Then I charge the guys $20 each per game they want to do or for a lap dance.

I offer a toy show (about 10-15 min) for $20 each person minimum $200. Last Sat I did a show with 20 guys.. $160 show up, $400 toy show and then about $200 in games and $100 in $1's. (I always bring $100 in crisp $1's for the guys to buy before I start the show, never left a show without getting them all back) The money can rack up.

Difference is I work for a company and they get half my show up fee... so I made $780 cash (before paying bouncer boy) and will be 1099 for the $80.

If you do it right you can make good money and as I learned from doing a show with no bouncer (BIG no-no) then one with an ex who wants me back (another BIG no-no) its worth it to tip your bouncer 15% to be there and get the guys excited. He got $120 for pretty much standing around. Not bad for HIM!

I was at that show for about 1hr 15 min...

Good luck and I have no idea about advertising. I do it at my club... I just mention I do parties and tell them to contact Take It Off (the company). If the club knew this they wouldnt be too happy tho so you gotta watch it!


01-29-2005, 08:06 AM
i really dont think you should do this at all. i have been offered to do parties, but i decline. i know far too many girls who have been beaten, raped, etc. from these damn things. it may seem like more money, but it's more hassles. dont use ur bf as security. get someone whom you would have a strictly professional relationship with. what if ur bf does get jealous? what if he leaves you at a party & something happens to you?

01-29-2005, 09:48 AM
BigGreen and Katrine said it well!!!

I do private parties.

1) if you show up at a club in you're area now, you may get thrown out....Lol, was my problem, now i don't give a shit!

2) Get security, not a bf to go it with you.

3) i don't advertise or do but... you may get swamped if you know alot of people. I have tried an ad in the paper once, the sports section is a great idea, but would not allow my "out of place ad there." You would not believe how word of mouth travels for this business!!!

4) Before the event, tell him/them what you do and DON'T do at shows. Always on you're cell phone. Call up a friend (before you leave) who is to call you at you're cell when the party is coming to a end.

5) Yes, check into you're laws, they do change all the time. I was told i can not accept tips after a show for "extra" pleasure. I have a "fixed" price on the phone, my shows only go 45 min, maybe an hour...way too long for me. I charge alot, because i give alot! Solo sex show, showers, stripping, friction ld's, food etc.

Good luck!

look into you're local laws.

Money is in private parties it seems today. But you have risks with drunks, drugs and extreme pervs. Just WALK. You will know before hand (once you get the feel) if the party is going to be worth $ 500 or not.


01-29-2005, 10:52 AM
I was thinking, wy not work for a reputable private party company for a short time just to get hang of the ropes, then branch out yourself. Use some of their ideas to get you started.

01-31-2005, 11:02 AM
I also have a small question about this subject:

Is there some type of screening process the guys go through before you arrive to the party? Im thinking that it is a chance thing that if things get shady or out of hand thats why you leave or get the bouncer to help you.

01-31-2005, 11:52 AM
Within the UK there are two different sorts of function that probably fall within your decription of private party.

(a) Private function organised by agent and/or dancer.

This takes place within a private flat or behind closed doors at a public venue. Essentially it can involve 3 - 12 dancers and the appropriate number of customers. They can range from low contact lap dancing to blue shows involving toys. For one of the well known and reputable ones in the UK check out the "Full Service" website at www.fullservice.co.uk

(b) Traditional stag do.

Definately a blue function organised at a club or bar. Toys, lesbian spot and sometimes BJ's as a climax. 2 or 3 dancers plus comedian. Again closed door.

In the case of the private function, attendance is generally by invitation - essentially individuals known to be well behaved and discrete. The stag dos are generally by publicly sold ticket.

Both tend to be well organised and with reasonable security. They are sometimes behind closed doors because the venues to not have the appropriate entertinment licences.

It all comes down to organisation - if it's done by someone reputable who ensures things stay generally within the law, have good security, a screened clientelle and are in a reasonable venue then things are OK. On the other hand, there are some less than reputable organisers whom it's a good idea to stay away from.

Caveat emptor.

Phil W.

02-08-2005, 11:35 AM
here is a website of a group of strippers that do what you are thinking about:

I don't think they have too many problems; in fact, I think they are pretty happy with the work they do. Each dancer/stripper takes only those assignments she wishes to take. I don't know what they do for security at private parties. The people I know who work their are nice.

10-20-2011, 04:04 PM
Can someone tell me what the lotion rub down and the lollipop is?

11-11-2011, 02:56 PM
I'm curious why you bumped this thread to ask a question you've asked before? Rather odd.

I noticed many of those in the thread are either banned or left but many of the things mentioned are so wrong. I have been doing private parties for 18 years and have never had sex with a customer. I've also never really done toy or lesbian shows (once for both but neither was hardcore and I didn't have sex with the dancer). $500 seems awfully high for a private show, I normally charged between $200-$250 an hour and more if the distance is far. For awhile I did have an boyfriend as my bouncer and it was a bad idea so I stuck to men who had no connection beyond dancing.

I never did either the rub down or lollipop but the lollipop was mentioned in another thread and rub down I think either means you give the bachelor a massage or the guys give you one.

12-02-2011, 04:17 PM
looks like alot more to think about, over just turning up at a club to dance