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01-30-2006, 12:52 AM
My first ATF!

All right gents, let’s hear from you about your first ATF (All Time Fav) story.

As usual, I’ll apologize up front for being verbose (I’ll do it, myyyyy wayyyy!!)

My first ATF was the first decent gal I met in a SC during a really bad time in my life.

I was going through a bad, bad, divorce from a wicked, wicked, gal. No joke, this gal was worse than Sharon Stone’s character in Casino.
She threw a fit calling me “cheap” when I told her she had to wait for at least 1-2 anniversaries before I gave her the really expensive multi-karat band addition to the flawless rock wedding ring which got me in the shit with my boss after his wife saw it.
She threw a two week tantrum when I wasn’t “excited” about her “buying a car on her own”. Which meant that she picked it out and successfully financed it on my credit.
Gave her 15 year old daughter pointers on giving a blow job. While techincially my step-daughter, I bought the car and paid for everything, I had no vote on anything under my roof.
A couple of years later, when I refused to let the drop-out, jobless boyfriend move in with us, she serves me with papers and pulls the old, restraining order kick-me-out of the house trick. (Gents, I later found out that in 80% of bad divorces, the gals learn from others the trick to get you escorted out of your house by the police for doing absolutely nothing – be warned.) Oh yea – my neighbor called me the next day to let me know she had a moving van in front of the house to take every last thing out of the house, which she later claimed to have “sold” to pay for her attorney fees, which of course I paid for. OMFG

ANYWAY…(excuse the rant for venting purposes, let me get back to the fun stuff)
While I had only been to one strip club prior to my divorce (thanks, Jarhead, for the First Time thread: http://www.stripperweb.com/forum/showthread.php?t=60974 ), my best friend brother reintroduced me to them in an effort to bring me back to living and got me hooked: http://www.stripperweb.com/forum/showthread.php?t=61468

To briefly reiterate, my ex-wife was absolutely bat-shit about my never going to a strip club. Hey, at the time I was a pretty naïve guy who couldn’t enjoy the atmosphere (if you care for alliteration, see Jarhead’s First Time thread), so at first I didn’t mind. But she always brought it up as a really important issue in our relationship and I started to get pissed about having to promise not to do something that I never even thought about without her bringing it up.

So what does this have to do with my first ATF? A little patience please…

If descriptions of my ex’s behavior while married in bullet points 1-4 sounded moderately uncomfortable to any of you before – you know like a hang-nail or something – during the divorce – she became a cross between a cracked ribcage and vise-gripped nut-sack. I felt like I couldn’t breathe and wanted to die. With many thanks to some real therapy, my best friend brother reintroducing me to strip clubs, \ I started to come around. Again, if you care for alliteration, check my previous post: What got you hooked to SC’s? http://www.stripperweb.com/forum/showthread.php?t=61468

Set-up – what brought me to the club….
So here’s this weenie guy going through a tough divorce – it’s Friday afternoon and I just can’t bring myself to politely accept the offer from yet another understanding group of friends to go out while spending all my time answering detailed and uncomfortable questions about the details of the process. The college interns in the office are bragging about their latest SC/dance club endeavors (ok, lying). I remember that the Laker game is televised and that club my Bro took me to had great TV’s. Hey , I’ll stock up on some serious cash, go to the club, and at lease enjoy the game!

I enter the club at 6:55pm. The gal taking the cover charge announces that I’ve saved $1 by getting there before 7pm. With everything I was going through at the time, this was the highlight of my week.

Now we’re all different people with different backgrounds, so please remember that I’m a severely repressed guy in a strip club for the 3rd time in his life who is basically afraid to sh*t of women at this time. I sit down, tip the beer waitress well and expect to just soak in the atmosphere.

It takes nearly an hour for me to start to unwind. 5-6 girls have stopped by to either give me the “wanna dance” or start up some fairly blasé chatter. I just wasn’t in the mood yet and my B-ball game was still in the first half.

01-30-2006, 12:57 AM
My introduction to my first ATF….
I politely tipped a couple of gals on stage early, but the B-ball game is tight and I almost feel bad about directly gazing at the TV instead of the giving any attention to the stage. Then I start to notice that the gal who started the first of her two song set is putting a lot more into her dance than the rest. Not only that, she’s really freaking cute – not in the standard Playboy or model sense, almost exactly like Keira Knightley doing Domino.

I think the announcer called her Jordan and she catches my attention. At the end of the first song I was slightly annoyed that I missed the end of the first half of my game because my team fell behind – but I quickly return my attention to Jordan.

During the second song, she continues to dance with a assured self confidence that says “I’m better than any of you can understand, unless you want to…”. Now I can’t keep my gaze off her and she seems to notice. After the second song, she calmly collects the stage tips and saunters off the floor to take a cigarette at the bar. I really want a dance from her. Now I’m trying to keep an eye on her to catch her attention to ask for a dance while acting cool watching the game or the stage.

After her cigarette and brief banter with the bartender, Jordan looks at me, catching me looking at her. She locks her gaze and confidently walks straight towards me. Immediately my sheltered and naïve tendencies try to take over. I’m wondering if the “perv police” are going to pop out and send me to eternal damnation.

As Jordan gets closer, her strut seems to gain intenseness. When she gets to my chair, she grabs it, pulls me to her so she can put her face right in mine while driving a 6” heel in my upper thigh. She introduces herself and tells me I want a dance from her.

I quickly capitulate and say “uh, sure”.

Again, keep in mind I’m very much a newbie there in a really bad personal situation, so I’m really overwhelmed. Jordan gazes at my eyes constantly during the first dance, breaking briefly only to allow for the wiggle and turn. I am quickly mesmerized.

Towards the end of the first song, Jordan grabs my collar at the neck, bringing us nose to nose, and asks if I want another dance. Ok, I’m f**king hooked for the night and again give the coolest response: “uh, sure”.

In addition to being as hard as a Redwood tree, my head is in a spin, not sure really what is happening – does this girl really like me? I’m just some damn slob sitting here alone on a Friday night – doesn’t she think I’m a perv?

As the second song begins, she give me an answer – she pushed her knee high leather boots into my crotch whilst continuing to keep that gaze directed right at me. It didn’t take long for my middle leg to respond and she quickly pulled herself closer to draw me out.

Somewhere between the 5th to 8th song, she started to grind pretty well waist to waist (I would say that I wished I could remember more, but it’s really more of a happy blur and I really don’t care).

For a while longer, she continued to give me the come hither glare while grinding –acting as if she really enjoyed it. At one time, when I was as hard as a rock, she straddled me and ground me like coffee while moaning softly in my ear. All the time holding my head in her hands as if we were long lost lovers.

(excuse me as I wipe myself – thanks)

After about 12 songs, Jordan propped herself in the middle of my lap, held my head in her hands so we were nose to nose, and thanked me. I half laughed and cried thanking her profusely, while explaining a bit more about why I was there. She sat on m lap for three more dances sharing her own stories, which I greatly appreciated and will respectfully keep in confidence.

Fourteen years my junior, I just couldn’t bring myself to consider a real relationship with her. But the next Friday night, I just couldn’t keep myself away…

And the sordid/fake/who the f**k cares relationship continued for about a year. We did meet OTC for lunch, but only to talk about our families. Jordan will always be my all-time ATF – but over the years, I’ve learned to really appreciate the different backgrounds, attitudes, and styles of different dancers.

Gents, again, thank you for your patience with my extremely long posts.

Please do reply with stories of how you became acquainted with some of your ATF’s.

Best Wishes,

AZ Customer

01-30-2006, 03:03 PM
For me - I was parked at a stage enjoying the $1 titty show and she just appeared from nowhere (just finished a lapdance with another sucker). She asked me if I was ready for a dance and thousands of dollars later here I am.

She's pregnant and not dancing now but I still enjoy seeing her in the club. Now she gigs me for free lunches - which are cheaper than lap dances but not near as much fun.

01-30-2006, 04:19 PM
Back in 2003

Went to her club and saw her on stage, super short cut off jeans shorts and a tiny white half T-shirt with a Puerto Rican flag on the front. Beautiful Face, dark hair to the middle of her back, a deep tan, 34DD's and a nice booty. She was super busy with lots of private dances and I never got my chance for a dance before I had to leave.

Next 2 times I went there she wasn't working.

Finally, on my next visit, I got my chance. She came out of the PD area and took the stage. After her set I approached her and requested a dance. I got several more that night as well. Eventually, on a subsequent visit, she gave me her cell number so I could come in when she was there. Our involvment went OTC after that and the rest is history.

01-30-2006, 05:28 PM
Damn, can't believe it's been 12 years since I met my ATF. "R" was originally the beer-bar girl at the bikini club in NoCal where I was a regular. (She looked a lot like "Beth from Denver" in the movie Almost Famous, with light brown hair, green eyes, slim build, fair complexion. She later dyed her hair to a reddish brown, and got a BA from a 34C to a 36D.)

She was actually my second favorite in the club (and friends with my first favorite). When the first favorite left the club, she became the #1. We had one failed "date" early on (I'd wanted to see that Sandra Bullock movie "While You Were Sleeping"...it sucked and ruined the mood), but over the course of seven years hung out quite a bit as friends before, after, and outside of work. She had a charisma on stage, and was excellent at playing to the crowd. Of course it helped that she was damn flexible...she used to jump and land in the splits, then bounce up and down. That move never got old ;D

In 1999 there was a mass exodus of girls from the club; at that time she moved to a rival club and I would see her there too for about another year. I lost track of her in late 2000. Oddly enough, her face popped up in a dream the other night...albeit fleeting.

01-30-2006, 07:26 PM
I met her in a strip club.

01-30-2006, 07:46 PM
I met her in a strip club.

Me too...my Indy ex ATF. She was GFE over the top. Very painful but has helped me keep my situation with Miss D somewhat under control...recognizing that "somewhat" encompasses a fairly wide sanity band :P


01-30-2006, 09:01 PM
Too many to recall.

01-30-2006, 10:16 PM
I met her in a strip club.

Yoda spoketh for me, all three times that it happened.

There was no "love at first sight" or moment of realization. Each of them earned the ATF crown over time through that rare combination of warmth, good salesmanship, and consistent performance.

01-30-2006, 11:46 PM
Saw her dancing on stage at Treasures in Vegas. It turned out that she danced at Jaguars and she was dancing at Treasures because Jaguars was shut down by the corruptions scandal. I was at Treasures for the same reason (not dancing, but getting dances). I had never ran into her before at Jaguars though.

01-31-2006, 05:39 AM
It was the first time I went to my now-home club. She got on stage and did her thing and I was sold. I was so smitten that I tipped her a 20, but she didn't come over to ask me for any dances. The next day, I met my retired ATF and went from there. It wasn't until the end of that summer that the current ATF and I hooked up. We've been "together" ever since.

01-31-2006, 03:09 PM
Surfing. We have the beach, the date, the complete story. That's the only way to play it in the real world. :D

We need another thread: "How messed up was your first wife?"

All Good Things
01-31-2006, 11:38 PM
We need another thread: "How messed up was your first wife?"

I'll see your first wife thread and raise you: "Why dating a stripper will make you love life and forget all the crap: Ex-wives, psycho ex-girlfriends, golddiggers, psychoanalysis, endless business meetings, overpriced jet fuel, low-priced Pinot Noir and the even the friggin' I-R-S."

You can't even imagine how unbelievably fabulous she is. Un-f'in-believable. Every time I think it can't get any better, she sprouts pigtails and a plaid miniskirt and cotton panties and 7" pink-and-white plats and then she drags me off to the bedroom to forget about every single thing in the world.

02-01-2006, 02:29 PM
There was no "love at first sight" or moment of realization. Each of them earned the ATF crown over time through that rare combination of warmth, good salesmanship, and consistent performance.

Doc's experience mirrors mine. I didn't really have any ATFs in my first years of clubbing, but as I started going more, and spending more, there was a tendency to seek out both new talent that appealed to me, and returning to those who I had prior good experiences with. Before my current ATF, there were maybe 4 or 5 dancers that I specifically remember going back to see, and of those, only 1 really qualified as an ATF.

I met my current ATF in 2000 (I think) when she worked the dayshift at Bourbon Street Circus in Phoenix. BSC used to have an elevated seating area in the back before they put in their VIP setup. Since dayshift (back then) was pretty slow, we spent lots of time together in those back seats, getting dances and getting to know each other through long conversations. Over many visits, she just locked in as my absolute all time favorite dancer.

About 5 years ago she migrated to the HiLiter, where she still works the late afternoon early evening shift. She's a great ATF in every sense of the word, and I am terrified of the day she decides to quit. Similar to an earlier post from Yoda about a former ATF of his, I've shared a lot of myself with this lady, and being the confirmed PL, RIL that I am, I feel we have developed a nice friendship beyond just a dancer/customer relationship. :)

02-02-2006, 01:20 PM
uh, i showed up and spent money:)

02-02-2006, 05:55 PM
***overpriced jet fuel***.

ROTFL.... this is classic. I'm so jealous of Nicolina. The detailed sense of humor you have is awesome, TOO. Love it.

02-02-2006, 06:07 PM
Well, since I haven't been to many clubs as a custy, I have to say Ive only had a one time favorite. But I met her at Cheetah's in Vegas. She was talking to the guy next to my husband, and I started chatting her up. Pretty soon I was throwing $5s at her onstage every song she did :P

Casual Observer
02-05-2006, 12:01 AM
I met her in a strip club.

Funny that, me too.


02-05-2006, 03:09 AM
ROTFL.... this is classic. I'm so jealous of Nicolina. The detailed sense of humor you have is awesome, TOO. Love it.

I'm not sure he'd be enough of a challenge for you, ctba. As I'm sure you're aware, he already believes in extreme generosity toward smokin'-hot, super-smart strippers like yourself. (And he spends extravagantly because he respects our game, not because he wants anything other than sanctioned plays in return.) Your formidable prowess as a con, therefore, would be tragically wasted. ;)

But if we knew where you worked....we might stop by one night to help you break your all-time record....