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06-30-2005, 09:48 PM
I had gone through many queries and I think I can guide some of the sexy strippers willing to learn about giving hot BJ.

Mouth and Tongue - Lick the whole tip, and use your tongue to lick up and down the sides. This will help get his erection slick enough to slide into your mouth easily. Make sure you cover your teeth with your lips, and glide the head of his penis into your mouth. At this point you can use your tongue to lick the sensitive spot underneath the ridge of the head. One book suggested that the lick you use here should be like the kind of lick you would take of your favorite ice cream. From here you can proceed down the shaft as far as you can go. Don't worry if it isn't all the way - your mouth isn't necessarily as deep as his cock is long. Relax your jaw and neck as much as possible, and remember to breathe, through your nose if you can. This will help to minimize the possibility of gagging. When you pull your mouth back, pull it up the entire length right over the ridge of the tip, or even take it out of your mouth for a second- this is another opportunity to breathe. Then go on back for more. Try to avoid jerky, abrupt movements - and a glass of water nearby is handy. Keeping your tongue in motion is a good idea as well. You have it conveniently located, you might as well play with it. As for suction, you aren't going to be able to really suck his entire length- you just aren't built that way. You can suck on the head though, and a particularly interesting question can be asking him to suck on your finger as strongly as he would like you to suck on his head. Adjust your sucking accordingly.

(Stop being shy and talk to each other! You're putting your mouth on his penis, and he's putting his penis near your teeth. You obviously trust each other somewhat.) Don't be afraid to pause the action to give him a chance to cool off. Delaying orgasm is not a bad thing. When you approach his climax, his testicles will tighten up against his body. Don't be afraid to go a little faster or harder here, just don't get sloppy. Then comes the moment of your big decision:
If you want to finish in your mouth, don't make a huge show of spitting it out. Make smooth exit to the bathroom or have a tissue handy that you can unobtrusively spit into.

So best of luck to you girls and after trying this please please let me know your experience and if you have some queries please feel free to ask any question.

08-17-2005, 10:52 AM
One thing you cannot do is give a BJ to a limp dick.
And it is a job trying to get a guy's dick hard, keep stroking, and keep stimulating the head, and maybe it will come up.
Once it gets up, get a string or a rubber band and tie it round the penis. Tie it tight.
That way, it will be take a few minutes to get limp again.
You don't have much time, so concentrate mainly on the head and lick it, save the throating action until later.

A word of safety. Don't swallow the cum. I know you see all the porn movies with chicks getting innundate with cum. That is pure ignorance. You do not know what the guy is made of or what kind of diesease he has. This will more than likely come out in his cum.
Just be careful and protect yourself..

Of course, if you must insist on getting cum on your face, it is a fact that cum is good moisturizer for your face.

For instance, people have been telling me that cum gets rid of zits since I was sixteen years old.
I remember my best friend Caroline saying, ďIt works. Look at me, I always get it on my face and I donít have any zits.Ē She also insisted that if she didnít have a boyfriend after a while she would break out.
The verdict was that swallowing it was pretty good but nothing got rid of zits like getting it on your face. After years of standing by said rules I have decided to rent a tractor trailer and call a big, gigantic, heaping, six-thousand-million ton pile of bullshit on that school of thought.
To prove it, my good friends Nick and Lisa put cum on one side of their face and moisturizer on the other FOR AN ENTIRE MONTH. Thatís right, every day Nick would summon some jizz and Lisaís live-in boyfriend would do the same and they would both apply, compare, and contrast. At the end of every week they would take a Polaroid of the progress and summarize the differences between both cheeks. The verdict? Too bad, you canít see cum in Polaroids.

08-17-2005, 02:56 PM
The ladies in porn don't actually swallow the cum. It's pina colada mix that you see them swallow. Never mind that they get tested every 30 days for STD's and HIV (which up to date tests you have to see before shooting).

08-17-2005, 03:03 PM
Mmm...pina coladas...*heads to kitchen*

08-17-2005, 03:06 PM
The ladies in porn don't actually swallow the cum. It's pina colada mix that you see them swallow. Never mind that they get tested every 30 days for STD's and HIV (which up to date tests you have to see before shooting).
Really? When I watched the Annabel Chong Story (which was awesome, if anyone is really facinated by pornumentary) I think they said the opposite - that it was the walk-in schlepps that had to produce the the test results, but that they essentially "trusted" the guys who were in the industry.

08-18-2005, 02:35 AM
^^ I think that was the case up until some years ago. Relatively recently (I think a couple of years ago), there a highly publicised AIDS scare within the porn industry where many porn actors and actresses were diagnosed with HIV and AIDS due to lack testing and use of no contraception. Those incidents tightened the regulations of sexual health testing within the industry so as far as I'm aware, I believe it's mandatory that participants have official tests and the paperwork before shooting porn.

10-13-2005, 10:46 PM
and thank god for that! this is an awesome thread, i only wish every girl I have ever known is listening/reading this thread, by the way - the little lady who has changed her life and working as a LMT, has now moved back in with me.
cheers babies... and thanks for everthing. Advice is cheep, solutions can take a lfetime............................