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03-19-2005, 09:52 AM
I've been offered the chance to do a bachelors party with another gal from work. I know the couple getting married/throwing the party a bit and know they're on the level. Anyhow it'll be a somwwhat co-ed party and they're looking for a "risque" girl/girl show and single dances for people afterwards for cash.

My question is this, what's the running rate for something like this? Before I commit I want to find out exactly what I should be charging them etc.

Any and all input is appreciated!

Thanks in advance!

03-19-2005, 10:45 AM
The girl/girl parites I have done in the past I charge $300 per girl for an hour. That's just to show up and dance and get nakkie.

If they want to see a whip creme show, dildo show, or girl/girl extras, then the price goes up from there.

If they aren't tipping well after 30 mins or so, then we pack up and leave. If they are still tipping very well after the hour, we pull the party planner aside and ask him/her if they want us to stay longer. If they do then; they have to continue tipping well and give us an extra $200 per girl for the next hour.

The parties I have done lately with one girl I work with, have resulted in around $900-1,300 per girl for 3 hours work. We do do dildo shows and do the girl/girl thing. They guys usually watch without touching or interrupting us and they just throw money from across the room while they watch.

If you want to know any more PM me and I'll try to answer any more questions you have.


03-19-2005, 11:14 AM
and do realize that rates vary widely across the nation.

my "advertised" rate that I quote to random custy's is $250/girl each for one hour. That's the rate we get paid to show up, paid in advance/at the door. So as Kitana says, you can leave early if need be, although we never leave for not getting tips, we only leave if 1- the situation seems dangerous or the guys are just utter assholes, or 2- we did our show but they weren't into it and it naturally died down a little under an hour.

That typical hour can go three basic routes, depending on the personalities at the party. After the first typical hour, we do as Kitana does, and see if they want us to continue. At that point it's usually another $150/200 per girl for each additional hour, with the assumption that tips will keep flowing. When the tips stop after the first hour, we're done.

Route #1- Some guys want a basic SC type show, usually middle-aged guys. Corporate parties, halftime of the SuperBowl, etc:

Arrive, casual flirting
Girls A & B do strip in center of room
Girl A moves off to do mini lapdances around the room, Girl B continues dancing
Girl B also does mini lapdances, on other side of room
Girl A & B "run into each other" while working their way around, usually on bday/bach's lap, and do a double lapdance... tease that it will turn into heavy girl/girl
Then Girl A back into the middle do dance while Girl B does more mini lapdances
Then Girl B back into middle, do mild girl/girl (touching yes, kissing maybe (depends on girl), fucking no)
Then both girls split and follow the tips for lapdances around room.

This route usually lasts an hour, we might stay another half an hour and drink and collect more tips. Avg net is about $350-400 for the total 2 hoursish we're there.

Route #2- These guys want games! Frat parties, bach & bday parties, usually young guys:

Arrive, flirt, Girl A & B in center of room.
Girls A & B interact while stripping, usually stripping off each other's "street" clothes down to stripper bikinis.
Game to get everyone involved (i.e. money basketball)
Show to focus on bach/bday/whoever everyone else pays to see humiliated (belts, markers, riding him like a horse, etc)
Messy game (i.e. whipped cream)
Girls retire to another room to clean up, leave instructions for the party to stuff money everywhere they can on the bach/bday boy.
Girls return, do money game (we hunt out the money, can get it only using our teeth)
A nice segue into a little girl/girl is to both "find" the last dollar at the same time, so we're both holding it with our teeth, get into a fake fight, guys love catfights.
Roll into center of room and stage a girl/girl fight/love fest
Follow the tips

This party usually leads to them requesting more girl/girl action, at which time we quote them the "upgrade" charge (which is full price hour, rather than the discount above) and continue the show basically as Kitana described above. Avg net is going to be $900+ for 3 hours. (less for 2 hours, obviously).

Route #3 - Girl/girl show, they want no interaction, they just wanna watch.

As Kitana described. They're at the edges of wherever we're doing our show. They sometimes will jack off, sometimes not - if you sense it is going there - set the guidelines asap!!
Basic girl/girl for us is vaginal dildo, faux oral sex (you know, just enough, but not really doing anything), lots of breast play, maybe some oil dripped from one to another and then getting slippery together.
Upcharge for anything anal (fingers, mouth, or dildo), heavy duty oral, candle wax, role-play, etc.

Have fun!!