View Full Version : Come to Laredo

05-09-2007, 06:28 AM
hi - i just wanted everyone to know that i just spent 2 weeks in Laredo, TX and had a blast!! In Laredo there is a Totally Nude Cabaret, that has an Adult Super Center, and a Adult Cinema!!! It is a huge CLUB!!! The manager was so nice and he let me dance to try it out and it was the first time I ever danced nude!!!!!! I haven't danced much in my short career but, i fell in love with this club - i couldn't believe i made so damn much money!! Apparently they are making big changes in South Texas, and I arrived in time to cash in!!! They started from scratch and are putting this club together the right way - and now i am one of the NEW FACES of Babes in Laredo!