View Full Version : new silly song

03-01-2005, 10:34 PM
if you haven't heard it yet, adam sandler has a new song called "secret".( i reccomend the eddie baez mix.) it's a club track that really sounds nothing like adam unless you knew it was him. his secret is "i trim my buuuuuuuuuush", and at the end, it turns out that it's a man singing it instead of a woman. stupid, funny, somewhat playable, and just silly. i dont know if i would play it, since one of the choruses involves the refrain "fucking and sucking" over and over again, but i'll probably play it when we open before anyone is in the club just for the staff's amusement. btw, if you get that mix, it's 10+ minutes long, and you'll have to go like 3:20 before a lyric.