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12-28-2005, 09:50 AM
I operate a stripper agency in Connecticut:

Should agencies pay out shift pay for parties? The current grumbling with agency owners in this area is the highly controversial elimination of shift pays. We all desire to keep our prices reasonable so we can all continue to have work every weekend, but with advertising prices rising, we could continue to operate efficiently by not paying dancers. The other argument from the owners is that we offer the same (if not more) services as the club and a much better working environment. Arguably, there is a greater earning potential in working parties, yet, dancers pay house fees to work at the club.

I've had this discussion with my dancers who defend the shift pay by saying that parties are much different, in terms of contact, and that "we're not shoving dildos up our ass at the club". Most of my dancers are former club dancers, leaving the club altogether after doing parties; however, they've said there is no incentive to do parties without the shift pay. Some dancers feel that if the party is bad, it's also the agencies fault, and the shift pay sometimes softens a poor evening.

This summer, our busiest and most profitable time of the year; I think more companies will be leaning toward trying new ways to pay dancers. This ideal is being kicked around a lot, e.g. the minimum a dancer should make per party is $200, so anything under $200, the agency will pay the difference. Does that seem fair?

12-29-2005, 10:21 AM
In NY we get paid depending on the length of time the party is, and if its a single or duo show. The min is $125 for a 1/2hr single show that the agency/company pays upfront then whatever tip money you make it an addition to your base pay, for a 1hr duo show you get $150-$175 depending on the company. Realize that not all parties tip well, i've personally done parties where the guys spend so much for the entertainment to be there, that they dont want to tip the girls anything else because they figure their already getting a cut of what they've already paid

12-29-2005, 12:48 PM
Because of the extra prep time, and props for private parties, I wouldn't work without getting a show up fee (base pay). The way my agency works if that they charge (ie) $180 for a 1 girl show for an hour. I get $100, they get $80. So, essentially we are still paying the agency to work for them. The customers are paying us to be there, and we in turn are sending a payment to the agency. I guess you could look at that the same was as payout in a club. Also, travel time to and from shows usually makes it impossible to work a club after doing 1 or 2 private shows a night. So, dancers may decide it's not worth it to risk a crappy show and just go into the club.

12-29-2005, 06:10 PM
$200 isn't fair for a live sex show.

12-29-2005, 06:40 PM
It works in a similiar vein here locally as per what MoneyisGood stated.

The customer pays a certain amount and the dancer/entertainer then receives a cut from that amount. Most agencies work on a cash basis in which case I have to deposit their cut into their bank account on a specified day each week however there is one agency that will not pay me (the dancer/entertainer) until I invoice them on a particular day.

In the end, the dancer/entertainer ends up paying the agent/agency regardless just like she would if she worked within a club. Then again, I do not mind paying the agent/agency as they gave me that booking so why not give them their cut.

The cut the agency receives is dependant upon the booking and the agency itself. One agency I work with gives me half of the booking $ and takes 20% of all my tips. The majority of agencies will either take half or a specific amount and allow the dancer/entertainer to keep her tips.

12-29-2005, 07:41 PM
where I always worked, i really truly thought the fees were fair... If it was a $150 for a single show or topless waitressing, it was $50 to the agency, $100 to the dancer..... dildo show, was $250 i believe? (been a while, lol) and i think $100 went to the agency, max, but it was most likely less.... plus you keep all your tips, but you're expected to pay your driver 15-20% of your tips....

now for a 2 girl show, the fee is around 600 for the party throwers and the girls get 250 each... plus all their tips, and their games, which ive seen can be easier to sell when theres more than one girl...

12-30-2005, 12:08 AM
$200 isn't fair for a live sex show.

I'm thinking of giving dancers the option of a shift pay or trying the "Guaranteed Minimum" for a trial run from January-March. One of my competitors has already started to advertise: "Guaranteed Minimum $200 per party"; I think it might catch on and become the industry standard, eliminating shift pay.

This program might not work everywhere, but you should understand that agencies run a lot different out here! Our shift pay is a lot lower than other areas (Average company in New England pays dancers $50 per party), however, most companies do provide dancers with security, transportation and the sound system with every party. Girl/Girl shows and Toy shows are completely at the dancers' discretion and they'll charge whatever they feel is appropriate. A good dancer can easily command $400 in tips alone.

Now, I can see a lot of advantages for both dancers and agencies. Under the "Guaranteed Minimum", dancers no longer have to fear shitty parties, because the agency will pay the difference if there collected tips is less than $200; however, if a dancers makes over $200, the agency pays the dancer nothing! Does that seem fair now?

12-30-2005, 02:00 AM
Now, I can see a lot of advantages for both dancers and agencies. Under the "Guaranteed Minimum", dancers no longer have to fear shitty parties, because the agency will pay the difference if there collected tips is less than $200; however, if a dancers makes over $200, the agency pays the dancer nothing! Does that seem fair now?

You mean if the entertainer makes over $200 in tips PER party? If so, that is more than fair! (imo)

Man, I wish the agencies here would do something like that ;D as it isn't common practice for strippers do more than the show they are being booked to do here. As I have stated before the entertainer usually arrives, changes, does her show, packs up to leave to go her next booking. If it is a slow day, she may hang around to have a drink after the show however not do anything longer than the show she was booked to do. So all this is interesting.

12-30-2005, 05:42 PM
If a good dancer can make over $400 in tips alone, then saying you guarantee $200 parties doesn't mean much. It wouldn't fly where I work, but we get paid $100 per party, so things are different here.

01-01-2006, 12:48 PM
one party i did was a "duo" show, no toys or anything to kinky i t was mild i got $150 base from the company and walked put with $400 in tip money so i walked with approx $550 for the hour

01-02-2006, 05:58 PM
I'm a retired dancer in NY that owns and operates an all female bachelor party service in NY and we work as follows:

If the party is close (meaning directly in Manhattan or in the surrounding areas) each girl is payed $175.00 cash up front PER hour, plus all of her tips ($20.00 lap dances, $10.00 bodyshots, etc).

If the party is any further away (Long Island etc.) traveling fees are added to her pay up to an additional $50.00 per hour. Paying each girl up to $225.00 per hour, plus her tips.

The one hour show the girls do is fully nude, and includes a G + G show, some toys (most of which is faked/simulated) body shots, lap dances and whatever other creative things the girls can come up with to entertain the group with!

Tips range, after some parties the entertainers walk out with several hundred in tips (in addition to their walk in pay) and other parties the girls walk out with very little in tips. The great thing about working in private parties is that during the busy season (late Febuary - October) girls can be doing up to 20 bachelor parties a weekend, leaving their weekday open to work at the club or do whatever. At $150.00 * 20 = $3000.00. That's not including tips!
You check out my website site at: or pm me with any questions! ;)