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10-08-2005, 02:08 PM
Going to start dancing at local clubs in the Raleigh, NC area. I am in college and could dance 3-4 nights a week and not impact my studies. But I don't have a car, so someone suggested that I try doing private parties instead.

A photographer friend offered to bounce, as he used to do so years ago when rates for 3 sets of 3 songs each was $150-175 for topless and $250 for same number of songs that ended up nude, along with tips from the party attendees.

What are the rates now for private parties? DO you take cash only, and how much money do you advise attendees to bring for tips - $20 in singles, or more?

Also, how do you tell that the hiring parties aren't cops trying to entrap me into doing something to bust me for? Does anyone have a contract signed by the paying client signifying that they aren't cops?

10-09-2005, 07:31 PM
I would think the fees depend on the area you're in. I work for a friend how is starting a business doibng private parties. Here's a breakdown of the fees.

Customers pay:
$30 booking fee -goes to person who refers the party to us or to company expenses (business cards, web page, phone).
$300 per girl - this gaurentees an hour of dancing, we do let them know that we stay longer if the tips are good. This is for nude dancing witheach girl doing a show at the end (candle wax, paint, sundae, etc)
Entertainers pay:
$50 for the bouncer per girl, if we do good, he gets tipped more. If we have more than one bouncer, for larger parties, each one gets $50 from each girl.
$25 to company for booking.

We only accept cash and we always make sure to bring about $150 in ones with us for change.

If we get a call for a party and the guys starts asking what we "ll do we tell him that we are not escorts ot prostitutes and offer dancing entertainment only. If that's what they 're looking for we can't help them. To date we have had no problems with any parties we've done.

I would think that almost any city would have a company or agency that books parties, you might want to contact them to atleast find out what the going rates are. If you do go on your own make sure you have a bouncer that knows what he's doing and will keep you safe. And always be ready to walk away from a situation if you need to, no amount of money is worth your safety.

10-12-2005, 12:46 AM
this is how it works where i used to work. basically the customers will pay around 140-200 per girl per half hour (so if its 2 girls its 140-200 per girl for one hour etc). then we get there, and we dont see any of the money they paid to the company - we only work off of tips. we sell lapdances, toy shows, duo shows, private shows, whatever. then we tip out our bouncers a certain percentage. and there you go. i used to make pretty good money (anywhere from 80-1000, average was around 400 a party though) if my friends were having a party and was thinking of hiring me id tell them to bring some singles but at least 100 if they want to have a good time. (i charge 20 a lapdance, 100 for 10 minutes of private time, absolutely no sex ever)

private shows arent illegal. its only illegal if you have sex with them so it wouldnt even matter if they were cops. im also in college living in the dorms with no car so this was perfect for me. i made great money and the hours were very flexible. i worked at a couple clubs and i just find that this is less work for more money. if you have any questions dont hesitate to PM me.